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  1. A-Z of Promotional Wireless Chargers

    Wireless charging is a convenient way to add electricity to your mobile devices. Using wireless chargers is becoming so popular, that it is fast becoming one of our fastest growing category of promotional items. What are the advantages or disadvantages of wireless charging? Read on, and find answers to every single question you ever had about the A-z of wireless charging.

    What is Qi Charging?

    Qi, charging is the name of the technology behind wireless chargers. Both terms are used interchangeably. The Qi wireless charging technology enables your smartphone (and in some instances, tablets) to charge wirelessly. Just place your phone onto a Qi charging surface, and battery charging will happen automatically.


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  2. Unexpectedly Cool, Logo Merchandise

    Defining and creating something that is considered cool, is incredibly difficult. You may try really hard, but that doesn't make something cool. For example, Promotional products can be fresh, but not many businesses can achieve this. So it is somewhat delightful, that I came across this range of exciting custom branded merchandise by, of all places, the United States Postal Service.


    1. USPS uses creativity to connect with customers.
    2. Custom designs make branding memorable.
    3. Collaborations create unexpected coolness.


    The US Postal Service Does Marketing

    What makes the modern US Postal service's approach to marketing so unique is how dedicated they are to getting

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  3. Custom USBs for World Backup Day

    In our data-filled modern world, it's easy to lose track of when we last backed up our important work and home documents. World Backup Day, on March 31st each year is that annual reminder we all need to keep additional copies of our data, so we never lose anything again. But what about your staff and clients, do they have all their backups in order? Here are our tips for ensuring everyone you know has their data backed up and accessible!

    Promotional Memory Keys for Easy Backup

    Promotional USB drives are a

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  4. How Does Hand Sanitiser Work?

    Superbugs, antibiotic resistance, serious infections, that's what is in store this cold season this year in Australia. I'm being dramatic here of course. It is not that scary. Regardless, it does make sense to take good care of yourself through the use of promotional branded hand sanitisers. How do they work though? Are they genuinely effective in killing germs?

    How Do Promotional Hand Sanitisers Work?

    Hand sanitisers work by killing bacteria cells. The bacteria cells are directly killed by isopropanol alcohol, which is a unique concentrated type of alcohol for rubbing onto skin. This alcohol is extremely useful in killing germ cells. It actually has a 100% kill rate for most infections. Why most? Well, there are some rare types of viruses that cannot be killed with hand sanitisers.

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  5. Who Invented Promotional Tile Sliding Puzzles?

    Before people turned to video games for entertainment, people turned to puzzles. There are all types of puzzles, big ones, small ones and one of the most popular puzzles available was the sliding puzzle game. Today the sliding puzzle game is still as popular as ever though. Who invented the puzzle, how did the original version differ to modern interpretations, and how do promotional puzzles work as branded merchandise? Today on the Cubic Promote blog we'll look into all of these!


    1. Custom puzzles for brand exposure.
    2. Unique and memorable marketing tool.
    3. Versatile canvas for advertising needs.

    What is a Sliding Puzzle?


    The Sliding puzzle is a game that features a playing surface (or a board), that hosts an array of slidable tiles placed deeply into the puzzle frame to allow

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  6. 3 Promotional Swag Ideas People Want

    It can be a struggle to settle on the promotional swag you'd like to hand out to your recipients. Whether you're launching a marketing campaign, hosting a conference, or simply looking for employee gifts, with the huge range available it can be hard to know what custom items people want to receive. We've put together a list of 3 swag ideas that recipients want so you can be sure your bulk range of goodies gets all the attention it deserves.


    3) Branded Phone Mount for Cars

    Car phone holders are an excellent practical solution that can be utilized daily. They securely hold phones within easy reach while driving, making them a popular choice for individuals of all ages. Also, they come in a plethora of styles and

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  7. Pens and Pencils for Scribble Day

    Kids in the world rejoice. A national day for scribbling officially exists. Sadly this national day is in America only, but I see no reason, why us Australians cannot get on with the fun of scribbling. Scribbling is essential, it may use a lot of ink, and definitely a lot of graphite in pencils, but I believe scribbling is well worth the time and effort.


    1. Celebrate creativity with Scribble Day.
    2. Boost branding through promotional tools.
    3. Inspire artists with scribble-related activities.


    Scribbling is Art

    In artistic circles, scribbling may be considered as art. In fact, there are more than a few artists, whose random colours and thoughts are expressed through

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  8. Promotional Products for World Book Day

    I love reading books. Books have been a daily part of my life for longer than I can remember. So it is with fantastic joy, that I realized that there is a day dedicated to the humble book. The event day is a good idea, and I figured it is a great time to share some of the excellent promotional products, made just for book lovers like me.


    1. Enhance reading with promotional products.
    2. Use products to promote literacy.
    3. Customisable products show support.


    What is World Book Day?

    World Book Day is used to recognise and celebrate the achievements of authors and artists who contribute to books. Fiction, non-fiction, it matters little what is essential that people read.

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  9. Frye Festival Merchandise Worth $$

    Many may have heard about the Frye Festival. For those who don't know, it was a big event, that promised rapper Ja Rule, a lot of luxury, a location in the Bahamas, a huge party, and tickets that cost thousands of dollars. The event was a big bust and garnered a lot of media attention. The event may have ridiculed, but the promotional merchandise is now highly sorted after.

    What is the Frye Festival

    The Frye festival was supposed to be a luxurious music festival party in the Bamahas. It cost thousands of dollars per ticket. The actual event itself was a disappointment, and instead of luxury food and accommodation, eventgoers reported tents and sub-par food. This event garnered a lot of media attention, and subsequently, even documentaries were made about it.

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  10. New Season Promotional Drinkware

    In need of a bit of a change, or perhaps your office drinkware could use a bit of an upgrade? You're in luck because our new range of custom branded romotional drinkware which will raise the bar for custom cups as marketing merchandise. Check some of our staff faves below.

    1. Customise cups to reinforce your brand.
    2. Embrace eco-friendly cups for sustainability.
    3. Make a lasting impression with personalised drinkware.

    Types of Promotional Cups

    Reusable Cups Made of Rice Husk

    Want an eco-friendly product that looks the part but doesn't compromise on functionality? You'll love our Nairn Rice Husk Eco Reusable Cups. Made from 50% recycled rice husk, these cups come in a standard 350ml size

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