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  1. The History of Two of the Most Famous Branding Fonts

    Fonts are a topic that we're always interested in here at Cubic Promote. Branding is our business, and typefaces are a big part of that. While the vast majority of typefaces used don't particularly stand out, there are times where the choice of font makes a big impact. A well picked typeface can seriously elevate your design, whereas a poorly chosen one will make your brand seem cheap or amateurish. So yes, you'd want to pick a nice, appropriate font when it comes to branding. Of course, there's a bit of an issue when it comes to good or popular typefaces. You want them to stand out, and if a font becomes especially well known or popular, it can reduce the impact of the font, making it rather generic or even hated. Case in point, Times New Roman, and Comic Sans

    Times New Roman

    Designed in 1929 by

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  2. Voice Responsive Logos Are a Thing!

    Considering the amount of logos we see and brand every day, we here at Cubic Promote maintain something of a keen interest in digital artwork and design, as you can tell from our blog. We've always got our eye out for either the most interesting new designs, but this latest development in the world of graphic design might be one of the most inventive things we've ever seen. Brazilian Telecom company Oi, have created a new design software that creates a design in response to sound. A song, a noise, or even a name, each different sound results in a different but similar logo that's unique and customisable, but shares common features.

    The Future of Branding

    For me, logo branding has always been about maximising the exposure of one design; a powerful,

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  3. The Ultimate Travellers T Shirt

    When it comes to travelling, if you don't happen to speak the local language, sometimes things can get a little tricky. If you're starving, or in need of a bathroom, or trying to urgently catch a train, communications problems could be a serious issue. Maybe you'll be lucky and some of the locals speak English (probably to deal with confused tourists), or perhaps you're travelling in a group with people who know what's going on, or maybe you can just fumble your way through a Translation Dictionary.


    Of course, if you don't have those options handy, then it becomes a game of charades really. And no, speaking slower and louder in English is not a good option. Thankfully however there comes a new t-shirt that is the perfect tool for travellers.


    • The IconSpeak shirt helps travelers communicate more easily by using universally recognizable icons.
    • This clever garment provides convenience, reduces language anxiety,
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  4. 22 Absurd Jelly Bean Flavours

    I remember as a child, jelly beans were rather lacking in variety. They either seemingly only came in only one flavour, that being sugary and tasting like nothing identifiable, or if you were lucky, you had flavoured jelly beans, with their idealised artificial versions of fruit flavours. And also liquorice, would would go uneaten because plain black liquorice is a blight upon the landscape of confectionery.


    1. Customise jelly beans for branding.
    2. Promote health benefits of jelly beans.
    3. Create lasting impressions with gift sets.


    Of course then Jelly Belly seemed to arrive on the scene, and the Harry Potter franchise with their fantastical description of Bertie Bott's Every

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  5. Amazing Colourful Custom Branding

    As much as we enjoy a simple, elegant, professional looking black and white minimalist design, sometimes the best branding ideas are colourful ones. Besides, nothing says that clean and professional can't also be bright and cheerful. Developed by Barcelona based agency "sr. y. sra"  for the creative production agency "I Am Nuria", this incredible rebrand uses a simple and understated basic design that's professional looking, but made so much more vivid and memorable by applying that simple design to a varied colour palette.


    • Events in Australia are now incorporating colorful branded stationeries to add vibrancy and personalization.
    • Whether it's conferences, weddings, community events, or schools, branded stationeries make a lasting impression.
    • Colorful stationeries engage attendees, enhance brand recognition, and inspire creativity in various event settings.

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  6. Fresh Potential Tokyo Olympic Logos

    The upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games have had a bit of an issue with their logo for the event. Specifically, their original design was plagued by accusations of plagiarism (which we covered in depth last year). Thankfully 2016 is a new beginning and it seems like the team in Tokyo are working on fresh outcomes with 4 new potential logo designs being released this week.

    The four new potential Olympic logo designs (along with their Paralympic counterparts) were selected from almost 15,000 submissions by designers worldwide. Each logo meets the challenge

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  7. The Ultimate Audi Luxury Promotional Product

    Contrary to what some old fashioned types might believe, video games are neither just for kids, nor a minor thing. On the contrary they're enjoyed by young and old, with the result being a vastly popular industry worth billions of dollars. These days, the biggest titles are more like Hollywood blockbusters, with massive budgets of millions of dollars, huge efforts at marketing, and with expected grosses of hundreds of millions.  So you might see some interesting promotional products for video games. Such as this crystal bust, or these branded beers. This latest effort by Audi and Square Enix might blow them all previous promotions out of the water though.

    A fantastic marketing tool


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  8. Brand Logos With Hidden Messages

    At Cubic Promote, we've seen quite a bit of logo artwork over the years. As such, we're always interested in clever new designs, and we've covered quite a few of those clever new designs on our blog. The five following designs are excellent examples of cleverly designed logos. Simple, elegant, and seemingly obvious at first glance, but these cunningly designed artworks have hidden messages in them which perfectly represent and enhance their branding.

    1. Hidden messages in logos engage consumers.
    2. Clever logo design increases recall value.
    3. Seek professional designers for clarity.


    Great Logos With Double Meanings

    The Goodwill logo above seems fairly simple. A smiling face, and goodwill written

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  9. Watches No Longer Popular?

    How many people still wear a watch? I know I don't, or at least, I only wear them very infrequently. Ever since I got myself a fitness band, I've completely stopped using my faithful, if somewhat battered Casio watch. Why would I still use a timepiece when I've got a device that tells the time, the date, and my current amounts of steps, heart rate, and calories burned? To say nothing of Smart Watches, which likely do all of the above things and more. Or you can forgo the wrist accessory and just check your phone. It's pretty much an all in one device these days. So short of high priced luxury wristwatches to match an equally elegant wardrobe, it just seems more convenient to replace the watch with some kind of fancy high tech gadget right?

    The End of Watches

    One study seems to

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  10. Unique Marketing Item by Porsche

    The Porsche 911 is an awesome vehicle and the company that makes them wants you to know exactly how awesome they are because they want you to buy as many of them as possible. Which is why it has created these promotional items that is truly unique. Porsche has created a prism (some made from glass, others from plastic) as part of its marketing. This prism does some rather interesting marketing things.


    • Porsche's unique marketing strategy uses a holographic prism to showcase the 911 sports car.
    • The prism enhances engagement by evoking wonder, amusement, and curiosity.
    • This innovative campaign highlights Porsche 911's distinctive features and the brand's commitment to excellence.

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