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  1. The Logies 2018 Promo Gift Bags

    The Australian Logie awards are such a nostalgic event for me. Anyone remember E-Street? (I am showing my age now). The Logie awards, much like the Academy Awards, now offer promotional gift bags to guests. I figured it would be fun to take a cheeky peek into the bags, to see what crazy things are on offer to Australian T.V. personalities.


    1. Leverage the power of celebrity.
    2. Choose relevant, quality products.
    3. Maximise brand exposure cost-effectively.


    Why Promotional Gift Bags?

    Australian television celebrities, may not hold the amount of attention as other international celebrities. However, that does not mean that they cannot be as influential

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  2. McDonald's Own Branded Promotional Stylus

    Last week's National Selfie Day brought out a lot of great marketing ideas, the highlight of which we think has to come from McDonald's. Struggling to find its place in a food market focused on health rather than convenience, McDonald's has opted to double down on what put it on the map in the first place with their giveaway stylus in the shape of a french fry; The Frylus.


    Cheap and Exciting Logo Branded Giveaway Gifts

    While branded promotional stylus pens have been a thing for many years, it isn't often that one comes out with such a unique look. The Frylus not only catches your eye by looking like a McDonald's french fry, but it also has a genuinely useful function that visitors to the takeaway chain may actually appreciate;

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  3. Weird Trump Promotional Dog Products

    No matter how you feel about Donald Trump, he is undoubtedly a master of self-promotion (if absolutely nothing else). Nowhere is this more apparent than in his official merchandise store which offers keen US fans all manner of promotional products emblazoned with his "Make America Great Again" slogan. T-shirts and hats we've all seen on TV, but if you look a bit further beneath the surface there are several bizarre promotional items that Trump sells... for man's best friend!


    1. Trump taps creative promotional strategy.
    2. Dog apparel fosters community, starts conversations.
    3. Novel merchandise expands the promotional industry.


    Presidental Marketing Merchandise

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  4. Craziest Custom Flashdrives Ever

    USB flash drives are pretty notorious for coming in all manner of shapes and sizes. Over the years we've seen some pretty bizarre examples of customised thumb drives, but these new ones we've spotted recently might just be the weirdest USBs of all. Check out these kooky and crazy promotional flash drives that defy all expectations!

    Top Five Crazy Custom USB Flash Drives

    While we stock a lot of unique promotional USB flash drives here at Cubic Promote, we can't deny that there's some serious competition in the weirdness stakes from elsewhere on the web. The message in a bottle flash drive you see above is quirky, but it's not THAT strange -- don't worry, we've found five bizarre USBs

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  5. Popular Ideas for National Sunglasses Day

    Although it's the middle of winter here in Australia, that doesn't mean it's the time to slack off when it comes to shielding your eyes from the sun! Our closest star exposes us to UV rays even on cloudy days so if you're in a region that's prone to frost or one of the rare areas in Oz that gets snow, it might be a great time to consider grabbing some sunnies to protect yourself from glare.

    Why Choose Promotional Sunglasses?

    Promotional sunglasses are a wonderful gift option at any time during the year because they offer protection for the wearer's eyes from harsh UV rays generated by the sun. National Sunglasses Day celebrates these useful products and encourages people to don a pair no matter where

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  6. Who Invented the Promotional Slinky?

    The original spring toy, the Slinky, has been around since the 1940's. Whether you were a kid 50 years ago or a kid five years ago, there's no doubt you've played with a Slinky at some point in time. Admittedly, slinky is one of my childhood toys, and it's looks like the image below. But have you ever wondered who invented these neat toys, and how such a simple design has remained popular for some many years? Today the Cubic Team look into the history of the promotional slinky toy.


    1. Inventors: Richard T. James and Betty James.
    2. Versatile marketing tool for companies.
    3. Educational, engaging, and nostalgic impact.


    Slinky Origins

    The originator of the Slinky was American Naval engineer Richard

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  7. Weird World Cup 2018 Promotional Gifts

    The 2018 World Cup is taking place in Russia as I type this. Talented footballers from around the world are playing soccer to the delight of crowds both locally and via international broadcast. Being such a huge event, it's unsurprising that the World Cup has inspired some rather... unique promotional products. Today we're taking a look at some of our favourite memorable promo gifts for (and inspired by) the 2018 World Cup!


    1. Promotional products create immersive experiences.
    2. Practical gifts promote brand exposure.
    3. Promotional products are cost-effective marketing.


    Strange World Cup Marketing Merchandise

    While we're

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  8. The History of the Adidas Logo

    The Adidas 'three stripes' brand is right up there with the Nike 'swoosh' logo as being one of the most memorable in modern branding history. The three parallel stripes have been with the brand since at least 1949, which barely changed in the decades since. So why 'three stripes' for a logo and how exactly did such a unique corporate design come about? The answer might surprise you.

    How Adidas Created a Memorable Logo Brand

    Adolf Dassler started his career as a humble German cobbler, crafting shoes in his mother's laundry at the end of the First World War. A rivalry was forged early on with his brother Rudolph, founder of the Puma sports brand, and would continue until their deaths. Adolf Dassler,

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  9. How to Survive Without Plastic Shopping Bags

    By July 1st every Australian state except NSW will have a plastic bag ban in place, to ensure shoppers are no longer supplied with flimsy, single-use plastic bags that can cause terrible damage to the environment. Here in NSW even without a proper ban, all big supermarket chains (including Coles, Woolworths, and Aldi) will no longer be supplying disposable bags at the checkout, if they hadn't already. So how can you, as a shopper, survive this drastic change?

    Logo Branded Reusable Bags for Shopping

    Without free disposable bags at the checkout, we'll be left to pick from a variety of reusable bag options available instead. This means we need to bring our bags from home before shopping, but if you keep at least one handy at work or the office you can just pop it in

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  10. KFC - First Logo Visible from Space?

    Are you up on your modern branding knowledge? What about some of the great marketing campaigns launched over the past 15 years? One memorable use of logo branding that sticks in our minds here in the Cubic Promote office is KFC's 2006 decision to create a gigantic replica of their Colonel Sanders logo in Nevada.


    1. KFC created a massive logo visible from space.
    2. Readymix logo in Australia was even larger.
    3. Essential elements for effective logo branding.


    One of the Largest Logo Brands of All Time

    In 2006 KFC decided to launch a brand new, slightly hipster-esque version of their classic logo featuring company founder, Colonel Sanders. While Google Earth promotions

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