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  1. Crazy Video Game Promo Items

    Are you an avid video game fan? Well if you are then there are certainly some magnificent games lined up this year for Christmas. In the lead up to the launch of these Game titles though, there have certainly been some unexpected promotional merchandise that have been used to promote these games. Among the types of merchandising that have been used to promote video games are certainly these two efforts from Halo 5 & Fallout.

    The Halo 5 Guardian Marketing Merchandise

    The Halo range of video games have certainly spawned a huge range of toys and collectible items from regular t-shirts to keyrings. However none of that compares

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  2. Brilliant Mismatched Branded Socks Teach Valuable Lessons

    Mismatched socks are always a bit of a chore. Sometimes they've just been paired up wrongly, and as you're scrambling about half blind with sleep in the mornings, matching socks are the last thing on your mind. Other times you're just trying to pair up whatever's left, socks having the the miraculous tendency to go missing; lost somewhere in a jumble of laundry, disappeared into the void of a washer or dryer somewhere, leaving behind their twin who you might just end up pairing with another orphaned sock. It's pretty cool then that a company is selling some colourful, cheerful, cartoonish branded socks, which are not only deliberately mismatched to provide a quirky look, but are also intended to teach some life lessons like a Saturday morning cartoon special.

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  3. 2015 Top Companies Logo Changes

    Big bucks are spent by big companies in creating a new logo, and or modernizing it so that it speaks to its customers. Thanks to Business Insider ( this year alone, 20 top companies around the world have changed their logos to define their brand.  It seems 2015, maybe a year of change?

    So what do you think of these 6 new logos and what was your reaction to them?

    For the first time in 16 years, Google underwent a significant change to their logo. Google kept its primary colours Blue, Red, Yellow and Green, but did you know they created its own font type? They call it Product Sans.

    Popular music streaming service Spotify also updated their logo in June, even though

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  4. Luxurious Restaurant Brand Identity & Redesign

    An elegant business deserves an equally elegant brand identity.  It's a means of marketing, of projecting the name, the style, the idea of a business out there. The colours used, the imagery, the font, the layout. All of these add up to something greater than the sum of its parts and all of these are used to represent a business. A stylish, luxurious, and yet rather uniquely designed restaurant should reflect their identity in their packaging and merchandise. Which is just the case here:

    Stylish Restaurant with Stylish Promotional Branding

    Sofia Weinstein, a Moscow based art director and graphic designer, in collaboration with a creative studio RADUGA7 created a series of elegant menus, packaging, and business cards for a rather sophisticated and stylish

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  5. 5 Typos That Cost Millions of Dollars

    Typos are an unfortunate and everyday occurrence. Sometimes they’re the result of people having not paid enough attention back in English class and either having poor spelling or an inability to differentiate between homophones. Sometimes, they’re the hilarious and potentially horrible result of auto spelling keyboards on smart phones.  And sometimes they’re just an honest mistake, a slip of a finger or a lapse in concentration. They’re not always too bad, but sometimes they can cost a company millions of dollars. Here are 5 hilarious and entirely disastrous typos.

    5 of The Most Expensive Typing Mistakes


    The Missing Hypen – NASA and $80 Million Dollars Lost

    Coding and Programming requires precision. A lack of precision can lead to failure. And honestly

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  6. The Domino Pizza Car

    Promotional products do not get more awesome than this vehicle, designed solely for the Dominoes Pizza chain and made solely to deliver pizza. I have always loved Pizza, but having Pizza delivered from this awesome automobile, takes it to the next level!

    Amazing for Marketing

    As you can see, this car is not merely just a regular vehicle. For starters the custom colours of this car make it one unmistakable masterpiece of branding and advertising.

    Special Features

    It is not just looks though, this car is packed with technology and features such as

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  7. 5 Weird and Wonderful Lollipops

    Confectionery is popular the world over and why wouldn't it be? People love to indulge in a sweet candy treat, especially when they are unique to look at and a heck of a lot of fun. It's not surprising then that there are some totally kooky custom branded lollipops out there. Check out five of our favourite wtf candy pops below. Be warned though, some of them aren't for the faint of heart!

    Unique Lollipops From Around The World

    Love the flavour of distilled blue agave but are sick of getting scowls from passersby when you try to chug tequila from the bottle? The solution is in this natty lollipop that not only tastes like a fresh, biting alcoholic drink - it also comes complete with worm!

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  8. Adidas ManUnited Personalised Shoes

    In a big case of "Whoops," This new sports shoe inspired by the Red Devils (Manchester United Football club) has attracted all sorts of negative attention. The reason? Well one look at the shoe should explain everything. The shoe is for Manchester United who's club colours is Red. The shoe though is in blue. The worst thing is that the shade of blue is eerily close to the cross town rival Manchester City. The result? A lot of very angry fans.


    1. Pay close attention to branding colours.
    2. Cultural context can affect colour meaning.
    3. Brands should learn from Adidas' error.


    Adidas Sponsorship of Manchester United

    Adidas is the official brand supplier to the great

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  9. Tips on Font from 1939

    Having maximum legibility for text, images and charts is essential for anyone interested in design. It could be representing data on a monitor, a book, website or magazine. There are some set rules and guidelines that can make legibility stronger and with more impact. In fact some of these rules can be seen in this 1939 copy of a book by Willard Cope Brinton that explaines how colour can make certain custom printed items look clearer and more superior than others.

    Colour Not Font Size

    A lot of people mistakenly assume that having maximum legibility means making the print as big as possible. This possibly can be counter productive especially if the print is so large that it fails to attract attention,

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  10. Famous Colours Throughout History

    Colour is such an interesting thing. At Cubic Promote we tend to work with the Pantone Colour system, but despite the amazing number of colours there, it’s actually kind of dull looking at a pantone colour chart. Or indeed any kind of digital colour chart. There are no real names for most of the colours. Of course, it’d be hard to name even half of them considering there’s 1000s of shades, but it’s kind of depressing when looking through a chart of colour and just seeing CMYK 45 26 72 97, or RGB 22/51/8, or PMS 317C.

    It’s nothing like looking through a paint guide, which has such incredibly inventive names for colours. I remember once a friend of mine who works as

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