Monthly Archives: December 2014

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  1. Custom Toy Makers Photo Series

    It is Christmas time (sorry for stating the obvious). I thought I share with you this photo series about the toy makers that are making the items that you will be placing under your Christmas Tree this year. Here are some of the stories told through photos of the people and faces who really are the real life Santa Clauses (excluding, wholesalers, importers, distributors, retailers :)).


    1. Handcrafted toys evoke personal care.
    2. Promotional toys boost brand recognition.
    3. Custom toys foster customer loyalty.


    Whilst many people think that a lot of products are produced on mass via automated machines, you will be surprised to know that many items are produced and painted by hand.

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  2. 3 Innovative Custom Calendars

    Calendars are the perfect gift this time of year. But before we clock over into 2015, it's worth checking out some of the great custom printed calendars invented by several savvy, design-oriented individuals in recent months. I'm a big fan of modern, minimalist styles so I would love to pop all three into my rooms at home! Which ones would brighten up your 2015?

    Custom Printed Modern Calendars

    These gorgeous calendars might look like your

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  3. 6 Custom Holiday Gift Wraps

    By now you've probably got most gifts ready for the holiday season, but have you given any thought to gift wrap? While your standard store bought variety of wrapping paper will do the job, nothing is as unique and personal as using your own custom printed gift wrap. We decided to put together a selection of our 6 favourite patterned wraps that have been custom produced. These papers will no doubt delight and inspire you this season and next!

    1. Create unique presents with custom wraps.
    2. Custom gift wraps are an affordable advertisement.
    3. Make unforgettable experiences for recipients.

    Personalised Custom Wrapping Paper Ideas

    This wrap boasts a unique retro pattern in the traditional Christmas colours of red, white and

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  4. Introducing: The Heineken Custom Products

    Heineken (yes the beer brand) has released some exclusive marketing merchandise consisting of a bag, shirt and a pair of sunglasses. These products are to be handed out as freebies to 100 of the coolest people on the planet. The marketing campaign is part of the #Heineken100 program, who aims to recruit 100 influential people. This prompted me to quickly check my post box. Unfortunately I did not receive anything in the mail from Heineken. So whilst my self esteem hits the floor with a thud, I will take you through some of the products that they have on offer.

    • Heineken has launched a marketing campaign called #Heineken100.
    • The merchandise includes sunglasses made with Garrett Leight, bags created with Parabellum, and ponchirts.
    • To receive these items, one must be recognized as "cool" by Heineken, then they became brand ambassadors for the company.

    Product Collaboration to Create Cool Pieces

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  5. Toyota & Spongebob: Promotional Vehicle

    There are some instances when simple promotional items simply are not up to the task of really turning heads. This is why The Spongebob Movie and Toyota has teamed up to create a Car. The results are truly epic. Just check out the images of this amazing collaboration between Toyota and Spongebob.


    • The Spongebob Movie and Toyota created a visually stunning promotional car featuring Spongebob's face.
    • Personalized cars can be highly effective marketing tools or unique gifts for a range of special occasions.
    • Customizing cars for promotion or gifting purposes can create memorable impressions on potential clients and customers.

    A Personalized Car

    On exhibition right now at the

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  6. These Printed Umbrellas Will Delight You

    Have you heard of the Senz Umbrella? They are a unique umbrella which resembles a kite. The shape of this umbrella is quite delightful. However, it is more than just a pretty umbrella. The shape aids in it being aero dynamic so that it is virtually impossible for the umbrella to flip in strong winds. In fact winds up of up to 70 miles per hour are not a problem for this umbrella. The longer tail also allows the umbrella to naturally provide more shelter for the user, as most umbrellas typically will leave your backside exposed to the rain.

    A Designers Graphic Touch To Senz

    This season, Senz has combined with a Berlin designer by the name of Yoske Nishiumi to take this unique umbrella and apply a series of prints that are simply amazing. Check out some of the amazing printed

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