Monthly Archives: May 2015

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  1. Smart Casual Essentials for Men: Part 1

    Smart casual is a confusing dress code. Women generally get away with their outfit choices but these are trying times for men. In this, the hipster generation, smart casual has reached a new level. I see men dressed up in the most stylish outfits that certainly take a lot more time and money to put together than the original formal outfit. But for others the confusion can get a bit too much and the result ends up being a disastrous combination of a blazer with a pair of sweat pants. There are several things which men must remember when putting together a smart casual outfit but the golden rule is lean more towards the smarter side of things. Fashion is all about not being under dressed. So when in doubt don’t let the casual overpower the smart. I have compiled a two part list of what a smart casual man should wear from top to bottom.


    1. Lean towards smarter clothing choices.
    2. Incorporate blazers and custom-made t-shirts.
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  2. Perfecting Your Cup of Tea

    The second most consumed beverage in the world is tea. This fact didn’t surprise me. I am from a family of serious tea drinkers. A phrase I often heard growing up was "there’s nothing that can’t be fixed without a good cup of tea."

    Recently, however, I have become quite the tea connoisseur and I've realised that once you experience an excellent cup of tea, you will never go back. On that note I have compiled a list of the essentials needed to make the perfect cup of tea.

    Use High Quality Loose Tea

    The taste of loose teas are more

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  3. Tequila Fun Facts

    Whenever any of my friends mention shots on a night out my stomach turns. Drinking strong alcohol straight is not something I enjoy. Back when I was young and carefree I did experiment with the odd shot of tequila. I would take that shot glass in my hand, salt and lemon at the ready and for a few seconds enjoy the exciting taste of Mexico, not worrying about the after affects.

    Unfortunately nowadays if I were to sample a shot of tequila I would be bed ridden for at least three days. Recently though I discovered that when drunk in the right way, tequila is not only delicious and refreshing but it is actually good for you.

    Apparently sipping a glass

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  4. Business Marketing Essentials: Part 2

    We've already discussed some essential marketing tools that every small business should use. Today I’m going to add to that piece by listing 4 more ways a business, large or small, can allocate their marketing budget to achieve the maximum results.


    1. Utilise blogs for broad online exposure.
    2. Optimise digital advertising.
    3. Leverage promotional products.


    Optimising Marketing Budgets For Results: Tips

    Written Content

    Something many businesses may not consider when doing a marketing plan is blogging. Blogging is a great way for a business to get their brand out there into various different areas of the internet. It allows

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  5. 4 Business Marketing Essentials

    Marketing is a huge part of any business. It is just as important for small businesses as it is for big multinational corporations. In fact, small businesses may rely on marketing even more as they cannot depend on a well-known brand name to get them by.

    There are many ways to allocate marketing funds. I’m going to do a two part piece on the best ways for a small business to approach their marketing strategy and therefore reach their goals.

    Social Media

    Marketing can be expensive but if you are on a budget just stick to social media, its free! Social media allows a brand to be more accessible than it would be if it lacked a digital element. The Digital media serves as effective word-of-mouth advertising in its sharing capacity. Promotions,

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  6. Custom Branded Game Of Thrones Merchandise

    Game of Thrones fans are notorious for being some of the most dedicated fans in the world. Any big following comes with a huge array of merchandise and GoT is no exception.  I've found some of my favourite and most useful game of thrones items. Check them out!

    Shot Glasses

    This set of 12 glasses comes with various GoT symbols. They’re something interesting to break out at a party, especially if your friends have the geek factor too.

    Game of Thrones Inspired Umbrella

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  7. Promo Gifts from the 2015 Logie Awards

    From an early age most people begin to realise the joys of getting things for free. It all starts goody bags at the end of a birthday party. Getting older doesn’t change the excitement one feels when getting something for nothing.

    The goody bags handed out at celebrity award shows take things to a new level. I am always astounded at the expense of the gift bags presenters and winners receive at the Oscars. Its almost sickening. And who could forget the rumours that Kim and Kanye spent a whopping $125,000 on each of their wedding guests gift bags. They apparently included Bollinger champagne, Creme de la Mer skin products, spa vouchers and personalized Swarovski-encrusted ornaments.

    Unfortunately for this year’s

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