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  1. Promotional Products for Work Health and Safety

    Work should not put anyone at risk of harm or injury. On the 28th of April (last Saturday), it was officially the world day for recognising the need for a safe and healthy work environment. Not only is there a human toll, but a financial toll of 4-6% of GDP in any given country attributed solely to unsafe work conditions. To recognise this day, we have discounted a range of safety promotional items to promote a safe working environment.

    Work Place Injury

    Did you know that disease is the most significant contributor to work-related deaths? This may come as a surprise for some of us, but it goes to show how vital it is for employers and employees alike to take measures in ensuring proper hygiene protocols are observed at all times.

    Physical accidents also remain

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  2. Guns N’ Roses Mother's Day Merchandise

    When you think of unique personalised gifts for your mother, you probably don't think of hard rock bands from the early '90s, but it seems as if Guns N' Roses are shattering this image by releasing their very own range of logo-branded band gear just in time for mum's special day.

    Promotional Gifts for Music Fans

    When you think about it, this new range of merchandise from the Gunners makes sense; a lot of women who grew up loving the band are now mothers and (gasp) grandmothers, so there's a market there that would be keen to embrace some promotional t-shirts and band gear aimed just at them.

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  3. Top Tips for Cold Weather Lip Care

    Our lips are exposed to the elements, so it doesn't take much for them to chap be it rain, hail, or shine. However, with the cool, dry air in Autumn and Winter lips tend to dry out more quickly than usual. To help combat this, we've put together some of our best advice for keeping your lips looking stunning no matter how cool it is outside.

    Invest in a Quality Promotional Lip Balm

    The go-to method for keeping your lips in good condition is a promotional lip balm, but make sure you're not just buying into the hype of yummy flavours and bright colours. Your ideal lip balm should come with an SPF rating of at least 15+ to help protect your lips from UV rays (which

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  4. Bulk Branded Products for Flu Season

    While various strains of flu are active throughout the year, between April-October in Australia, the "flu season" is considered to be at its peak. Nobody wants to end up battling the flu, and certainly, no business or organisation wants to have their staff off sick. We've put together some helpful promotional products that are perfect for events or campaigns run during flu season. You'll be able to promote your brand and your recipients' wellbeing at the same time!


    1. Utilise promotional products for health.
    2. Prepare businesses for flu season.
    3. Build a flu-resistant workplace.


    Promotional Products for Flu Season

    Promotional Pocket Tissues

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  5. Build Trust Using Promotional Products

    Perhaps now with the prevalence of the Internet, it is more important than ever to foster trust in our stakeholder relationships. Whether it's with your staff, your shareholders, or your clients, trust goes a long way to building your business in both size and standing. So how do you use promotional merchandise to build trust? We've put together a short guide to get you started.


    1. Provide useful and personalised products.
    2. Personalisation enhances trust and brand recall.
    3. Promotional products build trust in relationships.


    Trust-Building Through Promo Items: How?

    Know Your Recipient

    The most important factor in using promotional products to market your brand

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  6. How to Care for Promotional T-Shirts

    We've all probably worn hundreds of t-shirts in our lifetimes, but did you know there are certain recommended care techniques that our print team recommends to help give your logo-branded t-shirt the longest, most vibrant life possible? It's true! If you follow our simple after-purchase guide, your next round of promotional tees will look mint for years to come.

    Understand fabric type for appropriate care.

    Implement a care regimen, avoid high heat.

    Boost appearance through storage and use.

    Custom T-Shirt Care Tips

    Everyone wants to get the most out of the customised clothing, whether it is a t-shirt or a pair of slacks, but to ensure your outfits look as good as possible for as long as possible, you'll need to follow our guidance

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  7. Personalised Gifts for National Jelly Bean Day

    Easter is without a doubt the event in April this year gaining the most attention, but did you know that Easter Monday (April 22nd) also doubles as National Jelly Bean Day in the US? It's true! Custom jelly beans don't get as much interest as chocolate this time of year, but their national day should help change that.

    Why Promotional Jelly Beans?

    Promotional jelly beans are popular sugary confections often used as gifts or marketing items because;

    • They're available in all sorts of exciting colours
    • A variety of flavours are available for all tastes
    • Low allergen rates mean most people can consume them
    • Their
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  8. Clothing Made from Branded Products

    What happens to promotional products emblazoned with some of the world's most famous logos when they've served their original purpose? They usually end up in the bin or recycled if they're made from eco-friendly material, but have you ever heard of them being upcycled? Nicole McLaughlin is a designer who likes to take classic branded items and turn them into unique custom wearables that are as eye-catching as they are bizarre.

    Nicole McLaughlin is a

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  9. Who Invented Promotional Bubble Blowers?

    We've all seen kids playing with soap bubble blowers over the years. These inexpensive, fun toys can keep children entertained for hours which is why they're popular party favours and event gifts. But have you ever wondered who invented these toys and how they became synonymous with marketing merchandise? Today we're checking out the history of bubble blowers, one of our most popular promotional toys!

    How Long Have Soap Bubbles Been Around?

    Bubble-blowing has been found ancient art and stories, including on vases and paintings in the Louvre. This indicates that the entertaining art of blowing bubbles has been a hobby for a large portion of human history.

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  10. Retro Mug Collaboration from Disney & Starbucks

    Disney and Starbucks have just collaborated to release six mugs reflecting six renowned Disney theme parks, capturing the essence and attraction of each venue in prized memorabilia. These mugs offer a unique way of bringing joy to past adventures and travelling back in time to those famous Disney theme parks.


    1. Collaborative mugs promote brand exposure.
    2. Personalised mugs make memorable gifts.
    3. Customisation enhances brand visibility.


    Ceramic Mugs With Custom Decoration

    At Cubic Promote, we’ve always had this idea of immortalising brands or logos through promotional

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