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  1. Ideas For Beautifully Printed Mugs

    Mugs are wonderful promotional products because they can look unique using nothing more than simple branding techniques. But what if you're trying to decide how your promotional mugs should look? Never fear, we've found some existing mugs bursting with inspiration and perfect for those looking to brand their mugs in the future.


    1. Choose printing techniques for stunning designs.
    2. Use high quality images for the artwork.
    3. Design creatively to leave an impact.


    Custom Mug Design Ideas

    Funny One Colour Promotional Mug Print

    Our first example is extremely simple - just a black and white print on a budget promotional

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  2. The Future of Promotional Plastic?

    In the promotional product industry, there is a huge push to innovate how we produce plastics owing to the impact they have on the environment. One team of Dutch scientists have come up with a unique biopolymer that might well replace plastic as we know it AND help fight greenhouse gases to boot.

    Eco-Friendly Plastics for Better Products in the Future

    Eric Klarenbeek and Maartje Droshave spent over three years perfecting their algae-based biopolymer which they believe may eventually take over from regular plastics. Their goal is to produce a polymer based on the algae that could be used to create things in-store and on-demand, which would be an incredible innovation for promotional products as well as local suppliers.

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  3. Unique Christmas Rebrand for Coca-Cola

    It's that time of year again, when we eagerly await the festive season and the unique goodies it brings. For soda lovers, Coca-Cola has been a long-standing source of holiday cheer with its exclusive limited edition cans released every year. However, this year is extra special as these branded cans are not only strikingly minimalistic but also reveal some interesting Easter eggs! Join me as we unwrap what makes this unique rebrand by Coca-Cola an exciting and memorable one.

    1. Coca-Cola's holiday campaign is iconic.
    2. Consistency in branding yields results.
    3. Emotional connections creates brand loyalty.


    Noma Bar’s Unique Touch

    One of the highlights of Coca-Cola's Christmas rebrand

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  4. 7 Hilarious Christmas Design Mistakes

    It's that time of year again, where everyone is enjoying seasonal cheer and perhaps a heatwave or two (if you're in Australia, like us). There's also a massive range of Christmas products now on shelves, some of which are subject to the same design fails we've seen in corporate designs and some promotional products in the past. So strap yourselves in for some funny design mishaps that can only really happen in December.

    7) Printed Xmas Bauble Fail

    The above is a great example of what happens if you don't get experienced printers to handle your custom decoration production. Although the design itself is OK, it's

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  5. Promotional Yoyos History

    Yoyos are toys that never really go out of style. No matter your age, if you were born sometime in the past hundred years chances are you've played with one of these fun spinning playthings more than once! But who invented the original custom branded yoyos and how did these items develop into some of the most popular promotional products of all time?


    1. Promotional yoyos captivate audiences and endure.
    2. They serve as powerful marketing tools.
    3. Customisation and versatility drive success.


    Personalised Yo-Yos: Origin

    Yoyos, toys made from two disks with a looped string at the axle, have been around in some form since

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  6. Pantone Colour of the Year 2018

    It'd be hard to argue that 2017 has been anything other than a pretty rough year for the world. There's been problems across the globe, both social and environmental, as well as political divisions here and abroad. Fortunately, the people at Pantone have decided in 2018 things are going to look up for us all thanks to their imaginative and inspiring new colour of the year; Ultra Violent.

    Promotional Branding Colour for 2018

    Pantone, who is responsible for the PMS colour chart that is an essential element in branding logos on promotional products, has announced that Ultra Violent will be the innovative and inspiring colour of 2018. Citing classic counterculture icons like Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi

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  7. 5 Best Google Promotional Products

    While we're all familiar with Google as one of the biggest companies on the planet, we don't often think of them as a regular company like any other. In actuality, Google provides the same promotional products to their industry contacts, expo guests, and staff as any other corporate. Check out some of their most memorable custom Google goods below.


    1. Choose high-quality and unique items.
    2. Align with your brand messaging.
    3. Be innovative and creative.


    Google Promotional Items

    Android Promotional BBQ Sets

    Who in Australia can say they don't love a good custom BBQ set? Oddly enough Google has produced their own promotional set with a fantastic

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  8. Hilarious Custom Branded Cups

    Tea and coffee cups are the kinds of promotional drinkware most of us use every day of the week. Because we drink our favourite beverages so often, the majority of us like to have a unique or special mug to call our own be it in the office or at home. One business has taken personal branding on cups to a whole new (hilariously insulting) level.


    • Australian coffee culture provides an ideal opportunity for businesses to promote their brand through branded cups.
    • Branded cups are eco-friendly, practical and durable, making them preferred by Australians.
    • Small businesses can benefit from branded cups since they offer a cost-effective means of advertising.

    Personalised Promotional Tea Cups

    Miss Havisham's Curiosities

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  9. Promotional Snapback Cap History

    When it comes to promotional headwear, it might not come as a surprise to learn that our extensive range of custom baseball caps is some of the most popular products on our website. But the baseball cap's cousin, the snapback, is easily a close runner-up. What makes the promotional snapback such a unique product? Well, it's all about the style...


    1. Snapbacks are popular in street fashion.
    2. Logo decoration on various parts.
    3. Consider them events and advertising.


    Baseball Cap and Snapback: Difference

    Logo decorated baseball caps were the original cap style, designed with a curved peak to keep the sun out of baseball players' eyes during the 1800's. Often these caps would be fitted to a player's

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  10. How Does Promotional Hand Sanitiser Work?

    Most of us like to keep a tube in our bags or a container on our desks in the office, but have you ever actually stopped to wonder how promotional hand sanitisers work? While it's fairly common knowledge that these hand cleaners contain alcohol, what else makes them effective and how can we best utilise them?

    Custom Branded Hand Sanitisers

    Promotional hand sanitisers are frequently recommended as an alternative method to soap & water for keeping hands free of bacteria and viruses. Hand sanitiser liquids and gels are so good at removing nasty bugs that they're used not only in clinical settings by doctors and nurses; they're kept in handbags and backpacks around the world.

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