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  1. The Worlds Priciest Logos

    The business of logo design is a very complicated and costly affair for larger corporations. There are hundreds of considerations and decisions that need to be made when it comes to designing a logo. Below is a list of some of the most costly logos to design in the history of logos. Check them out below.

    Why Logos Can Cost a Lot of Money?

    Logos can cost a lot of money to design, because they need to convey the right message and the correct feel, regardless of where they are displayed. Consider this, a logo may be visible on any or all of the below locations:

    • Websites
    • Print (in magazines or newspapers)
    • Television
    • Personalised merchandise (which can vary widely from promotional umbrellas, business cards, flashdrives, shirts and more!)
    • Billboards
    • Building signage

    Once the locations are identified, larger

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  2. Custom Decorated Porcelain Cans

    Now this is the kind of artwork that gets you looking twice! Chinese artist Lei Xue has a lot to say about modern consumer culture as well as humanity's history of consumption. In the artist's ongoing Drinking Tea art series, Xue has created tea-inspired art that combines old and new drinking in a startling manner.


    • Lei Xue's art combines beverage can design with porcelain to critique modern consumption.
    • The artwork emphasizes the environmental impact of our choices in everyday items like drinkware.
    • Porcelain's durability, appeal, and versatility make it an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable items.

    Hand Painted Porcelain Tea Cups Meet Cans!


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  3. Nostalgic & Retro Promotional Items

    You should never underestimate the power of nostalgia. There's a reason why retro promotional items remain popular, why what's old becomes new again, and why mass media continually - and with varying degrees of success - constantly reboot classic films and tv shows in new forms. People tend to miss the good old days, even if they were neither good nor actually all that old, and you can tap into those rose tinted glasses for marketing. Companies do it all the time, playing on their long and proud histories, rebranding designs to match old fashioned ones, and promoting a happy view of the good old days.


    • You should never underestimate the power of nostalgia when it comes to marketing.
    • Using retro items as promotional products can be a smart marketing strategy.
    • Retro items can evoke feelings of nostalgia, stand out in today's market.
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  4. Apple Personalised Apparel

    Everyone's favourite tech company, Apple, are no strangers to the world of promotional apparel. In the 1980's they made headlines with their daring custom printed fashion range, and let's not forget how iMacs and iPhones have inspired interior and fashion design over the years. Now a forgotten piece of Apple's fashion past has surfaced, and everyone wants a piece of it!

    Apple's Logo Embroidered Corporate Attire

    In the early 1990's Apple were still pushing the idea of promotional clothing and custom branded products as part of a means to generate revenue. Unfortunately, the brand didn't enjoy the same level of exposure it does today, and ultimately the idea was shelved.

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  5. Why You Still Need a Mousepad

    We've long since evolved past the days of using a ball-driven mouse to putter slowly across our Windows 95 setup on screen. These days it's all about slick moving optical mice, especially if you're keen on data or gaming. So do we actually still need an old fashioned mouse pad? The answer might actually surprise you.


    1. Protect your desk surface.
    2. Improve mouse movements.
    3. Consider size, material, and ergonomics.


    Mouse Mat Importance

    The old school ball mice needed to make contact with a smooth surface to move properly, hence why we all started using mouse mats to begin with. But modern optical mice don't have to make contact with a smooth surface to run - so why do we

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  6. Dangers with Custom Phone Chargers

    Oh no, it looks like everyone's favourite electric Pokémon is in a bit of trouble here! Promotional phone chargers are all the rage at the moment, and it's not tough to see why - they give your phone a battery boost on the go, meaning you can keep messaging and gaming a lot longer. Another favourite is the wall charger USB plug that directly connects to your power socket. The problem is, there's some seriously dodgy goods on the market if you're not careful.

    1. Choose quality, certified chargers.
    2. Personalise with company branding.
    3. Ensure compatibility and charging speed.


    Purchase Certified

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  7. The 6 Funniest Promotional Labels of All Time

    Most products requiring specialised cleaning, assembly, or application these days tend to come with a label that let's you know the best way to utilise the item. Whether you've bought an easy-to-assemble furniture kit, a fleecy hoodie for winter, or something as straight forward as toilet cleaner -- there's a set of instructions to go right along with them. Most are fairly uneventful, but the memorable ones tend to be very, very memorable. Check out some of our favourite promotional label examples below.

    Products With Unique Printed Labels

    The above Top Gear shirt is a great example of how a stylish promotional t-shirt becomes something even more extraordinary thanks to its unique labelling. Turning

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  8. Hilarious Logo Branding Mishap

    If there's anything the age of the internet has taught us it's that we all have to be very careful not to make a serious mistake - lest we be forced to suffer the online humilation forever. Unfortunately for one Vietnamese skincare company, some keen geeks noticed that their stylish new corporate logo was terribly familiar...

    Business Logo Branding Blunder

    Ho Chi Minh City's Medcare Skin Centre is by all accounts a dutiful dermatological business, providing skincare treatment and options to a variety of clients. Their logo seems to embrace the look of a dual coloured umbrella, red and white against a black backdrop. Unfortunately as the business discovered thanks to some keen Resident Evil fans, this exact logo was actually made famous by the Umbrella Corporation - a fictional business known

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  9. Personalised Mason Jars by Nutella

    We're all pretty familiar with Nutella's iconic logo branding - the red and black designs against a delicious jar filled with hazelnut chocolate spread. But for their latest campaign, Nutella's manufacturer Ferrero decided to put together something both innovative and unique. After the success of individually labelled jars across the world, it seemed only logical that their next jars were something even more memorable - and honestly, we think they might be!

    Promotional Mason Jars With Unique Printed Designs

    In Ferrero's home country of Italy, the company worked with advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather Italia to come up with an ingenious way to colourfully brand 7 million promotional mason jars with unique

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  10. Create Effective Logo in 5 Steps

    Branding logos is what we do here at Cubic Promote, so your might just say we've got a bit of an interest when it comes to logo design. For us, the best logos to brand are often the simplest. They're not overly showy, they're easy to remember, but most important of all, they're versatile. For me, a versatile logo is the best kind of logo. It's one that can work in any situation. Whether it's a single colour or a full colour branding, and more importantly whether it's a large or a small print. Here are 5 tips that will help you design an effective logo.


    1. Keep logos simple and versatile.
    2. Design with branding in mind.
    3. Effective logo boosts marketing efforts.


    How to Create

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