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  1. Custom Branding with Bauhaus Font

    Hey Charles, may you recommend me a font to brand with that will make my event look good? Invariably, my reply would be "go with Bauhaus font" Why? Because, this font seems so retro, modern, clear, and simply stylish. This year celebrates the 100th anniversary year that this font has been around.

    Where Can I See Bauhaus?

    Everywhere, there are many editorials and advertisements both online and offline that use this font without you possibly even knowing. If you want to see it in action and use it yourself via Microsoft word or excel, if it does not default there, then download the font (its everywhere on the internet).

    History of this Font

    The history of the Bauhaus font began in 1919. A man by the name of Walter Gropius started an art project to connect art, industry, architecture and geometry. The Bauhaus font with its unique lines, balance, and structure as we know it today was thus formed.

    Importance of Using The Right Font in Custom Branding

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  2. Promoting Your Brand Like Nissan

    If you're new to promoting your business or are simply struggling for some inspiration for your next campaign, one of the tips we like to recommend is to look at what has been successful for other brands in the past. Nissan, for example, has a consistent range of stylish branded merchandise that they make available to fans of their cars. If you have a business keen to build a reputation, this might be a great method for boosting your visibility in the market.


    1. Offer high-quality branded merchandise consistently.
    2. Stay on top of promotional trends.
    3. Attract and maintain a loyal fanbase.


    Promotional Products to Advertise Your Business


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  3. Branded Merchandise Ideas for Unplugging Day

    The 8th of March in a few weeks is officially the National Day of Unplugging. What happens during this day? On this day we celebrate switching off (or unplugging), computer devices. This includes social media, tablets, phones, and computers. It sounds like a great idea doesn't it?


    1. Unplug and engage offline activities.
    2. Celebrate Unplugging Day with toys.
    3. Choose indoor and outdoor options.


    Unplugging Yourself From The Online World

    You know how it feels like we're constantly glued to our screens? I mean, we're surrounded by gadgets 24/7 -- smartphones, laptops, tablets -- you name it. But what if I told you that there are actually so many benefits to going out and

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  4. 2019 Oscar Awards Swag Bag

    The Oscar awards are the pinnacle gifting swag bag in my industry (FYI: Swag, is what Americans call show bags. I prefer the Aussie term of show bags.) I love going through the what-is-in-it list every year because they have some incredible promotional items.

    No Less Than 10 Gift Locations

    What is incredible to me, is quite ordinary in America. This year there is no less than 10 locations that offer free gifting. Just turn up to those locations and free stuff. Pretty good right? All this free stuff occurs in the weeks and days leading up to the actual Hollywood award night.

    Well, it is not quite that easy. The free stuff is only given out to people who have an invite. So I imagine there is a list floating around for event organisers filled with A, B, and C class celebrities.

    Why Give out Free Stuff

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  5. Pizza Hut Swag (or Promotional items in Oz)

    Please pardon me, but I could not resist but use the American slang term for promotional items in the title. The word Swag is simply too amusing to me! Today I want to share with your a merchandising effort, done by Pizza Hut. Admittedly this was done a few years ago, but the creativity and awesomeness are undeniably timeless.

    Merchandise Custom Apparel You Want to Wear

    Merchandising and custom branding onto products can be tricky sometimes. Having your merchandise too outrageous (especially when it comes to apparel), and no one will want to wear it. On the other hand, having bland and boring designs may also mean that no one would like to wear them too. So how do you strike a balance? There is no definitive answer, but I can tell you that this effort by Pizza Hut is successful in finding that balance.

    Personalised Apparel by Pizza Hut

    Back in late 2015 and into 2016 Pizza Hut released a range of merchandise in America (I really wish they did this in

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  6. Next Level Personalised Bags

    Personalising your own bag for yourself, or using promotional bags customised with an organisations logo, is rather standard stuff nowadays. Branding on bags tends to be quite standardised. We should know, as we are responsible for personalising hundreds of bags each day. This effort by Mercedes Benz however, takes custom branding to a whole other level. We thought we'd share this unique corporate branded bag promotion just to show you how unique a humble branded bag can be!


    1. Personalise bags creatively for impact.
    2. Unconventional branding sets your bags apart.
    3. Unique bags generate buzz and recognition.

    How Bags are Personalised

    Virtually all bags, (cheap, or expensive) carry a brand name, brand tag or design which is personalised using any one (or several), of the branding methods listed below:

    • Embroidery
    • Screen printing
    • Badging
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  7. Dutch Promotional Products from Dominos

    We've discussed unique marketing merchandise by the Domino's pizza chain on this blog several times in the past (remember the branded pizza car?), but we've only recently become aware of just how keen on branded goods the chain is in The Netherlands. It turns out that the Dutch love some pizza-themed goodies.

    Dutch Delights: Domino's Pizza's Ingenious Promotional Products

    Domino's Pizza, known worldwide for its delicious pies and efficient delivery service, has mastered the art of engaging customers with creative promotional campaigns. Domino's Pizza is taking the Netherlands by storm with the introduction of Dutch-themed promotional products. This creative campaign combines national pride with pizza love, featuring ingenious items like keyrings, notebooks and t-shirts.


    Embracing the unique Dutch culture, Domino's captures customers' hearts with these one-of-a-kind products. Get ready for a delightful fusion of taste and tradition,

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  8. Australian Custom Microfibre Cloths

    Microfibre cloths are some of the most popular items we sell these days, owing primarily to just how many screens we have in our lives in need of a good clean. They're also very easy items to personalise in full colour, as the sublimation process means we can decorate all over one whole side of the cloth. But would it surprise you to learn that our most popular phone cloths are decorated right here in Australia?

    Locally Produced Promotional Cloths

    While it is cheap and easy to produce microfibre cloths overseas, to get truly high-quality, refined 200gsm microfibre cloths cut perfectly and branded digitally you need to look at local options. Our Melbourne-based factory produces durable and appealing promotional

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  9. Promotional Products for Mardi Gras 2019

    It's one of the biggest events on the Sydney calendar and the 2019 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is shaping up to be huge! Mardi Gras is a great opportunity for organisations to promote their programs for the queer community as well as celebrate the joys of living in such a free and lively city - and Cubic Promote has the best range of promotional products to make it happen!

    Tips on Choosing the Best Promotional Product

    Identify Your Target Audience

    When choosing a promotional product, it’s important to consider who your target audience is. This could include people of different genders, ages, and backgrounds who attend Mardi Gras events with unique interests whilst seeking representations of their diversity.


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  10. The Best Products for a Perfect Picnic

    The summer temperatures are a little milder, but the beautiful rays of sun are still around, which means it's great weather for a picnic! It can be hard to find the time to relax and enjoy a picnic, so you absolutely want to get it done right. Our tip for hosting a successful picnic? Make sure you have the right personalised picnic gear for the job.


    1. Choose personalised gear for a perfect picnic.
    2. Enhance your picnic with promotional goodies.
    3. Prioritise quality and durability for long-term use.


    Promotional Picnic Gear Ideas

    So how do you best select picnic gear for your exciting outdoor event? It's essential to consider the following: A) What you'd like to do on your picnic,

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