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  1. 5 Beautiful Items Made Using Mason Jars

    I am always astounded at the variety of things that can be created using a mason jar. Here at Cubic Promote we are big fans of these items. We even supply some promotional merchandise made from them.


    • Mason jars are a popular promotional item because of their versatility and eco-friendliness.
    • The durability and reusability of mason jars make them a worthwhile expenditure for companies.
    • Mason jars can cater to any audience or purpose, and come in various styles and sizes.

    Top 5 favourite Items Made Using Mason Jars.

    1. Floating Candle Holders

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  2. 5 Unique Packaging Designs

    Unique packaging designs can have a huge impact on the sale of a product.  Modern and creative packaging is often used as a promotional tool as well as to make the product stand out on the shelf. It gives the consumer an experience before they even begin to use it. We’ve looked at some really interesting packaging ideas. Here are 5 unique designs that are sure to capture your attention.

    Uncle Ray’s Organic Fish Rub


    Not only is the box a practical way of storing this product but it is also a fun creative idea

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  3. 5 of The Coolest New iPhone Cases

    So you've got your snazzy new iPhone, now what? Well aside from grabbing all your apps from the cloud again you'll definitely want a shiny new iPhone case. After all, iPhones need protecting and who doesn't want their new toy to look great in a stylish customised case? We decided to look around for the hottest new iPhone case designs and you'll be pleased to know that both geeky and retro styles are definitely "in" at the moment.

    Unique Customised iPhone 6 Cases

    Remember the classic Nokia mobile phones? If you do, you're probably about my age!! Technology might have had an upgrade since the old 3310 was on the market, but that doesn't mean you can't pay loving tribute with a hotted up iPhone case that borrows from the look of yesterday.

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  4. 6 Other Uses for Promotional Items

    Like many people around the country, I am sure you would have been to an exhibition or an event and found yourself lucky enough to come across some promotional item gear. Here I have listed out 6 top alternate uses for promotional items other than for what they were originally intended for. Check them out on the list below. I am sure you will agree that some of these ideas are really handy.

    Great Alternate Uses for Products

    These items listed below do not need to be promotional products of course and can merely be any similar type of product. These ideas are great to use around the home and office. Okay, here goes the list: The Top 6 Useful Ideas around the Home.

    1. Rubber Band Door Lock Opener - Are you moving house or have a door that is in a high traffic area where you would need the door to not only be unlocked but be able to swing open and shut? Well this is the idea for you. Simply take a good thick rubber band and have it crossed around the door lock
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  5. What's a Solid State Bubble Bath?

    Here is a brand new experience that many adults may not have tried lately. A solid state bubble bath. Or in other words a giant ball pit for adults. This project was the brainchild of a creative agency based out of London. Personally I think it is a delightful idea, and if there is anyone reading this that would love to emulate this in Australia we at Cubic Promote will definitely love to assist by supplying the number of stressballs needed to fill your space.

    Stress ball Pool

    A stress ball pool may seem like a bit of childish fun, however I think that this idea by ad Agency Pearlfisher is onto something. As a place to relax, to do some

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  6. Chic Take on Traditional Japanese Rebrand

    There can be no doubt that the Japanese have a minimalist visual style all of their own and it can be tough trying to replicate that in a Western rebrand. But what about when European agencies take on the rebranding of a high end Japanese restaurant? The result is an eye-catching set of custom print marketing materials that brings Japanese style right to the forefront of European branding.

    Promotional Stationery Purple Rebrand

    This particular marketing reset was produced for the MIKÔTO restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany. The eatery is known for its fine dining so the rebrand needed to focus on an upmarket, stylish new look. The resulting paper and cardboard marketing materials are a wonderful blend of greys, whites and purples with a black and

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  7. Vibrant Custom Crayon Couture

    Who ever thought crayons could be made into something so spectacular? The designers behind Haute Couture creations always seems to blow my mind. In my opinion, some can get a bit over the top and seem completely unwearable by us that cannot pull off just about anything, like Lady Gaga for example. However, these creations that were made for the iconic window display at the Bloomingdales store on 59th street in New York City actually looks very approachable, and absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn't have to think twice if I got my hands on that amazing green and yellow jumpsuit. I would be more than happy walking around the streets with crayons all over me, without a doubt.

    This collaboration was made between the company Crayola and a number of famous fashion designers in order to create an eye-catching window display full of bright spring colors. The dresses were made from as many as 18,000 crayola crayons. Don't you just get full of spring feelings, and inspired to go nuts with creativity

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