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  1. Tribute to an Iconic Printed Bag

    They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so IKEA must have been sincerely flattered by Balenciaga's much-maligned $2,145 blue "shopper tote" that went on sale last week. While the premium price tag associated with the tote might imply a premium quality item, in actuality, it was little more than a bag made to look almost identical to IKEA's $0.99 "Frakta" shopping bag. The Internet had a field day chuckling at the Balenciaga bag, but it would be IKEA which had the last laugh...

    Promotional Shopping Bags

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  2. Get your own Range of Printed Apparel like Kendrick

    Get your own range of printed apparel, just like legendary hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar, who has just released a new range of personalised tee shirts and hoodies. Being a rapper means he has all sorts of song names and lyrics to really make his tee shirts unique. However, if you are simply a small Australian business / musician / charity / corporate / government department there are ways to make your promotional apparel design look fabulous, yet still retain your identity.

    Below I have listed some simple and unique ways you can make your apparel stand out, just a little bit more to be more interesting, cool, yet retain your corporate identity.

    Brand Logos in Unexpected Places

    Most brand name logos are printed on promotional

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  3. Moschino & Candy Crush Personalised Bags

    This personalised bag features a collaboration between 2 brands which have very little in common. Moschino, best known for outrageously expensive designer bags and the Candy Crush App, which is best known for addictive gameplay on your Smartphone (and also persistent in-game advertising) have combined to create a unique personalised bag.

    A Personalised Bag That Makes you Look Twice

    What I love about this particular bag, with a full-colour digital print of a screen shot of the Candy Crush game, is that it makes you look twice.

    The collaboration between the brands is impressive. Moschino is an expensive high-end fashion brand, while Candy Crush is a cheap phone App, which is mostly downloaded for free. Candy Crush can also be viewed as part of Modern Pop Culture. Put these two together, and something

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  4. 2017 Logies Promotional Gift Bags

    As stockists of promotional products perfect for use in gift bags, we're always thrilled to see what's hot in tip-on items for large-scale events such as the Oscars or the Grammys. So when the contents of this year's Logie award gift bags were spilled, we were excited to see what Australian celebs would be enjoying this April.

    Exciting Custom Gifts for Award Recipients

    A tradition of the Logies ceremony, and indeed for countless other award ceremonies, is a special bag of promotional gifts for award nominees. Many years ago the Logies gift

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  5. Mishmash Of Logos & Brands

    The success of a brand can very much rely on their logo and we provide a wide variety of promotional merchandise, including stress balls to apparel such as t shirts, that are perfect for personalising with a emblem or a symbol.

    Logos play a large role in the success of a company and organisation, particularly when the choice between they and their competition is from how recognisable their brand image is. The symbols and colours utilised can work so effectively that people can absorb them quickly without much conscious thought.

    With this thought in mind, London - based graphic designer Reilly has redesigned some very famous logos by incorporating the style and colours of another.

    Mixing and Matching Famous Icons And Symbols

    Part social experiment and more so for a bit of fun, Reilly used his creative skills to blend logos of

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  6. Promotional Sneakers Inspired by Porsche

    2017 is rapidly turning into the year of premium promotional sneaker collaborations! Hot on the tail of Pizza Hut's promotional pie top shoes comes a luxury collaboration between Porsche and Adidas - two of the hottest brands in their respective fields. What does the resulting shoe look like? You might be surprised...!

    Co-Branding on Promotional Products

    Dubbed "Adidas X Porsche design Bounce S4 Lux" these shoes look every bit as appealing and functional as a Porsche 4S sports car. Retailing at 400,00€ however, they're definitely not for the average punter and are aimed squarely at Porsche's clientele rather than Adidas's regular clients. The use of co-branding,

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  7. 2017 Promotional Products Must Haves

    Stay on top of this year's trends with our fantastic range of new promotional products. We've got the latest and greatest tech merchandise that will look particularly striking once branded with your logo. Don't miss out on personalised items both cheap and premium from our extensive collection.

    Promotional Virtual Reality and Technology for 2017

    This year we've already seen a huge jump in tech affordability, which is why here at Cubic Promote some of our most popular branded items so far this year have been hi-tech and a lot of fun. Check out our top three recommendations below.

    1) Navan Premium Branded Headphones

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  8. FILA and Pepsi Branded Clothing Range

    Isn't it great when you collaborate with another company on branded merchandise... and you both have the same corporate colours? This had to have gone through the minds of marketing teams at both FILA and Pepsi when a promotional merchandise collaboration was floated between the two. The resulting limited edition range is nothing short of impressive.

    Retro Promotional Clothing From FILA and Pepsi

    FILA are best known as a retro sportswear range, capturing the iconic looks of yesteryear with a modern spin. Pepsi has been doing a lot more retro-inspired campaigns lately as well, so it isn't too surprising that these two corporate giants would be keen on putting together a range of clothing

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