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  1. Top 3 Things to do With a Beach Ball

    We're right on the cusp of Spring, and it won't be long until the local Aussie weather heats up again and we're all swimming in pools or catching a wave at the beach. This is, of course, perfect weather for enjoying those natty little inventions called promotional beach balls. Whether you're on land or in the water, beach balls can boost your fun level and add something extra to your event.

    Great Ways to Use Promotional Beach Balls

    So you've got your hands on a beach ball (or several) what do you do with it now? There's a lot of potential ways to utilise beach balls, but here are some of our absolute favourites. Feel free to suggest your ideas to us on Twitter or Facebook!

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  2. KFC'S New Promotional Swag

    KFC are no strangers to quirky marketing campaigns. Last year they released promotional sunscreens that smelled like fried chicken as well as a power bank cardboard box for charging phones while you eat their chicken. In 2017 they're looking to up the game by releasing a new assortment of fashionable merchandise that includes clothes, pins, prints, and even jewellery!


    1. Create memorable, unique merchandise like KFC.
    2. Collaborate for eye-catching promotion.
    3. Focus on sustainability and functionality.


    Tie-In Merchandise for Fried Chicken Fans

    It's one thing to love fried chicken,

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  3. Promotional Souvenirs for Corporate Offices

    Everyone loves to escape the office and have a holiday; it's one of life's greatest pleasures just to get away and have fun. But what if you haven't had a holiday in a while? American company JetBlue, who specialise in vacations, is trying to encourage people to take a break by producing some hilarious travel souvenirs for the office!


    1. JetBlue's promotional souvenirs boost morale.
    2. Unique merchandise strengthens brand awareness.
    3. Encourages work-life balance and self-care.

    Custom Merchandise for Office Hotspots

    It's an unfortunate reality that a lot of people can't make it out of the office to have holidays on a

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  4. Inside the VMA Promotional Gift Bags

    We love a good awards show, be it the Oscars or the Grammys, we're going to tune in and have a great time absorbing the glamour and glitz. One of the other great joys with awards ceremonies are the swag bags given to attendees. From the boring to the outrageous, they always seem to contain something worth looking at. There have been some great additions to the VMA (MTV Video Music Awards) gift bags this year, and we're bringing you along for the ride.


    1. Emphasise practicality and usability.
    2. Personalise and customise the items.
    3. Include unexpected, luxurious surprises.


    Personalised Swag Bags For VMA

    MTV's Video Music Awards are one of the biggest awards ceremonies of the year, and as such, they attract a huge

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  5. Best Font for Branding Merchandise

    Ever notice how some publications just seem more reputable than others? It turns out there's a font for that. Well, a typeface anyway. Serif and Sans Serif are the classifications we designate to fonts that have little flourishes or decorative elements at their base and those without (Serif and Sans Serif respectively). But which typeface is the best to use for promotional purposes? You might be surprised.

    1. Font choice impacts brand recognition.
    2. Serif fonts are trustworthy and traditional.
    3. Sans-serif fonts feel modern and innovative.


    Fonts for Trustworthy Promotional Merchandise

    Generally speaking the fonts, we see in our favourite printed books and quality

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  6. Top Promotional Products for Spring 2017

    We're almost at the end of August which means September is just around the corner and with it, spring. We've got some great new products in stock at Cubic Promote just in time for the change of the seasons. Check out some of our most popular and cost effective promotional products for Spring 2017 below!

    Best Selling New Promotional Products for Australians

    Here at Cubic Promote, we love it when a new season brings in a great new range of cheap and cheerful products, especially when they're an instant hit with our clientele! All the products featured here are brand new to our extensive range and stocked ready to brand with your custom design. If any of these cool new marketing goodies catch your eye, contact our sales team for immediate pricing. Let's get started...!

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  7. Who Invented Mints?

    These days we don't think much about popping a fresh-tasting promotional mint into our mouths to help say goodbye to bad breath after a meal. In fact, mints are trendy items promotional giveaways at conventions and trade shows because people become more confident in communicating when they're confident in their breath. But who invented mints? Were they a recent invention, or perhaps from the Victorian era? The truth is even more amazing!


    • Mints are flavored candies or tablets that freshen breath and provide a refreshing taste.
    • They are made from sugar or sugar substitutes, along with natural or artificial flavorings.
    • Mints have a long history and were invented in ancient Egypt to combat bad breath caused by tooth decay.

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  8. Why You Can't Feed Dogs Chocolate

    Unless we're lactose intolerant, most of us love nothing more than tucking into a delicious piece of promotional chocolate. While chocolate isn't particularly healthy to have in large doses, you can still enjoy a some as a treat or snack. For dogs, however, chocolate poses a considerable danger - which is why it's important to understand how chocolate is harmful to your favourite doggo.

    Chocolate Can Be Harmful to Dogs - Be Careful

    Chocolate might be tasty for dogs as well as humans, but because chocolate contains a combination of theobromine and caffeine, eating it can be not only harmful to dogs but deadly. It all comes down to what compounds cats and dogs can metabolise. Human bodies can break down theobromine easily, whereas cats and dogs have much

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  9. The Beauty of Debossing!

    The Middletown cafe is a colourful coffee shop in Melbourne that serves not only your usual lattes and teas but a slice of royal style as well. The Middletown cafe is named for Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and it mimics her popular fashions in an elegant, refined fashion. We see this most clearly in their recent range of promotional stationery items lovingly decorated with logo embossing.

    The Flexibility of Logo Debossing

    The business cards, envelopes, coasters, and cups for the Middletown Cafe look luxurious despite the fact they're made from very simple colours and in simple styles. The secret to this is the employment of

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  10. How Much Ink is in a Promotional Pen?

    We've all used ballpoint pens before. Handy, cheap, and easy to obtain the humble ballpoint pen is one of our most popular plastic promotional pens. But have you ever wondered exactly how much bang you get for your buck? Do ballpoint pens actually last for a considerable amount of writing time, or do they just say that. One Japanese artist decided to find out -- and the results may surprise you!

    Long-Lasting Budget Personalised Pens

    Standard ballpoint pens usually advertise their writing range in the number of kilometres their ink can last for. Our range of customised BiC pens, for example,

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