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  1. Logo Emblazoned T-Shirt Brings M&M's to Life

    This coming weekend will see one of the biggest sporting events on the American calendar take place; the Super Bowl. However, the advertising that takes place during the commercial breaks is right up there with the football game itself as something people keenly mark their calendars to check out. And this year M&M's are being treated to a very special 30-second ad slot.

    Promotional Campaign Featuring M&M's T-Shirts

    While we're all familiar with M&M's candy-coated chocolate from the Mars Corporation, this year's Super Bowl commercial from the company takes things a step in the weird direction with a new campaign focused on one of their cartoon confectioners ("Red") coming to life as a human -- played with gusto by legendary comic actor, Danny DeVito.

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  2. How Do Promotional Microfiber Cloths Work?

    Customised microfibre cloths have become a staple in Australian households over recent years because of their seemingly magical ability to pick up dirt and dust particles. But have you ever wondered exactly how these fabled cleaning cloths work? The answer might surprise you.

    The Science Behind Custom Microfibre Cloths

    When using a microfibre cloth the main difference, you'll notice, other than the soft texture is that you don't need water or harsh chemicals to start busting dust. Whether you're wiping down a bench or cleaning your television or phone, there's no need to use anything other than your promotional microfibre cloth. While there are circumstances that call for using cloths with water and chemical

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  3. Custom Eco-Friendly Recyclable Lollipops

    Lollipops aren't the first mainstream product that comes to mind when you think "recyclable." However, with some clever engineering, one organic confectionery business has made tasty lollipop candies that can be recycled into plants! Curious? So were we. Check out more below.


    • Amborella Organics offers promotional lollipops with organic flavors and recycled paper sticks that can be repurposed into plants.
    • The company's innovative approach highlights the importance of using recyclable products for environmental benefits.
    • Embracing sustainable practices like these can enhance a business's brand image and customer loyalty.

    Promotional Confectionery

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  4. Bright Promotional Rebrand for Brewery

    Sometimes it can be tough balancing your desire to be eye-catching with the practicality of branding promotional products. The Halo Brewery rebrand by Underline Studio shows that you can have your cake and eat it too by using smart design consistencies across both colourful and monochromatic items.

    Promotional Logo Designs in Monochrome and Colour

    The brewery in question consider themselves to be unconventional so when looking to rebrand they wanted their new look to be similarly "out there" and the design studio have obliged with an incredible range of drink labels as well as promotional products. What is interesting about these designs is that their consistent theme does not rely on constant colours (as indeed the colours used differ across all labels)

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  5. 3 Personalised Magic Mugs You'll Love

    Mugs make great promotional products because they're daily use items. Most days if you don't get up and have a cup of tea or coffee with breakfast, you'll likely have one by morning tea time. Because logo printed mugs are used so frequently, they're popular items to customise with unique designs that help reflect your personality, interests, or business. Custom designs are what make the following mugs so special!


    • Customised magic mugs create brand exposure.
    • Personalised mugs enhance customer relations.
    • Magic mugs make memorable gifts.


    Design-Changing Custom Mugs

    Promotional colour-changing

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  6. 5 Unique Promotional Bookmarks

    If you're an avid reader like me, you'll know that even with Kindles out and about, nothing beats an old school paperback for the ultimate reading experience. But the luxury of a traditional bound paper book comes with its inconveniences including having to keep track of what page you were on last! That's where these quirky and eye-catching customised bookmarks come in. Each one is perfect for keeping note of where you're up to while also complimenting your personality and interests.

    5) Customised Lamp Bookmark

    This bookmark is colourful and fun, with the marker tip in the shape of a desk lamp. The glow of the light is a form of transparent plastic that serves as the marking strip. Insert yellow strip in between the pages you'd like to mark, and off you go. We could

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  7. Stylish Corporate Rebrand for Restaurant

    When your brand is simple and your business a combination of old and new worlds, how do you rebrand in a way that manages to appeal to the masses? Agency lg2 in Montreal managed to create a promotional rebranding for Taverne Louise in a manner that honours the old while still making the restaurant look modern and inviting.

    Promotional Products With Modern Branding

    The Tavern Louise is named for Queen Victoria's daughter, Viceregal Consort to Canada who still evokes fond memories among those living in the Montreal area. The business wanted to hold onto this old world charm while still attracting modern clientele. The new logo and promotional merchandise accomplish this by focusing on a simplified geometric version of Louise's coat of arms repeated beautifully (along with

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