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  1. 2019's Top Eco-Friendly Branded Products

    Reflecting on the promotional products we've sold over January one thing is clear; Australians are making the switch to promotional eco-friendly products in record numbers. Don't be the last organisation to embrace this positive change, check out our best-selling products that make a minimal impact on the environment. Your recipients and the planet will thank you for it!


    1. Go eco for brand promotion.
    2. Best picks: calico bags, recycled notebooks, metal straws.
    3. Factor in materials, purpose, design, customisation.


    Promotional Products For The Environment

    Think eco-friendly products are daggy? Think again! It's becoming increasingly hip and stylish to use recycled, upcycled, and environmentally

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  2. Case study: Pepsi Custom Branded Merchandise

    They don't have Chips Ahoy in Australia last time I checked. However, that does not stop me from admiring their unique merchandise from afar! The range of promotional items on offer from Chips Ahoy cookies in 2019 is rather impressive. These items are quite beautiful. The graphics and designs look so effortless. What is really impressive is that they do minimalist designs without looking like they're trying. The look is loud and beautiful, perfect for attracting attention.


    Promotional products are great for adding fun and excitement

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  3. Pens for National Handwriting Day

    Guess which type of product still outsells any other category of products by a considerable margin? The answer is ballpoint pens. Yes, it is true that everyone has a touchscreen mobile device, but the pure art of writing is becoming more and more popular. If you are running an organisation, promotional pens are as relevant as ever before.


    1. Promotional pens enhance brand visibility.
    2. Eco-friendly pens support sustainability efforts.
    3. Personalise your marketing with promotional pens.


    National Handwriting Day

    Officially yesterday on the 23rd of January,

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  4. KFC's Unique Promotional Candles

    Custom candles are a gift that is steadily growing in popularity for marketing campaigns and events. Available in a variety of colours and aromas, customised candles are even starting to make an impact in the corporate world as personalised items ideal for company events, office celebrations, and just general "feel-good" gifts. Takeaway giant KFC has taken this new interest in candles to a different level, however, and you're going to want to see their unique take on the modern promotional candle.





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  5. Which Promotional Cheeseboard To Buy?

    Yesterday on the 20th of January 2019 was a day officially known as National Cheese Day. I love cheese. If something does not taste good, add cheese I always say! Melted cheese is my favourite, but cheese straight off platters or cheese boards are definitely treats I won't say no to. So what is the best way to serve cheese? The answer is on one of our beautiful promotional cheese boards.

    Cheese Day January 20th!

    Officially the 20th of January (i.e. the Sunday that has just passed us by), is National Cheese Lovers Day. The celebration of The National Day of Cheese is by eating cheese and sharing your cheesy snack via social media with the hashtag #CheeseLoversDay.

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  6. Case Study Ben & Jerrys Merchandise

    The Ice Cream brand, Ben & Jerry's needs little to no introduction. I thought I take a fun look at how this delicious ice cream brand utilises products and merchandise in its promotional and marketing efforts. Little did I realise that this fun brand is responsible for some of the most outrageously amusing promotional gifts that I have ever seen.

    Brief History of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is one of the most popular

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  7. Customised Mister Bottles on Sale Now

    If you've been struggling in this week's outrageous Aussie heat, we have a monthly special that you'll be interested in. For January only our 600ml Water Bottles with Mister attachment are available at a fantastic 10% off standard pricing. Why should you invest in these bottles? Well, aside from the amazing price, there are actually some great reasons.


    1. Stay cool with promotional mister bottles.
    2. Versatile applications for branded bottles.
    3. Customise your merchandise with us.


    Promotional Water Bottle Misters: Benefits

    How good are these promotional

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  8. 3 Promotional Product Heatwave Essentials

    If you've glanced at the headlines here in Australia this week, you'll know we're in for an intense heatwave across the country. With temperatures hitting the mid-forties and potentially higher in some regional areas, this is the perfect time to look at affordable product solutions to help promote well-being during these difficult peak summer days -- and of course your organisation (be it charity, school, business, event, or community group).

    Best Promotional Products to Beat the Heat

    During sweltering summer days it's important for us all to stay hydrated, cool, and to keep an eye on others. But what items are available to help make that easier if you're running a large-scale event, or catering to the needs of an Aussie client base? Well, there are 3 popular promotional products we will always recommend when the mercury hits seasonal highs, and they are;


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  9. History of Custom Printed Rubber Ducks

    Rubber ducks never go out of fashion. We have all heard of the term "comfort food," but a rubber duck is definitely what I will refer to as a "comfort toy," Everyone is familiar with them it is more than likely that your childhood included one of these rubber-made ducks. Let me take you on a journey to explore the history of Rubber Ducks, and why you need promotional animal stress toys for your next event.

    Where Rubber Ducks Came From

    As history goes, rubber ducks first appeared during the 1850s. You see around that time, rubber as a raw material to create products began to become famous. Amongst the first uses of rubber was to create toy animals, of all the different toy animals, the humble duck was the first to swim away

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  10. Branding Logos without Text - Mastercard

    Increasingly we have been fielding requests for promotional merchandise to be branded with no text. In the past, this would have surprised us. Today in 2019? Not so much. There are now so many multi-national brands and organisations that are so familiar, that they need no introduction and need no text. The new Mastercard logo is the latest company to dispense with letters entirely.

    Brands That have No Text

    There is an increasing trend of brands

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