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  1. Retro Custom Printed Tote Bags

    Promotional tote bags are always in demand. Whether you're using them to advertise at an event, to cart your shopping about at home, or simply gifting them to others, you can't go wrong with totes. Artist Evan Wagoner-Lynch decided to take customised tote bags to a whole new level by creating items based on obscure retro patterns from an unlikely source.


    1. Tote bags are eco-friendly promotional items.
    2. Customise for events, gifts, retail.
    3. Embrace retro patterns for unique design.


    Eye-Catching Retro Printed Shoulder Bags

    Wagoner-Lynch drew inspiration from a long-forgotten form of warfare camouflage known as "dazzle camouflage". Made popular during WWI and used through until WWII and beyond, this

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  2. Collaborative Spongebob Charity T-Shirts

    We're big fans of brand collaboration, particularly when they involve great charity work so how could we say no to checking out this awesome Spongebob Squarepants promotion? Everyone's favourite Krusty Krab employee has teamed up with the (RED) organisation, which uses the power of shopping to help raise money in the fight against AIDS. Unsurprisingly the resulting branded merchandise looks great and is, of course, all in the name of a great cause!

    Promotional Tees With Great Charity Designs

    What makes this campaign particularly interesting is that the promotional t-shirts being sold for this collaborative campaign boast very subtle designs, which goes against the usual branding seen for the Spongebob

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  3. How to Apply Promotional Sunscreen

    It's that time of year again in Australia. Things are hotting up, and it can only mean that Summer is just around the corner. While we all love spending time at the beach or in the pool, there's no denying that the sun can be a dangerous enemy to exposed skin. We've put together a guide on how to apply your event branded sunscreen to help make things easier over the new year.


    1. Choose SPF 50+ for maximum protection.
    2. Apply generously, covering all exposed areas.
    3. Reapply every 1.5-2 hours to stay protected.


    Wearing Branded Sunscreen in Australia

    So what is the key to applying promotional sunscreen on Aussie skin? Well first of all...

    1) Get an SPF Rated Sunscreen (preferably

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  4. Stressballs to Celebrate International Stress awareness

    International Stress Awareness Day fell on the first of November this year, but the rest of the month has seen a considerable number of clients and visitors to Cubic Promote keen on logo branded stress toys to help recipients manage their stress. One of the best ways to help manage office stress is through the use of stress toys, as well as implementing measures to reduce your stress levels.

    Promotional Stress Toys for Stress Awareness

    While International Stress Awareness Day is one day out of the year, activities and products to help reduce your stress levels are available all year round. These include stress management techniques and items such as our classic faves the stress ball to

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  5. Promotional Toothpaste + Dental Floss

    We're all for celebrating forgotten or lesser-known holidays here at Cubic Promote, and one such date is almost upon us for the year; National Flossing Day (24th of November)! Originating in the US, the event always falls the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the states as people are likely to be in need of a good floss after having enjoyed a turkey feast!


    1. Raise awareness about flossing and brushing.
    2. Customise products for brand connection.
    3. Provide educational resources for informed decisions.


    Toothpaste and Floss for Marketing Events

    Flossing involves running a thin, silken thread between teeth to dislodge food particles and dental plaque from the mouth.

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  6. KFC Promotional Escape Pod

    KFC is pretty well regarded as one of the leading food chains when it comes to unique and eye-catching marketing campaigns. Take for example their Colonel Sanders pillows and promotional sunscreen with a chicken smell. The takeaway giant may well have outdone these previous branded products with a one-off promotion for Black Friday/Cyber Monday that's bound to turn heads.

    Branded KFC Internet-Free Indoor Tent

    With the intense Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales days about to hit in the US, KFC decided now would be the perfect time to sell a one-off limited edition indoor pod designed to help you "escape" the internet. Dubbed

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  7. Kickstarter's New Logo Rebrand

    We enjoy checking out new logos and corporate rebrands from around the world, but this week's Kickstarter rebrand is of particular note because of how unenthusiastic the design community's response has been! While there's little doubt that the brand's previous logo was a bit stale, the replacement hasn't been met with a lot of joy. We look into why this may be the case below.

    Unpopular New Promotional Logo

    Kickstarter is a patronage platform which allows the public to participate in funding creative projects, The group had been looking at a debuting a refined new look this week, but thus far the response to the new logo and website scheme has been mediocre at best. 2017 has seen some fantastic

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  8. 4 Household Items With Surprising Functions

    We've all got promotional products around the house we've used plenty of times without necessarily unlocking their true potential, or understanding exactly why they were made a certain way. Don't believe me? Check out four of the most interesting products with functions that may just surprise you.

    Promotional Products With Additional Features

    You may think we're exaggerating, but there are a lot of items around the house that you've likely bought or been given over the years that have additional functions or elements that you may not already be familiar with. Here are the four most surprising products with features that can go unnoticed.

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  9. Quirky Retro Branded Clothing Collaboration

    Trolli is well known the world over for their sweet candy treats (Gummi Bears and Sour Worms being two of their biggest success stories), but they're also keen on kooky marketing ideas. If you visit their Instagram or homepage their online presence is colourful, wild, and a perfect match for the sugary treats they sell. In their latest marketing collaboration, the brand has teamed up with surreal fashion label Mokuyobi to create promotional clothing and accessories that are out of this world!


    1. Unconventional collaborations for remarkable results.
    2. Emotional connections through nostalgia and uniqueness.
    3. Consistent branding across diverse range.


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  10. Why Do Suit Pockets Come Sewn Shut?

    We've all been at a nice clothing store, trying on a comfortable and appealing suit, we go to pop our hands in the pockets casually and... denied! While it might be a frustrating process, it turns out that there's a very good reason why suit pockets are sewn up when you buy them.

    Buying Corporate Branded Suits

    We all love buying our custom business suits with that refined, tailored look. That's where the sewn pockets come in. If people were to stretch out the pockets on these garments by placing their hands in them or similar, the overall look of the suit would distort. Rather than having that nicely tailored appearance, the suit would seem slightly stretched and potentially a bit lopsided.

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