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  1. Top Funniest Printed Coffee Cups

    Promotional coffee mugs are an office and home staple that allow you to express yourself while tucking into a good cup of joe or a lovely fresh tea. Some of our favourite mugs we've seen over the years in this industry are the ones that give us a good laugh. To spread the smiles, we're sharing some of our faves from around the web for you to check out and get inspired by.

    Mugs with Funny Messages

    Printed Mug for the Short Person in Your Office

    Mushu from Disney's Mulan is quoted here in a funny little inspirational mug for any vertically

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  2. Latest Fashion: Branded Hi-Vis Clothing

    If you've seen any fashion shows this year you might be forgiven for thinking you were at a construction site -- workwear is now the height of fashion. Whether it be comfortable slacks featuring a reflective stripe, or a fully reflective sweater akin to those you see on construction workers, logo branded hi-vis clothing is now the preferred streetwear look.


    1. Hi-vis clothing increases brand visibility.
    2. Customisation options include embroidery and screen printing.
    3. Hi-vis clothing is versatile and cost-effective.



    Doubles as Casual Wear

    2017 saw more high-end fashion labels utilising vibrant neon items inspired by the safety wear

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  3. Promotional Lip Balm: Why Needed?

    Promotional lip balms are one of the most commonly used products in the modern world. Why is lip balm so popular? Because most people have lips and even with our best efforts, they still dry out and crack occasionally. That's where lip balm comes in -- these moisturising products gently soothe sore, dry lips and are easily applied on the move. Not convinced? Read on to learn more!


    1. Customise lip balm for effective promotion.
    2. Utilise lip balm as a marketing tool.
    3. Benefit from the value lip balm offers.


    Using Customised Lip Balms

    The skin on our lips is

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  4. Logo Rebranding for the US Open Tennis

    The US Open is one of the most prestigious grand slam events on the tennis calendar. Only the best players in the world compete at the US Open, and the prize money is truly dazzling, so it's little wonder that after 20 years the event organisers decided that their logo needed some updating for the modern multimedia world.

    New Logo for Promotional Products and Marketing

    While many sporting events have updated their logos several times in the past decade, it's taken quite some time for the US Open to upgrade from their classic blazing tennis ball and serif font logo from the late 90's. In this modern rebrand, the logo designers were looking to bring the event into the

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  5. What Are Promotional Inductive Chargers?

    Promotional inductive chargers are wireless charging devices that use electromagnetic fields to transfer energy to a compatible device. They are often used as marketing tools to promote a brand or product. Wireless inductive chargers are all the rage at the moment, but because they are cutting edge technology a lot of people are unfamiliar with exactly what they do. So today we decided to look into exactly what these chargers can accomplish and why everyone suddenly wants to own one!


    1. Boost brand exposure with wireless charging.
    2. Choose quality, compatible chargers.
    3. Provide convenience and added value.


    What is Wireless Phone Charging?


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  6. Waterproof Custom Umbrellas

    It's been a bit overcast here in Sydney recently, which got us thinking -- we all know that promotional umbrellas shield us from the rain, right? Well, have you ever wondered how umbrellas are made to be waterproof? We decided to look into the science of umbrella production to find out more (it's a lot more interesting than you might think)!

    • Waterproof umbrellas shield users from rain, wind, and UV rays, ensuring comfort and protection in various weather conditions.
    • These umbrellas are durable, easy to maintain, and come in a wide range of styles and designs to suit individual preferences.
    • Businesses can leverage waterproof umbrellas as promotional items, providing recipients with a practical and long-lasting gift.


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  7. Custom Bottles for World Water Day

    The 22nd of March is World Water Day, so here at Cubic Promote, we thought we'd look at some of our most popular reusable water bottles so far in 2018. Water is an important resource and utilising quality reusable bottles is a great way to carry your water while leaving a minimal impact on the environment.


    1. Choose eco-friendly materials.
    2. Personalise water bottles for events.
    3. Encourage healthy living.

    Our Top 3 Picks

    The promotional drink bottle we sell most often would be our 750ml Screwtop Plastic Bottles because they are cost-effective, BPA-free, and made locally in Australia. People like filling these bottles with water because they're lightweight and easily printed with stylish solid

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  8. Promotional Sleep Aid Items

    Have you all been getting enough sleep? Last Friday (March 16th) was World Sleep Day, an annual event that helps to raise people's awareness of how important sleep is in our lives. Although it might seem like if we miss out on a good night's sleep, we can always catch up the next day, science tells us that once we lose these hours, they're impossible to make up! So how do we maximise our sleep in this busy day and age?


    1. Enhance sleep with personalised aids.
    2. Follow basic sleep tips for better rest.
    3. Strategically distribute sleep aids for impact.


    Custom Sleep Aid Products

    Thankfully, for those of us who struggle with getting the right number of zzz's each

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  9. Marketing Merchandise Logo Rebrand

    Logo rebranding for marketing merchandise is one of our favourite things to examine here on the Cubic Promote blog because it gives us a chance to examine inspirational corporate branding on the exact products these organisations use for marketing. In this latest rebrand, we check out the work of Ollestudio for leading Polish web portal, Onet -- a simple but effective rebrand involving only three colours.

    Promotional Products for Web Industry Leaders

    When you admire the range of promotional goodies launched with the new Onet logo from Ollestudio, it is immediately apparent that the branding is restricted to a combination of yellow, black, and white only. Using these restricted colours is a simple

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  10. World Record Promotional Fidget Spinner

    2017 saw the rise of the fidget spinner craze, which has slowly petered out over recent months. Not everyone has said goodbye to spinners though, including a group of fifty talented engineers who worked together to design a fidget spinner that would cinch a Guinness World Record.

    Customised Fidget Spinners Making History

    The team of talented engineers at Mitsubishi Precision Co. Ltd have utilised high-quality ball bearings from a fellow Japanese company, MinebeaMitsumi Inc. to make a fidget spinner that defies all preconceived notions about spinners. Elegantly designed, the promotional fidget spinner from the 50+ member team features a heavy exterior ring with a lightweight aluminium

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