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  1. Pizza Hut Promotional Branded Jackets

    Like many food delivery services, Pizza Hut has long been working on improving their delivery pouch. I think we've all had the odd food delivery that was more lukewarm than toasty hot, which is why Pizza Hut has been focusing a lot of energy on developing a pouch that works hard to retain heat. Now they're launching a delivery pouch boasting advanced insulation, and they've made a human-sized version in the shape of a super insulated promotional parka!

    Parkas With Custom Colorways and Printing

    Pizza Hut's eye-catching workman-style jacket (a favourite fashion item in 2017) makes for an eye-catching promotional item because it's made from the same material as the new heavily insulated pizza delivery pouches the chain have just introduced for deliveries. Boasting

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  2. Stranger Things Collaborative Sneaker Branding

    If you're one of those people who had some free time over the weekend, you'll have already indulged in the latest tale from the upside down with Strange Things season 2. If you haven't, then you won't have seen the sneakers we're talking about in action, but you'll want to after seeing them in detail! That's right, Reebok and BAIT have made Stranger Things sneakers featuring a Ghostbusters design -- talk about a lot of collaboration!

    Promotional Shoes With Pen Decoration

    Not unlike the geeky Nintendo Collaborative Branded Sneakers, we saw earlier this year; the Reebok/Ghostbusters/BAIT/Stranger Things shoes are a fan's dream. Not only are the shoes a highly sought

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  3. Famous Logos on Halloween Pumpkins

    It's almost Halloween, so there's no better time than the present to check out the work of a seasonal design studio called Maniac Pumpkin Carvers. This time each year they work tirelessly to create quirky and eye-catching jack-o-lanterns featuring corporate logo designs. While this might sound straightforward, carving out a logo accurately can be surprisingly difficult.

    Seasonal Logos on Promotional Pumpkins

    While only recently in Australia has Halloween been embraced as a time to celebrate all things dark and spooky, in America, the holiday has long been known as the perfect time to market or promote your brand in innovative (and often kooky) ways. The work of the Maniac Pumpkin Carvers is about as far from our lazy

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  4. Why Brands Use Imperfect Logos

    When we look at some of the biggest logos in the world, like Sony, Google, or 7-Eleven, we don't tend to think of them as actually being flawed. However, typography and design aficionados on Reddit worked out recently some of the most memorable logos out there contain flaws which may enhance their impact.


    1. Imperfect logos create brand distinctiveness.
    2. Flaws evoke emotional appeal and curiosity.
    3. Optical illusions enhance impact.


    Promotional Logos With Flaws That Work

    Regardless as to how you feel about common brandingy fonts, looking at the 7-Eleven logo design, it seems pretty good. The logo might not seem to have any issues, in fact, it's rather pleasing

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  5. Personalised Socks That Look Like Food

    Everyone loves receiving a brand new pair of socks; there's nothing quite like wearing new socks for the first time -- especially if they feature a design you love. That's why we were so taken with these awesome promotional socks that look like delicious breakfast foods and cakes!


    • Unique designs on branded products can captivate customers' attention and spark their interest.

    • A well-designed product can help establish a brand's identity, reflecting its values and mission.

    • Unique designs on branded products can increase brand recognition, generate buzz, and attract a wider audience.

    Promotional Socks

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  6. Top Promotional Products for Summer

    The weather is heating up here in Australia and you know what that means -- summer is almost upon us! Don't get caught out over the next few months with outdoor events, Christmas presents, and corporate gifts. Check out some of our most popular custom branded products that will help boost your marketing reach over the summer months and leave your recipients happy.

    Personalised Products for the Australian Summer

    Summer isn't the best time of year for some promotional items. Chocolates, for example, don't fare that well in the heat and you can forget handing out beanies or jackets! To make sure you're looking at the best options for summer, we've put together a list of great value products that will market your brand for you.

    1) Custom Branded

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  7. Recycled Packaging Becomes Branded Clothing

    We love hearing about any recycling news that helps make formerly discarded products into something useful again. So we were excited to hear about the Aussie streetwear brand ALCH, whose goal is to repurpose products in unique new ways to produce wearable clothing that packs a real punch. The results, unsurprisingly, are rather eye-catching!

    Logo Emblazoned Outfits Made From Old Products

    Designer Alexandra Hackett, who is behind ALCH, is heavily invested in the idea of reusing old packaging for products (as well as old products themselves) and turning them into wearable clothing fit for a runway. While most people would consider the branded tote bags their Nike

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  8. Boring Promotional Caps Fundraiser

    While the word "boring" might not be the word you'd want to use in most marketing campaigns, when it comes to Elon Musk's latest venture there's method to his madness. Musk, known for his Tesla business, is now branching into tunnels to help with transport solutions. His tunnel company? The Boring Company. To help fundraise for the business Musk has taken a very straight-forward approach and produced some unique promotional caps that have become surprised internet hits.

    • Elon Musk's The Boring Company used humor in their simple yet effective marketing campaign.
    • Humorous promotional items can capture attention, create a positive brand image, enhance memorability, and etc.
    • Striking the right balance and ensuring the humorous content aligns with your brand identity.

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  9. Promotional Bicycle Items for Ride2Work Day

    It's National Ride2Work Day, and that means it's time to dust off your bike and get moving! The benefits of riding to work include physical exercise (we don't do enough of it as a society) and reducing your carbon footprint (bike riding = zero emissions!) as well as the joys of just getting out in the open and enjoying your environment. So in celebration, we thought we'd recommend some of our most popular promotional products for bike riders Australia wide!


    1. Promote your brand through cycling.
    2. Custom biking jerseys for corporate teams.
    3. Choose relevant promotional bike accessories.


    Branded Product Ideas for Australian Cyclists

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  10. Fashion Label Corporate Branding Launch

    There's nothing quite as exciting as seeing a totally new label launch. In this case, Airdate, a cutting-edge private fashion label has burst onto the scene with a bold look and some great promotional merchandise to match. It's a pretty inspirational package so if you're in need of a few ideas, check out more details below.

    Promotional Products for Corporate Label Launch

    The goal with branding for the Airdate label was to achieve a look that was modern and playful, to mirror the look and feel of the clothing the company provides. Designer Marta Veludo came up with a fantastic single colour logo that uses a geometric look to great impact on the clothes, their tags, and the company's range of fun

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