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  1. Amazing Japanese Custom Candy

    Cubic Promote sells a range of custom branded candy, but nothing quite so elaborate as these.  I'm used to simple, brightly coloured sweets in shapes no more complicated than a snake or a bean. What we have here is confectionery with the Japanese love of cuteness, their eye for artistry, and their talent for painstakingly intricate decoration thrown into the mix. The result? Some truly amazing custom shaped candy.

    Custom Designed Japanese Candy

    Look at that, it's a clear jelly shaped like an aquarium. Translucent "water", a koi fish, aquarium plants and a gravel covered bottom. And I have no doubt that the entire thing is edible.

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  2. Logos Redesigned to be Minimalist

    We're big fans of minimalist branding here at Cubic Promote. As you might have already seen on our blog, we're rather impressed with a simple, but elegant branding design. Complexity doesn't always mean quality, and the smart use of design elements to create a striking logo  can have infinitely more impact than the most complicated of branding. For some logos, just the most basic of clues and you can immediately recognise the logo. It's not just the shape, but also the colour used. Case in point, Pedro Almeida, a Portugal based designer who simplified some famous and already rather minimalist designs. Can you recognise all the designs?

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  3. 5 Excellent Motivational Branded Travel Mugs

    For many people, coffee is one of the world's greatest sources of motivation. It's the solution to many of life's problems. Cold? Coffee. Tired? Coffee. Thirsty? Coffee. Stressed? Coffee. So what better way to improve the incredible motivational power of coffee, then to add an equally motivational branded travel mug. If a good coffee will lift your spirits, then a good coffee being drunken out of a good mug can only lift your spirits higher right? I'm sure the maths checks out. So here are 5 motivational travel mugs that are perfect for storing your daily/hourly dose of caffeine.

    Inspiring Branded Mugs

    If you need any way of doing it, then why not do it like a boss? It's doing something with style, with flair, with authority,

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  4. Custom Branding For Chocolate Store

    Branding is crucial to selling a product. A smart design sells not only the product, but also the company. The story, the idea, the attitude of the business, it's truly impressive if they can be reflected in the branding. Chocolate cafe Cocoa Colony, together with Bravo, a New York and Singapore based creative studio, have made a simple but elegant design that seems both luxurious and classical.


    • Cocoa Colony, in collaboration with Bravo studio, has developed a unique brand identity that combines luxury, history, and classic design.
    • Their gold color scheme suggests value and luxury, paired with traditional packaging that reinforces the brand's historical narrative and quality.
    • This case emphasizes the pivotal role of branding in increasing visibility, fostering loyalty, differentiating from competition, etc.

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  5. 1981 Inspired Gadgets For Work

    In today's high tech workplace, we rely heavily on technology. Computers, USB drives, smartphones and the internet. But sometimes, low tech is best. Here are five old school products that are just as applicable now as they were over thirty years ago.

    1. Sticky Notes

    Invented by Arthur Fry in the late 1970's, sticky notes were released America wide in the 1980's. A year later in 1981, the 3M company rewarded the development team with it's outstanding new invention award, as well as it's Golden Step award - given for profitable products. No surprise either. It's a simple product but truly ingenious. Hard to believe it was only officially released in the 80's, but it's just as handy then as it is now.


    2. Desktop/Wall Calendars

    We have plenty of calendars available

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  6. Australian Momentos Re-imagined

    In celebration of Australian day, and that proud, down to earth, humorous and often outright bewildering array that is Australian pop culture, Melbourne based illustrator Aaron Tyler created some custom coins with some designs that were rather more fantastical than the current lot. Instead, the "Straya Cash" featured celebrities, objects, and characters who are intrinsic to Australia popular culture. Largely in hilarious tongue in cheek ways.

    Australian Coins Australian Icons

    Muriel's Wedding, and potentially Australia's most famous musical

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