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  1. Logos Branded on unexpected products

    With decades worth of marketing, it's getting harder and harder to come up with clever new ideas. What can you do when all the inspiring ads and memorable slogans have already been done? Enter ambient advertising. Ambient advertising is about placing advertisements in unusual locations in an unusual way. Something that's attention grabbing and memorable, that's been done in a non-traditional way, and that's been placed in a location that uses the surrounding space as part of the ad itself. It's advertising, but using the world itself as the advertising space.

    Just look at the above example. It's no secret that Ikea revolutionised the way furniture is bought with their flat packed boxes and unassembled furniture. It's clear that the advertising is skewing that idea, the Bench with the dots above the E, a parody

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  2. Coca-Cola's Unique Promotional Wristbands

    Sometimes market research tells you that your brand is going great guns and you're reaching your target audience. Other times, such as in the case of Coca-Cola in Romania, research might tell you that young people are engaging with your product less frequently than before. Rather than lamenting, Coke decided to launch a new type of promotion that hinged on the fact that although kids weren't drinking a lot of their cola, they were going to a lot of concerts. Their resulting campaign and tie-in product is nothing short of genius!


    1. Innovative wristbands boost youth engagement.
    2. Custom design becomes a fashion statement.
    3. Promotional products yield extraordinary outcomes.


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  3. Top 5 Promotional Logo Rebrands in 2017 (So Far)

    Nothing is more memorable for a brand than their corporate logo. So when prominent organisations seek to revise the look of their logo, there is a lot on the line. So far in 2017 we've seen some pretty large organisations revise their branding, for better or for worse, and we've checked out 5 of the most memorable (thus far!) this year.

    Popular Logo Redesigns for Branding in 2017

    5) Mozilla

    A big redesign we saw in January this year was for open source giant, Mozilla. The team behind the new logo wanted to reflect on the group's past, as well as imply the non-profit's direction in the future. The original logo (top) was little more than simple sans serif text, but the revised logo features an entirely new typeface developed just for the project ("Zilla") and a

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  4. Promotional Jackets Now Hot Fashion Item

    Fashion trends tend to take off fast and nowhere is this more evident than in the sudden resale demand for delivery giant Deliveroo's employee jackets. That's right, young people are going wild for the uniforms delivery drivers have to wear. Normally you'd think there would be nothing more uncool than something you have to wear to work, but London's youth can't get enough of this unusual street wear.

    Branded Jackets Become Must-Have Street Wear

    What makes Deliveroo's current hoodies so appealing is that they're premium high visibility jackets. The hi-vis part of the outfit is an essential element of the branding, alongside the standard logo and green colour scheme, because

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  5. Cheap Promotional Fidget Cubes

    As much as we love our range of Promotional Fidget Spinners, they do only boast the one key feature - spinning. That's where our new assortment of promotional fidget cubes come in. Not only do they have 6 different stress-busting functions on one tiny little cube, they also come custom printed with your logo or text. Amazing, don't you think?


    1. Fidget Cubes reduce stress and anxiety.
    2. Versatile stress-busting promotional item.
    3. Suitable for all occasions, cost-effective.


    Personalised Anti-Anxiety Cube Toys

    Like Fidget Spinners, these Fidget Cubes have the goal of reducing boredom, stress, and anxiety

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  6. Hilarious Corporate Design Fails

    Some people don't think the role of the designer is that important to the success of a campaign or product. While we might be a little biased here at Cubic Promote (we love our design team!), we're pretty confident that sometimes you really just need a design professional to ensure you don't make any major mistakes. What kind of major mistakes? The kind that could mean your product or service is TOTALLY misinterpreted or laughed at. Uh-oh, it's time for some design fails!


    1. Research your audience for resonance.
    2. Create clear and cohesive branding.
    3. Place graphics and text strategically.


    Branding Mistakes on Marketing Merchandise

    I think we can all be confident that

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  7. Promotional Fidget Spinners

    It's amazing how quickly a new craze can take over and in 2017 the craze everyone wants to be part of is promotional fidget spinners! These deceptively simple pieces of merchandise have taken schoolyards and offices alike by storm, and now we can provide them with your custom branding as well. How awesome is that?


    1. Engage diverse audiences affordably.
    2. Boost branding with customization options.
    3. Foster stress relief and play.


    Branded Spinners For Marketing Events

    So what makes these spinners such a fantastic choice for marketing and event promotion? First off,

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  8. Pantone Café with Branding on Everything

    We can't believe it's been two years since we originally blogged about the crazy unique Pantone promotional cafe! As the name implies, the cafe was established and run by the Pantone group (the world's leading colour match system) and featured a variety of delicious edibles in unique Pantone colours. After the success of the previous cafe, Pantone is back in 2017 with a new feature eatery that has PMS branding on everything you can imagine!

    Run in the lush surroundings of Monaco, Pantone's new pop-up cafe is bringing back

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