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  1. I Predict Promotional Spoons will be Popular 2019

    Who would have thought, that the promotional logo branded straws would have been the hit product of 2018? In 2019, I am prepared to make a bold prediction, that spoons custom branded with your logo or graphics of choice will be incredibly popular. Are you curious as to why? Well read on and find out!

    Eco Gifts and Straws in 2018

    Straws were the surprising product of 2018. In fact, for the first six months, the concept of a reusable straw was not even heard of. That was until a TV documentary began showing the effects of plastic straws, and how this single-use item would take decades to biodegrade in landfill. The popularity of promotional custom branded straws took

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  2. History of Levis Logo

    Is there any logo more iconic than the Levi's batwing? A brand that is so synonymous the classic American blue jeans, that you would think that the company has been rocking that same logo on the same jeans since they opened for business.

    The Two Horse Brand

    This logo was the iconic marketing for the newly opened Levi's in 1873. It was a simple concept that showed that these jeans can withstand the force of being pulled apart by horses. Getting the idea across that these jeans are so strong just from looking at the marketing actually gave them the moniker of the "Two Horse Brand".

    How To Make Your Logo Stand Out

    The logo then had to change when companies started copying the Levi's stitching pattern, so the little red tag was born.

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  3. What Fortnite Merchandise looks like

    Have you heard of the game Fortnite? If not, then quickly get yourself up to speed by doing a Google search for the word "Fortnite," the popularity of this game is epic and calling this game the cultural phenomenon of 2018 is not an understatement. So what do official merchandise look like from Fortnite?

    Publisher Made Merchandise

    The creator of the Fortnite game is by game developer Epic Games. Epic Games decided to open a merchandise store just for Fortnite recently. This game has been so immensely popular, that it makes sense for the developer to "cash-in" on merchandise. But is it as simple as making money? Definitely Not.

    By creating custom merchandise, a few (mostly good things happen)
    1) Real fans of the

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  4. Amazing Custom Tea Design from Russia

    Tea is the great equalizer, but the biggest debate is loose-leaf vs bag. Do you go for the more bold flavour of a loose leaf, and have to deal with the clean up? Or do you go with the less rounded tea bag, that you just throw in the bin, easy as? Well Russian design team Openmint Studio has teamed up with TeaBayGlobal to design the solution to this age old debate.


    1. Personalise tea bags for branding.
    2. Add fun elements into promotions.
    3. Cater to varying preferences.


    Unique Logo Branded Packaging

    The tea for two is a simple packaging design flip, wherein you can have both your loose leaf tea, and your tea bags- so you can decide what you want, when you

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  5. 4 Must-Have Promotional Products for 2019

    As 2018 draws to a close, it's time to start considering marketing campaigns and branding options for the new year. We've had a look through our latest catalogue to compile a list of 4 promotional products that we're sure Aussies consumers won't be able to do without in the next twelve months. Check them out below and use them as inspiration for goodies at your 2019 event!

    4) Branded Thermal Logo Bottles

    Whether it's rain or shine you can be sure our Bulk

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  6. 10 Creative Uses for Personalised Notebooks

    When it comes to our range of branded business products, logo decorated notebooks are easily our top sellers. It's not hard to see why - notebooks are useful for all kinds of industries, they're flat and provide a large area for branding, and our latest digital decoration methods mean vibrant photo-style colour is now possible. However, you can only use them as notebooks, right? Wrong! Today we're checking out some of the unique uses we've heard of for personalised notebooks.

    10) Personal Bullet Journals

    Looking to form positive habits in the new year? Why not try using one of our bulk branded notebooks as a bullet

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  7. Rebrand Using Effective Promotional Products

    If you are looking to rebrand your company or even your look, sometimes taking a bold step forward can be risky, but when it pays off- wow does it pay off. Using simple design elements in an innovative combination can be an absolute marketing gold mine.


    1. Choose bold and risky products.
    2. Use colour and diverse merchandise.
    3. Promote with confidence and style.


    Effective Promotional Product Selection

    Take a Risk With Promotional Products

    Collaboration can often times spell disaster for creative pursuits, but when you find that right mix of talents and personalities, the whole is often greater than the sum of its

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  8. Custom Bottles of Wine with a Book?

    There are few greater pleasures in life than a good book and a fine bottle of vino, but the geniuses from Matteo Correggia Winery and Reverse Innovation have been able to combine these two joys into the one product. That's right, a promotional wine that comes complete with a book, which is sure to delight fans of reading and drinking both.

    Quality Wine With Promotional Labels

    This invention has been dubbed Librottiglia, which is a portmanteau of the words Book and Bottle in Italian.  Each bottle has a short tale on the characteristics of each bottle of wine to give a better understanding of the product to Sommeliers and the casual goon drinkers alike. This is not only a useful custom product in and of itself; it makes for a

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  9. Pantone 2019 Colour of the Year

    Pantone! This incredible company that is known best for it's Pantone Matching System that is used in all manners of paints and printing throughout the world- even we print our pad and screen printing. Pantone has announced the 2019 colour of the year, and I think we'll all agree; it is gorgeous.

    Print Using Promotional Pantone Colours

    Living Coral 16-1546 is a soft and not so pinkish orange colour that has been showing up everywhere in advertising lately from Air Bnb to Apple. Many big name companies have been turning to this shade of coral for their advertising needs, and it is no surprise! The use of colour can dramatically affect

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  10. Chinese New Year Promotion Must-Haves

    Maybe you're not a last-minute kind of person. Perhaps you're the very opposite, an organised person who likes to confirm their event merchandise well in advance. If that sounds like you (or a member of your team) then you'll definitely want to hear about our range of promotional products you can order in advance for Lunar (or Chinese) New Year, 2019!


    1. Order promotions early for Lunar New Year.
    2. Connect culturally and build trust.
    3. Showcase creativity with unique gifts.


    Who Recognises Lunar New Year?

    As Australia's connections with Asian business and culture continue to deepen, celebrations of events such as Lunar New Year (often referred to as Chinese New

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