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  1. Hot and Cold Water in Promo Cups

    Here's a fun experiment you can do, rain or shine, with your branded coffee cups. Whether you're at home or in the office this is a great little trick people will love to participate in. What is it? Hearing whether water is hot or cold, of course!

    Hear the Difference Between Water Temperatures

    It sounds a little bit impossible, doesn't it? That the hot water you pour into your cup of tea in the morning actually sounds different to a cup of cool water in the afternoon after a jog. If you'd like to try this experiment for yourself you'll need two cups or mugs that are identical. We recommend a style like these branded

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  2. Aldi Australia's new Logo

    We at Cubic Promote know full well the importance of branding with a good logo, and you will probably recognise Aldi, the German supermarket known for discount grocery items and branded chocolates from their iconic letter "A".

    Shoppers will soon need to adjust to a new logo design, however, which has raised an interesting question: Can re - branding work against you?

    Updating Your Brand And Keeping Your Audience

    When it comes to logos the expression "a picture says  a 1000 words" could not be more relevant. It is because of this that you see numerous business update their design every so often. If not because they they want to keep up with competitors and their market, then to reflect shifts in the company's values and vision.

    The newest edition of the Aldi logo is pictured below, was first launched on their Chinese website

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  3. Customised Stickers For Grown Ups

    Remember back to the halcyon days of primary school when you'd be rewarded for doing your homework or helping in class with a neat little sticker? We'd been lead to believe this was all over once we hit adulthood, but it turns out in these modern times promotional stickers for grown-ups are a very real thing.

    Unique Personalised Stickers for Modern Adults

    A new sticker book on the market is allowing grown-ups to relive the old days when completing tasks meant getting a natty little sticker as a reward. The "I Adulted!" sticker book and a range of custom printed sticker sheets in a similar vein offer price, colourful stickers you can wear to work or perhaps give out at a community event -- all with adult accomplishments noted on them.

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  4. Promotional Products Logo Inspiration

    When it comes to designing a brand new logo, sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to start out. You know what you like to look at and what you don't, but how do you utilise that knowledge to make a logo that will really become memorable and promote your brand? We've come up with some great tips and examples below.


    Logo Designs Perfect For Custom Branding

    When starting out with designing a logo, you need to be clear what your business does. If you are unclear about the specific industry or products you will be dealing with, your logo will convey this confusion. Only when you're 100% sure about your goals as an organisation can your logo development truly begin. Next thing to note is that smart colour is essential. We've discussed the importance of colour

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  5. Personalised Gifts Come in Many Forms!

    When you think of personalised gifts your mind probably drifts to the usual things. Stylish promotional mobile tech, premium body care products, heck, even delicious cookies and snacks! But it seems like a basketball fan out there has taken the idea of unique gifts to a different level with *ahem* slightly different custom printed presents being sent to NBA superstars recently...

    • NBA stars have been receiving personalized, full-color printed potatoes as quirky and unexpected gifts.
    • Personalized gifts can range from monogrammed items and customized jewelry to photo gifts and custom clothing.
    • The key to successful personalized gifts is finding the perfect balance between creativity and thoughtfulness.

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  6. Examples of Logos Minimised for Branding

    These days, with responsive design on the rise, it's important to look at how your own logo can adapt to change. After all, with apps reigning supreme it's difficult to utilise a complex logo these days. That's why it's great to check out classic brands that have already started to minimise the look of their logo designs.


    1. Simplify complex logos for effective branding.
    2. Use simple fonts and limited colours.
    3. Adapt logo for different sizes and platforms.


    Simplified Promotional Logo Graphics

    The "less is more" approach to logo design isn't new, in fact, simplicity has been key to the success of most memorable logos over the past 40 years

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  7. Historic City's Modern Promotional Rebrand

    What kind of branding do you expect from a city? Should it emphasise a long and storied history? A rich and thriving cultural scene? Should it be filled with pictures of famous landmarks? Or should it be something entirely new and modern and looking towards the future? Frankfurt, Germany has gone with the latter option. As one of the biggest and most significant cities in Germany, and with a history that dates back to the Romans, you'd expect something classical and ornate. Something fancy to acknowledge its heritage. Instead they're looking towards the future with a sleek, minimalist and modern design.


    • Frankfurt, Germany's city branding: sleek, minimalist, and futuristic.
    • Bold use of color: eye-catching red and professional navy blue.
    • Rebranding helps companies stay relevant and succeed by reflecting the market and expanding into new markets.

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  8. DIY Office SlingShot Using Promotional Pencils

    Branded pencils are an office staple the world over. No matter what kind of office you're in, it's likely you'll be able to get your hands on some promotional pencils. But have you ever wondered what you can do with them? (Aside from write, that is.) This easy-to-make slingshot idea is a great project for when you're bored at your desk and have a few pencils to spare!


    1. Get creative with promotional pencils.
    2. Build a DIY office slingshot.
    3. Explore outdoor uses for slingshots.


    A Unique Use For Promotional Stationery

    YouTube user DaveHax has come up with this

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  9. Promotional Sneakers by Pizza Hut

    Sneakers are a fantastic item for cross-promotion. Back in the 80's every kid wanted Air Jordans, which meant great sales for Nike and promotion out the wazoo for Michael Jorden - not to mention the recent Nintendo marketing shoes. Now there are some new high tops in the marketing arena, and they're even more dazzling. These shoes can order pizza. Seriously.


    • Pizza Hut collaborated with Dominic Chambrone to create Pie Tops, shoes that order pizza.
    • The brand's popularity stems from its varied menu, quality, convenience, marketing, nostalgia, and customer service.
    • The limited-edition Pie Tops showcase a unique cross-promotion strategy.

    Custom Shoes With Pizza

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