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  1. Materials Used to Create Promotional Caps

    Considering purchasing promotional caps for your event, organisation or sports team? Then you need to read this. There is no such thing as standard cap today. Caps come in all shapes and sizes. Modern caps feature subtle differences through the use of different materials to create unique caps, that appeal to different markets and wearers. Find out all the different types of promotional caps available in this article.


    1. Explore different materials for unique caps.
    2. Choose the right material for branding.
    3. Consider embroidery, screen printing, or digital printing.


    Custom Caps: Types and Materials

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  2. National Yo-Yo Day

    The most popular retro promotional toy of them all has to be the ever-popular yo-yo. The popularity of yo-yo's may come and go over the years. What is not disputed is that yo yo's are merely fun. Whether they are in fashion or not, a yo-yo is an entertaining device for novices and professionals alike.

    The National Day for Yo-Yos

    Each year on 6th of June is designated the official national day for yo-yos. If you got yo-yo skills, then that is the day to dust off your yo-yo, (or purchase yourself a brand new yo-yo) and show off your abilities. Personally, I can do most of the basic tricks quite well. Walking the dog is easy. Around the world? No sweat. Not to show off, but I can easily pull off six other tricks.

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  3. NBA Finals Printed Merchandise

    The NBA finals between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors is underway. In Australia, there has been a tremendous amount of interest. Other than the action on the court, another game is played out. This game is the battle between who has the best promotional merchandise. Check out what is being offered, and decide who you think has the best merch.

    The final best of 7 game series will begin in a few days. Fans of either the Toronto Raptors or the Golden State Warriors, are offered the chance to show their support through official licensed promotional gear. The most popular of these finals equipment has to be apparel.

    The Warriors Fan Merchandise

    The Golden

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  4. 2019 Pantone Promotional Merchandise

    For those who do not already know, Pantone is the world's language when it comes to describing colour. If you need to specify a colour to someone, simply ask them to refer to a particular Pantone code. It is with much amusement that Pantone also has released their own range of promotional merchandise.


    1. Pantone offers trendy colours on merchandise.
    2. Boost brand awareness with eye-catching products.
    3. Consistent colour identity for businesses.



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  5. BMW Mini 60th Anniversary Branded Gifts

    BMW's classic MINI cars have been around for 6o years, can you believe it? With their distinctive small stature and retro shape, MINIs are among the most recognisable cars on the planet, and now BMW is celebrating them in an eye-catching assortment of branded merchandise!


    Over the years, BMW has produced many revolutionary automotive technologies such as all-

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  6. National Sunscreen Day Branded Merchandise

    May 24th is National Sunscreen Day in the US as the Northern Hemisphere is heading towards its summer months. Here in Australia, we're on the cusp of winter, but given the national temperature averages this month, it doesn't seem like we're going to be free from the hot sun for a while. So why not take a leaf from America's book and celebrate sun safety?

    Promotional Sun Safety Products

    Sunscreen or sunblock is a cream or lotion that you rub into your skin to help protect it from dangerous UV rays (which can cause cancer). Sunscreen is of particular importance in Australia due to our warm weather and depleted ozone levels at the south pole, which is why it is a highly attractive promotional product for large-scale events Down Under.

    Our Most Popular Custom Sunscreen

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  7. Buy Promotional Harmonicas for Music Day

    I love music, but sadly, I have zero talent for making it. I can, however, make noise, though. The best instrument to make noise that resembles some tune in my experience is the Harmonica. This is why I think promotional items like harmonicas should be handed out in schools, for people who are just like me.

    National Instrument Day

    Yesterday on the 22nd of May, an exciting and obscure day passed us by. IT was the National Buy a Musical Instrument Day in America. Such a day, though it would be relevant in any country, including Australia.

    So what happens on this day? Well, as the name suggests, you buy a musical instrument. That's it! Also, share your purchase on social media.

    Know that instruments are simply a means

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  8. Emoji Branded Custom Chocolate Bars

    Hershey's chocolates are only just starting to make appearances on Australian shelves, but in the US Hershey's is the common chocolate of choice for those wanting to share a yummy treat with friends. Hershey's is so synonymous with chocolate they haven't actually changed the standard bar decoration in the 125 years they've been in business.


    Well, until now that is! When it comes to delighting taste buds, Hershey's chocolates have long been a beloved classic. Now, the iconic confectionery company is taking personalisation to a new level by introducing its Emoji Branded Custom Chocolate Bars.

    Promotional Rebrand for Famous Chocolates

    So why the new version of Hershey's best-selling chocolate bar? Well, the company wanted to reinvigorate

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  9. Pokemon Promotional Tee Shirt Comp

    The winner of an annual competition for the best tee shirt design will now be featured inside the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Switch Video Game. With a global audience and passionate fans, literally, millions of people will see this tee shirt design. Nifty work!! Each year a global competition is conducted to see who can come up with the best tee shirt design. Each year sees a new theme. In the past, topics have ranged from Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel. So there is plenty of material for inspiration. This year the idea was Pokemon. Pokemon is enjoying a resurgence en masse. The lucky winner with the best design went to Li Wen Pei with a design featuring the less well-known Pokemon characters of Gyrados and Magikarp.


    1. Tee shirt comp boosts brand recognition.
    2. Partnering with franchises attracts customers.
    3. Custom apparel promotes wider audience.


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  10. Promotional Products for Music Festivals

    Australians love a good concert or a festival which is why we have such a huge variety of music festivals across the country. People travel thousands of KMs just to see their favourite bands in action and to enjoy the local community spirit. If you're trying to market your festival or even simply your brand at a festival, you'll want to see some of our favourite products that are ideal for festival goers no matter where you are in Oz.


    1. Enhance brand visibility with creativity.
    2. Integrate sustainable practices into products.
    3. Foster memorable connections with festival-goers.


    Concert Promo Item Ideas

    Branded Silicone Earplug Sets

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