While the Rio Olympic games have hit quite a few roadblocks along the way, one area where they've truly tried to shine is in utilising sustainable practices in the production of their customised medals and associated packaging.

rio-2016-medal-customised4 rio-2016-medal-customised3

The silver and bronze medals, for example, contain a whopping 30% recycled material including such melted down bits-and-pieces as X-ray plates and car parts! While the much coveted gold medals have been created using gold that was extracted without the use of mercury. Our favourite has got to be the eco friendly sublimated lanyards attached to the medals -- they've been made using recycled bottles!

rio-2016-medal-customised2 rio-2016-medal-customised1

But everyone knows that a medal is only as good as its corresponding packaging - after all, you'll need something to keep it safe and secure decades down the track! The unique engraved packaging for the 2016 Rio medals has been carved out of local certified sustainable freijó wood, each able to snugly fit the athlete's medal in style.

Gone are the days when recycled products had a stigma attached to them. In a world where sustainability is key and recycling attempts are considered crucial, the 2016 Rio medals are sure to go down a treat with athletes and fans alike.

Items first spotted here: http://www.thedieline.com/blog/2016/8/11/packaging-the-olympic-medal