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  1. Cup Upgrade on International Coffee Day

    The 29th of September is International Coffee Day, a day on which we can enjoy a delicious cup of joe and celebrate the wonders of a well-made caffeinated brew. Most working Aussies love some coffee in the morning to get their brains pumping, but with over a billion (!!) takeaway coffee cups ending up in landfill every year, we think there's a great way to celebrate this International Coffee Day that will help reduce this wastage.


    1. Ditch disposable cups to minimise waste.
    2. Choose reusable cups for eco-conscious sipping.
    3. Personalise and promote custom cups.


    Get Personalised Reusable Coffee Cups

    Instead of getting a disposable takeaway cup with your daily

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  2. Custom Colour Pencil Designs

    There's something raw and authentic about using colour pencils to illustrate your art and designs. You can see and admire every line of colour while still appreciating the greater image. One artist known as Dada has taken the humble coloured pencil to new artistic levels with her double character pop culture illustrations that have to be seen to be believed!

    Personalised Illustrations Drawn With Notepaper and Pencils

    The theme behind Dada's breathtaking art is simple: she combines famous cartoon and comic characters into a single portrait. Her tools of the trade? Promotional coloured pencils and notepaper. Her mashups include comic book heroes/villains as well as fun-loving partners and rivals

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  3. Personalised Tea Bags

    Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and it's not tough to see why. There are hundreds of flavours and combinations to be had, and tea can be consumed both hot and cold. No matter where you go on the planet, there's going to be a tea option for you to enjoy. But have you ever considered the humble tea bag to be art?

    Artistic Custom Tea Bags

    While tea is a popular drink, it's not well known as a canvas for artistic expression. The artist known simply as Sadit is looking to change this with exciting artwork rendered entirely on promotional tea bags. Rather than opting for simple designs incorporating the natural tea colours, Sadit has pursued a colourful and interesting paint technique that brings the texture of the

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  4. Drawing a Famous Brand Logo From Memory

    There are some company logos that are etched into our minds. Famous organisations such as IKEA, Target, or Burger King -- we all know their logos and branding. Or do we? If you were asked to draw a famous logo from nothing but a memory, how accurate do you think your rendition would be? We might think we know our logos well, but when put to the test the results can be quite surprising!

    Memorable Promotional Logos on Merchandise

    If you were asked to recall a famous logo from memory, do you think you could do it? When asked average Americans to draw relatively well-known logos, everyone who participated was pretty confident, but the actual results show that perhaps some of that confidence was misplaced. Though we all pride ourselves on our outstanding

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  5. How To Save A Wet Diary

    There are few things as annoying or as inconvenient as getting one of your most important possessions completely wet. While it can be frustrating getting wet clothes, they dry out with no real issues. Same with most plastic or metal surfaces. But if the item you get wet is your promotional diary or organiser, well, that's a little more complicated!


    1. Remove stains with simple techniques.
    2. Store diaries properly to prevent damage.
    3. Keep your branded diary pristine.


    Reviving Soggy Marketing Journal

    It's no secret that water and paper

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  6. Novelty Bud Promotional Lounge Wear

    Here at Cubic Promote, we're not-so-secret fans of unique promotional clothing. So when we heard that America's own Bud Light beer was branching out into leisurewear, we were excited to take a look. The resulting collaboration doesn't disappoint -- bold and blue, these tie-in items of clothing are a perfect blend of functional and brand growth.

    Clothing Branded With Unique Custom Logos

    Bud Light tends to be a brand that keeps on the edge of what people in their 20's and 30's enjoy, so it's not surprising that they're the latest beverage brand to market themselves using "high fashion" loungewear. While only available for marketing purposes in the lead-up to London Fashion Week, the company will launch a full range of clothing for consumers in the future. What is most notable at this

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  7. Ruby: Fourth Promo Chocolate Flavour

    Promotional chocolates have always been one of the most popular types of confectionery for tradeshows, expos and corporate gifting. Since the beginning, chocolates have only ever come in three flavours. Dark, Milk and White Chocolate. What I am about to tell you though, will shock you. Chocolate now comes in a fourth flavour called Ruby! This is the first real type of chocolate flavour in the past 80 years. (White chocolate was the last.)

    1. Ruby chocolate is a new type of chocolate.
    2. It has a unique, sweet and fruity taste.
    3. Look out for upcoming ruby promotional chocolates!



    Ruby Chocolate: Game Changer

    Ruby chocolate is not chocolate that is mixed with a little food colour. Ruby chocolate

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  8. Promotional Stunt With Post-it® Notes

    Adhesive notes are extremely useful products to have in your home or office. Jot a note down, stick it next to your monitor or into a notebook and you won't forget its contents easily. 3M, inventors of the original Post-it® Notes have come up with a range of extra sticky adhesive notes that ensure a great grip every time. How they've decided to advertise these new notepads may just surprise you!

    Customised Post-it® Notes That Won't Budge

    We all know that Post-it® Notes adhere nicely thanks to 3M's specially developed glue, which is what helps make them the leading sticky note item

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  9. Check Out Emmy's Swag Bag

    Our beloved actors have been sent home with some divine gift bags after this year’s Emmy award ceremony. It contained some incredibly exclusive items like an infinite membership to the exclusive traveller club! There's also super groovy, limited edition Rick and Morty sweater, which is a product of a collaboration between TV network Adult Swim and fashion outlet Daylight Curfew. It’ll be perfect for lazy Sundays when the celebs are taking a break from their black tie commitments.


    1. Promotional gift hampers are effective.
    2. Customised swag bags make an impact.
    3. Branded items enhance brand recognition.


    Customised Gift Bags for Event Attendees

    Some Hydrogen infused water, (just in

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  10. The Most Expensive Custom iPhone Yet

    Whenever a new iPhone is announced, it doesn't take long for the custom variations to start hitting the press soon after. The iPhone X is no exception, in fact, if anything this exciting new iPhone has started generating serious luxury buzz very early on. This is best seen in the latest luxury Brikk iPhone versions which take premium products to a whole new level.

    Promotional Gold iPhone X with Engraving

    The Lux iPhone X is Brikk's exclusive range of couture custom iPhones based on Apple's new iPhone (which is due to hit shelves in November). We thought we'd seen the most out there promotional luxury iPhones back when the six came out, but the Luxe iPhone

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