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  1. History of Abbreviations

    Abbreviations are commonly used in promotional products because of limitations on print areas. Using abbreviations is a great way of saving space and getting your message across. For example on our USBs its quite hard to fit a long word on, so abbreviations are often preferred.

    So where did these abbreviations come from? Here's 5 of our favorite slang words used on the net and where they originated from.

    1. LOL

    Back in the 1980s the emoji had not even crossed anyone's mind and internet users relied on phrases like *Smile* to indicate a physical reaction. By 1989 an online newsletter suggested LOL for laughing out loud and thus the infamous abbreviation was born!!

    2. NOOB

    A personal

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  2. Misprinted Flags at Rio Olympics

    A country's flag is serious business. You don't necessarily have to be a patriot to agree. Even if you're not the type to salute it, it's still the most recognisable representation and symbol of a country. So when it comes to a major international event and showcase, like the Olympics, you're probably going to want to ensure that all of your flags are correct. Anything else would be rather embarrassing right? Well, unfortunately for China, and perhaps more unfortunately for the Olympic Committee in Rio, the Chinese flags currently being used are incorrect.

    Mistaken Branding Designs

    The Chinese flag features four smaller gold stars angled towards a larger one in the top left corner. Unfortunately, for the past few days, and for all of China's gold medal ceremonies, the flag that's been used

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  3. Super Hot Coffee in Thermal Mugs gives You Cancer

    Cool your coffee down before you drink it. Otherwise you can potentially get cancer. Another thing to worry about (other than not getting enough sleep in the morning). This is according to research conducted by the United Nations.


    • Hot beverages increase the risk of developing esophageal, throat, and stomach cancers.
    • Drinking beverages exceeding 149°F (65°C) can cause cell mutations that lead to cancer.
    • Keep your hot beverage at a temperature below 140°F (60°C) to avoid damage to your esophagus and health problems.

    The study conducted by the United Nations found that there was a clear link between countries; such as Turkey (The Traditional Method Of Turkish Coffee Making Depicted In The Above

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  4. 5 Best Olympic Rio Branded Merchandise

    The Rio Olympics is just days away now and as always, there are always a huge diverse range of memorabillia and branded merchandise available. Some of these are delightfully good, others are awfully bad, here we have got 5 of the best that the Olympic spectacle as on offer. Check them out and let me know what you think:

    Mini Soccer Ball Tom - Celebrate

    If there is one product or piece of Olympic merchandise synonymous with Brazil and its cultures and passions it would have to be the soccer ball. Emblazoned with the Rio 2016 Olympic Mascot 'Tom', a character symbolic of a famous Brazilian musician who sung songs of Brazil Charm. This is a unique, fun and vivid piece of Olympic Merchandise.

    Rio 2016 Olympic Games Mascot Plush Toy 30 cm

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