Monthly Archives: January 2017

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  1. 5 More Things to Do With Sticky Notes

    Last week we covered 5 inventive ways of using sticky notes in a fashion other than just leaving a helpful reminder. Some of them were rather unusual for what is essentially a small piece of paper with a thin stripe of glue along one edge. You'd think such a simple thing wouldn't be so endlessly versatile. You'd be wrong. Today, we're going to cover five more unusual and clever uses for one of the most surprisingly helpful inventions of the twentieth century.

    1) Create Your Own Calendar/Organiser - For those with a love of DIY and who enjoy having a nice large calendar/organiser to work with, why not try creating your own handy little calendar with sticky notes? Plenty of space to jot down reminders and dates on, and peel them away

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  2. Who Invented the Lollipop?

    Lollipops are the kind of confectionery we all take a bit for granted. I mean let's face it, they've been around our entire lifetimes so it feels almost as though they've always existed. But the reality is that someone had to come up with everyone's favourite candy-on-a-stick... so who was it?


    1. Ancient origins evolved into modern treat.
    2. Lollipop manufacturing transformed by automation.
    3. Promotional products industry embraces lollipops.


    Lollies: The Origin

    Archeologists suggest a form of lolly-on-a-stick has been around for several thousand years, though these early lollipops wouldn't have resembled the colourful promotional lollipops we're used to seeing today.

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  3. Amazing Personalised Embroidery

    While we're all familiar with the standard embroidery we see on promotional polo shirts or on fashionable caps, did you know that embroidery isn't limited to simple text designs? UK-based artist Chloe Giordano is helping to show the potential of embroidery as an art form with her unique woodland animal designs.


    • Embroidery allows for complex and artistic designs, elevating its potential in branding and promotional items.
    • The technique offers numerous benefits, including a professional appearance, durability, and customization options.
    • Businesses can leverage embroidery to create visually appealing and memorable merchandise that enhances their brand image.

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  4. Astonishing Personalised Lunch Bags

    The school lunch bag is a daily American tradition getting traction in Australia as people look at using less plastic in their everyday routines. Taking the humble brown paper bag to the next level is Dominick Cabalo: father and artist extraordinaire, now turned kind of customising!


    • Dominick Cabalo started customizing his son's lunch bags with creative art to help him make friends and spark conversation at school.
    • Unique lunch bags enable personal expression, making them more enjoyable to use and easier to identify in shared spaces.
    • Customized lunch bags can inspire others to adopt reusable options, promoting environmentally friendly practices and healthier eating habits.

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  5. Fresh Corporate Logo Changes in 2016

    Now that 2016 is behind us, I thought I do a recap on some of the Fresh logo changes that have happened with some of the most popular companies in Australia and around the world. What is interesting about most of these companies that have done with a logo change, is that their original logo was actually quite sharp and recognizable to begin with already. The tweaks done in 2016, would have been to make them even more smarter!


    1. Logo changes can refresh a brand.
    2. Consider reasons and rollout strategy.
    3. Keep the logo simple, consistent, versatile.

    Major Branding Logo Changes

    The instagram logo with the polaroid looking camera is super recognizable and in my eyes, extremely cute as well. The new logo though brings it to another dimension with a totally different feel to it. Both the old and the new logo are full colour logos which make them pop out when personalised onto

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