Monthly Archives: June 2016

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  1. Funny Branding & Labelling Errors

    What shall we have for dinner? Stir Fried Husband? How about some eggs with Wikipedia? Doesn't sound too appealing to us either...That's why its so important, no matter what language you are translating to or from, you always triple check before sending off to print, be it for promotional giveaways or logo for your business - especially in business where a bad translation could cost you customers. 


    • Accurate translation is crucial in business to prevent miscommunication and customer loss.
    • Eye-catching and funny branding can benefit businesses, but balance and professionalism are essential.
    • Align humorous branding with the target audience's preferences while avoiding offensive content.

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  2. Slip! Slop! Slap! Why you need Promotional SunScreen...

    Since the 1960s sun tanning in the Western world has been on trend. Throughout the 70s and 80s sporting a deep, almost sun burnt, tan was very stylish. Since the 90s, especially in Australia, we've learnt the hard way about the extensive damage long stints in the sun can do your skin and health. Keep your employees and clients protected with your own branded promotional sunscreen.

    Gone are the days of omitting sun screen in favor of a fast and deep tan. We now know that that hot, sensitive and painful redness of freshly sunburn skin can have long lasting effects like skin cancer. Additionally to the risk of skin cancer, being sun burnt is extremely unpleasant.

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  3. The Top 3 Ugliest Logo Designs

    Even the big brands can struggle with maintaining an appealing logo design. Take for example the poorly received 2016 logo from popular app service, Uber. Their original "letter U" logo was easy to spot on your phone, but the revised rider and driver versions (particularly the rider - below) were met with disdain upon launch.

    Gone was the easy to understand letter U, replaced with a far more abstract design not out of place with a banking institute or similar. Don't worry it can happen to the best of them (that's why we have a list of great tips and ideas). Critics were not impressed with the following three logos, all of which take the whole "ugly logo" thing a bit too far.

    Excessive Gradient

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  4. Is Your Business Card Boring?

    The business card is a timeless communication tool in business and we exchange them every day - several times a day. So how can you make yourself stand out? Check out our range of promotional business cards here.


    1. Be memorable with unique designs.
    2. Add promotional products for impact.
    3. Follow design tips for success.


    Creative Business Card Ideas

    These companies went the extra mile with their business cards and they are DEFINITELY not boring. Here's our top 10:

    1. Lego Do Business

    This clever little tool is a

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  5. Logo Evolution: Then & Now

    Everyone knows that a company logo is the window into its to speak. Or rather it is one of the most important factors of a company's marketing plan. The big name brands we know and love didn't always start as they are now and the reasons for their change are obvious: they weren't memorable. Whether your logo is printed on business cards or custom made stress balls - make it stand out! Simplicity is key.

    Let's take a look at some household names, then & now!

    1. Volkswagen

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