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  1. 2017 Promotional Oscars Swag

    Award ceremonies have a tendency to one-up each other when it comes to the goodies offered in their swag bags. This year's Oscars gift bag is a unique assortment of the dazzling, the mundane and the downright weird. Do we dare to peek inside this bag worth upward of $130,000? Yes, yes we do.


    1. Promote your brand with gift bags.
    2. Customisable, versatile, and cost-effective.
    3. Popular products: water bottles, pens, lip balm.


    Premium Event Merchandise For The Oscars

    While the gifts worth the most this year are holidays, as usual, the Oomi Smart Home system is worth a pretty penny and will be included in each bag. It's not a trip to a mansion hideaway (also included

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  2. Brilliant Logos for Promotional Products

    It can be hard to find inspiration for logo designs, especially when it comes to a logo that will not only look great in theory but will look the part on your promotional merchandise. That's why we've gone on a search for some great looking logos that will look fantastic printed - so you have some added inspiration when working on your own!


    1. Create impactful logos for promotions.
    2. Customise logos for different products.
    3. Maintain consistency and simplicity.


    Logo Designs Perfect For Merchandise

    Our first example is the Cinema Cafe logo above that flawlessly blends both elements of the business into one simple, seamless logo design. The film wraps in a mug shape ensuring that there's nothing about the logo

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  3. 50's Personalised Rock Candy Footage

    Unearthed, a 1950's footage of hard rock candy being made by hand. Rock Candy has never gone out of taste or style. They taste fantastic, and their endless possibilities of flavour and colour (not to mention their beautiful patterns!) make rock candies some of our best selling promotional products. Small wonder, when they are so easy to package as well as personalise! But if you have ever wondered how they used to make the candy, wonder no more.


    • A 1957 video demonstrates the complex and time-sensitive process of making rock candies by hand.
    • Rock candies are visually appealing confections with a satisfying texture.
    • Their popularity stems from their unique appearance, nostalgic value, educational potential, etc.

    Making Confectionery The Old Fashioned Way

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  4. The World's Most Expensive Promotional Pen

    We're not strangers to promotional pens of varying styles and prices. After all, we stock budget plastic pens here right through to premium Parker brand units. But luxury producer Mont Blanc's latest addition to their catalogue could well be the world's most expensive promotional pen -- and with good reason!

    Luxury Pen With Unique Features

    Mont Blanc's one-of-a-kind promotional pen pays tribute to Johannes Kepler, 16th century mathematician and astronomer, best known for bridging the gap between astrology and astronomy. It's fitting then that this refined pen is adorned with astrological symbols as well as an abundance of jewels (set to look like the Milky Way). And when we say there's a lot of jewels we mean it -- 5,294 sapphires and 570 diamonds! That's why this pen is worth 1.5 million

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  5. Ultimate Custom Luxury Mouse Mats

    Here at Cubic Promote we're no strangers to premium luxury items. We've blogged about the most premium pen in the world, luxury branded footwear, and even the deluxe iPhone options available for those rolling in bling. But luxurious brand Louis Vuitton, best known for their frequently imitated handbags, have gone one step further by producing the world's most expensive mouse pad!


    • Louis Vuitton has produced a premium leather mouse mat priced at $514AU, showcasing the potential value of branded office supplies.
    • Mouse mats offer benefits such as improved tracking, comfort, and desk protection for computer users.
    • Customizing mouse mats with your company logo is an effective way to promote your brand and enhance your workspace.

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  6. Who invented the Post It Note?

    It isn't often a day goes by without someone not using the humble Post-It note, whether that be a hardworking (or procrastinating!) student or a corporate office minion. Despite all the developments in technology that make our lives easier,  the Post-It note still remains a prominent desktop mate for us to go about our everyday business.

    Few would give a passing thought to who we can thank for the sticky yellow pieces of paper, so if it wasn't Romy and Michelle who attempted to pass themselves off as the inventor, who was?

    How Did the Invention Occur?

    Like many other origin tales, this was a happy accident:

    It was the year 1968. Dr. Spencer Silver, a chemist at 3M Company, was busy working to develop a strong adhesive. Ironically, he ended up inventing a one of a kind adhesive that, whilst sticky,

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