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  1. Trump Brand Reusable Logo Straws

    We've touched on some of the bizarre promotional products that President Trump has produced in the past (like dog accessories), mixed in with some of his more normal swag (like hats and shirts). His most recent store addition, however, is a promotional item that shows he's tapped into the zeitgeist; it's a set of eco-friendly reusable straws.


    1. Trump promotes recyclable straws.
    2. Eco-friendly products showcase sustainability.
    3. Customisable reusable products appeal to eco-conscious consumers.


    Eco-Friendly Trump Promotional Product?

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  2. 50 Years Moon Landing Merchandise

    So it has been 50 years since man last landed onto the moon. The moon landing is a significant cultural occasion. Around the world, the event resonated emotionally. So it is no surprise that many businesses would like to associate themselves with that monumental occasion. Here is a quick look at some of the promotional material like promotional plush toys, watches, coins and suit cases created to celebrate that event.

    The First Person in the Moon

    The first man who landed

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  3. Importance of Checking Prints before Production

    It is important to carefully check and verify your designs for promotional tee shirts before putting them to print. From labels to packaging, from branding to product descriptions, accuracy and consistency are key in maintaining

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  4. Case Study: The NASA Logo's Success

    Whether you're looking in the local clothing shop or checking our kitchenware, it's hard to go into well, any, retail area these days that doesn't boast some promotional merchandise featuring the classic "meatball" NASA logo. Despite being an American institution, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is known the world over thanks to this iconic logo design (and space missions). Today we're investigating why exactly this design is still popular after all these years.

    Old Logo is New Again

    The "meatball" NASA logo we are seeing spring up on promotional drink

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  5. Area 51 Promotional Merchandise?

    I love a good conspiracy theory, and nothing strokes the imagination as much as Area 51. The infamous area. Apparently, I am not the only one. The place is so conspicuous that there is even now a range of promotional items dedicated to it. If you love aliens, then this line of promotional merchandise is for you.

    Apparel fit For Aliens

    If Aliens were to arrive, what would you wear? Well, tee shirts, caps and apparel with these designs is a good idea to consider.

    Pop Culture Popularity

    The creators of the meme "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us," has garnered a considerable following on Facebook. In fact, last I checked, 1.5 million

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  6. Merchandise for the Kids

    Here is another excellent example of promotional merchandise, created just for kids. This particular effort is from a burger chain in America. They have created a range of rather cute apparel range amongst other items aimed specifically at children. Check them out, and let me know what you think.

    Merchandise for the Young

    Promotional products for young people has always been a fabulous way to market and reach out to your fans and guests. Parents will love the fact that the merchandise on offer is useful, and the kids will love the designs, provided that a bit of thought had gone into it.

    This particular effort by a burger chain called Portillos is worthy of mention. Check out the excellent products available. Diners can purchase these, as well, they can be purchased separately online as well.

    Goods on Offer

    So what type of products are

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  7. Promotional Pens for Cursive Writing

    Cursive writing is in danger of being a long-lost art form. Most modern kinds of writing are done via real and virtual keyboards. Our monitors and our mobile phones do the bulk of the writing. When it comes to writing on paper though, much of the writing I notice from friends and colleagues looks like a combination of running cursive writing and block letters. I believe cursive writing needs to be brought back, and I have some compelling reasons why this should be the case.


    The popularity of Promotional Pens

    After all these years of

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  8. The KFC Promotional Bucket Hat

    A bucket of fried chicken. For many people, that is a dream come true.  For this reason, KFC marketing has often evolved around the concept of a bucket. This year, though, they have taken it one step further with the introduction of a bucket of chicken within a bucket hat.


    1. Popularity of promotional bucket hats.
    2. Bucket hats offer practical sun protection.
    3. Customisation potential for businesses.


    Why Promotional Bucket Hats?

    Promotional bucket hats have been around since their emergence in the '90s and have become a popular

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  9. Case Study: Fan Merchandise "Friends"

    Another TV show is turning 25 years old, since the first episode: the TV show Friends, features familiar characters that everyone relates to, even here in Australia. To celebrate the quarter-century birthday, there is a brand new set of Friends merchandise for those die-hard fans.


    Friends is a highly popular United States television sitcom starring American actors Jennifer Aniston

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  10. Marketing Merchandise For Toddlers

    Many organisations have merchandise created exclusively for toddlers and young children. It is a simple idea to have young children experience your brand or your organisation's services when kids are young. The sports car brand Mclaren is the latest company to do just that.

    Speed Thrills for the Young

    Having a toddler at home can make it difficult

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