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  1. Promotional Chocolate for World Chocolate Day

    Every year on the 7th of July, it is World Chocolate day. Is there anyone on earth that does not like chocolate? Take the 7th of July as the perfect day and the ideal excuse to eat lots of chocolate. I'm a certified chocolate lover so there's no need for me to wait for this day.  Did you know that there are even researchers out there who reckon chocolate is even better for you than vegetables?


    1. Utilise promotional chocolates effectively.
    2. Host engaging chocolate-themed events.
    3. Embrace chocolate's health benefits.



    Promotional Chocolates

    At around this time of year, I always recommend promotional

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  2. Stanger Things Promotional Merchandise

    The next season for the hit Netflix show is almost upon us. Like all successful TV shows and movies, there is no shortage of businesses wanting to align themsleves to create marketing Buzz. Personally, I love this TV show. It is easily my favourite at the moment. Check out the types of merchandising created for Stranger Things 3.


    1. Collaborations amplify brand exposure.
    2. Unique offerings drive customer loyalty.
    3. Brand collaborations foster creativity and innovation.


    More Than Just Merchandise

    The burger restaurant, Burger King, has aligned itself with the TV show Stranger Things. On offer is not just merchandise, but a satisfying

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  3. Evolution of the Promotional Highlighter

    A highlighter is a felt tip pen that dispenses a vibrant bright ink. We are all familiar with the fluro yellows, pinks, greens, and blues that highlighters typically produce. The highlighter has evolved over time. The current promotional highlighters perform higher and more consistently than ever before.

    The Colorful Journey: Tracing the Evolution of Highlighters

    The story of highlighters begins in the early 1960s when the first-ever felt-tip highlighter was invented by Dr. Frank Honn, a chemist working for Carter's Ink Company. Dubbed the "highlighter," this revolutionary pen featured a unique ink that was transparent yet brightly colored, allowing users to emphasize text without obscuring it. The

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  4. Cups and Bags for a Coffee Shop

    It's not just big corporates that benefit from corporate branding. Even small local businesses benefit from custom merchandise that reflects the values, feel and ambience of their store. Check out this beautiful effort for mugs and bags by this coffee shop located all the way in Mexico City.

    Match Merchandise to Corporate Colours

    The easiest way to embark on the branding journey for your organization is to start from the basics. Begin in colour. Have the colour of your merchandise, or the colour of the branding match your designated organization colours. No matter, if its bags, compendiums, notebooks, flash drives or anything else, start with colour and you cannot go wrong.

    Design The Look and Graphic

    Promotional products offer businesses

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  5. What is a Promotional Soft Shell Jacket

    Promotional soft shell jackets are a type of jacket that offers comfort, warmth and importantly an element of waterproofing. On days like today (it is wet and rainy in Sydney), this is the perfect type of jacket. So what other advantages do soft shell jackets have over different types of corporate apparel wear? Read on and find out.


    1. Soft shells offer comfort, warmth, & waterproofing.
    2. Softshells are versatile, durable, and breathable.
    3. Branded jackets boost awareness & professionalism.


    Soft Shell Jacket Advantages

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  6. Merchandise Ideas for Dog Day

    Do you know what day is it today? Well if you are at work, have a look around you. Do you notice anything strange? Any animals? Specifically dogs? Yep, if you have not guessed, today is a bring a dog to work day.

    Promotional Item Ideas for Dogs

    They call dogs, a man (or women) best friend. For a good reason too, dogs, make excellent companions. So for a change, how about considering offering a set of merchandise ideas for dogs? We have a range of terrific ideas that dogs and puppies will love. If your promotional gift to recipients will make their furry friend happy, they will most definitely have a more favourable impression of you.

    Some of the Products on Offer

    The best products for dogs that we have include:

    1) Promotional Frisbees

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  7. Popular Custom Bottles for National Hydration Day

    Staying hydrated is an important aspect of our everyday lives that often falls by the wayside. But not having the right amount of water can lead to serious medical issues, including fatigue, dizziness, confusion, and kidney problems, which is why, in the US, June 23rd is celebrated as National Hydration Day.

    Promotional Water Bottles for Events

    Even here in Australia, during the cooler winter months, clients are seeking promotional drink bottles to ensure their visitors, customers, and staff avoids running low on essential fluids. But how do you pick the right drink bottle to meet your needs? We've put together a list of popular bottles to help give you a head start on your decision-making!

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  8. Eco Merchandise for World Enviro Day

    Without me knowing, a significant day, occurred just the other week. On the 5th of June, it was World Environment Day. As the name suggests, the day is dedicated to raising awareness and the need for action to save the environment. This day has passed, and is the perfect day to draw awareness to our range of eco-friendly promotional products.

    Be Friendly to the Earth

    All environmental issues are covered during World Environment Day. From air pollution, nature, animals, and water pollution. The first world environment day was held in 1974. Today concern for the environment is more critical than ever before. It's time to start thinking about how we can celebrate the occasion

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  9. Origins of Custom Sports Bags

    As a product that is classified as a bag, they do not get much larger than the Sports Bag. Other names for the sports bag include duffle bag, gym bag, or cylinder bag. This bag is incredibly convenient when you need to carry a lot of personal items. Who invented this huge, and why? Read on and find out more.


    1. Custom bags for brand visibility.
    2. Diverse designs suit every need.
    3. Industries benefit from branded bags.


    Invented in Belgium

    The concept of a big bag in the shape of a cylinder can come about in Belgium. In fact, there is an actual town called duffle town. The first know bag, in the form of a duffle sports bag, was first seen in the mid-17th century.

    Unsurprisingly the

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  10. Promo Items for More Than Advertising

    Many of the products sold on this website, find its way into the marketing and brand promotional campaigns for organizations around Australia. Products made in bulk quantities is not just for marketing and advertising though. Take, for example, this story about a young girl who created a go-fund-me to create teddy bears for young patient suffers in hospitals.


    1. Promotional products create positive change.
    2. Custom teddy bears bring comfort and joy.
    3. Promote awareness and sustainability through promo items.


    Custom Teddy Bears by 12-Year Old Ella

    A 12-year-old girl called Ella Casano found going to the hospital for treatment of her autoimmune

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