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2017 Logies Promotional Gift Bags

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As stockists of promotional products perfect for use in gift bags, we're always thrilled to see what's hot in tip-on items for large-scale events such as the Oscars or the Grammys. So when the contents of this year's Logie award gift bags were spilled, we were excited to see what Australian celebs would be enjoying this April.

2017 Logies Promotional Gift Bags Gift Bags 2017 Logies Promotional Gift Bags Chocolate

Exciting Custom Gifts for Award Recipients

A tradition of the Logies ceremony, and indeed for countless other award ceremonies, is a special bag of promotional gifts for award nominees. Many years ago the Logies gift bags were worth often up to $10,000 each but in recent years the overall value has come down to rest somewhere between $4,000 and $5,000 for each bag. This means a lot of the internal content is now quite similar to what you or I may receive as gifts or awards for a job well done. Included this year are items such as:

2017 Logies Promotional Gift Bags Power Banks 2017 Logies Promotional Gift Bags Holiday

While we can't all get free Bali holidays and resort vouchers, many of the other items in this year's bag are extremely practical for organisations to get together on their own. Power banks, chocolate and cufflinks are great items that can be custom produced for any event (just ask our sales team!) but they're also useful to people from all backgrounds, celebs included. So when you're planning your next marketing event, perhaps take some inspiration from the fun and functional Logies gift bags of 2017. Your recipients won't be disappointed!

Gift bag contents first spotted here:

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