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  1. New Products Sep 2019

    We are releasing a lot of new products in September 2019. Have a look at these unique products. Do any of these appeal to you? We purposely chose to bring products to you that are both functional, appealing, and where possible eco-friendly angle. These products hopefully should resonate strongly with you and your guests.

    Products with a Bamboo Angle

    Do you like Bamboo? We do! Bamboo is fantastic, as no two pieces of Bamboo will ever be the same. The Bamboo has a smooth wood grain that looks spectacular. Bamboo is sometimes mistaken for wood (which is a good thing). Another awesome facts about Bamboo are that it is a renewable material. Bamboo is also extremely light. Some of the bamboo products we have released this month include:

    • Bamboo pens = are eco-friendly writing tools that can be personalized with your brand logo or message
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  2. Start with Eco Promotional Items

    Nike and 32 leading fashion brands committed recently to reducing the eco-impact their products have on the world. You too can do the same through your choice of eco-friendly promotional items. Here is a top selection of merchandise, that is kind to the world and still leaves your guests with a stylish, practical promotional item that bears your logo.


    1. Opt for eco-friendly promotionals.
    2. Display sustainability commitment.
    3. Eco-actions make positive impacts.


    What Defines an Eco Gift?

    Promotional eco-friendly gifts can be defined in various

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  3. Promotional Product Picks for Spring

    The weather is starting to warm up across the country, which means it's almost time for Spring to begin here in Australia. Time to put the winter jackets back in the cupboard and get some new marketing merchandise underwear for the new season. We've put together our list of picks for great promotional products to suit Aussie organisations in 2019. Check out our ideas below.


    1. Choose eco-friendly products to impress.
    2. Make your branding clear and attractive.
    3. Understand your target audience's needs.


    Spring Promo Item Ideas

    Personalised Vegan Leather Keyrings

    Everyone loves the look of

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  4. Merchandising the Future of Netflix

    Some companies use merchandising to create awareness. Other organisations use it to raise funds, and some use promotional items as a way of thanking customers. Netflix is about to use promotional products and licensing of TV show imagery in a serious approach to raise some much-needed revenue.

    Top Businesses

    There are a few companies in the world that do merchandise so effectively, that they make up a core part of their business. The most prominent example has to be Disney Land. Hands up if you have ever seen a Star Wars tee shirt or toy. Perhaps a Frozen cartoon-themed item? Yep, all of these are officially licensed products, whose revenue finds its way back to the Disney brand.

    The effort by Netflix to Increase Revenue

    The TV streaming service Netflix

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  5. Merchandise Case Study: Taco Bell

    Taco Bell is a popular chain of restaurants in America. Recently they are expanding further into Australia. Taco Bell does custom-branded merchandise exceptionally well, and this is a visual blog on the type of graphics and products they use. Hopefully, you may gain some inspiration for your organisation.


    The Taco Bell Branding

    Taco Bell sells American-inspired Mexican food. They are affectionately known as Tex-Mex. The food they offer is fast and delicious. An emphasis is placed on the food being casual, fun, and youthful. Surprise, surprise then, that their merchandise

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  6. Woolworths New Eco-Friendly Kids Promo

    We only recently blogged about the popular Ooshies toys released to promote the remake of The Lion King, but the campaign has now wound down, and come September there will be a new range of promotional products available for kids through the supermarket chain. Woolworths faced a lot of criticism for their Ooshies because they were plastic and not eco-friendly. The company seems to have tackled these complaints head-on by putting together an environmentally considerate new giveaway range to replace the old Ooshies. Interested? So were we! Check out more about these products below.


    1. "Discovery Garden" replaces plastic toys.
    2. Biodegradable pots with plant seeds.
    3. Promotes sustainability and healthy habits.


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  7. Custom Lifestyle Products for Mini

    It is not unusual nowadays, to have custom-themed merchandise for carmakers. Mercedes, Porsche, and others do it exceptionally well. What is unusual is vehicle manufacturers who create merchandise for each line of cars they release. Check out this example by the car company Mini.

    Use of Heritage in Design

    Designers often integrate meaningful and interesting aspects of heritage into their designs in

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  8. Nando's Promotional Clothing Range

    When you think London high fashion you probably don't think of a South African fast-food chicken restaurant, but with their new range of limited edition promotional merchandise Nando's is channelling the very essence of streetwear chic. Don't believe us? Learn more about this fantastic promotion below.

    Logo Branded Fast Food Streetwear

    A lot of fast food companies have tackled the world of branded clothing before, but what makes Nando's entry into the field a little different is that the campaign focuses on showcasing local London artists (via a display at The Yard Shoreditch) as well as selling gear for fans of the brand -- something Nando's has never done before. One such artist showcased on the printed clothing is Reuben

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  9. Custom Merchandise from Drake

    YOLO, Hotline Bling and dozens of other hits. You guessed it; I am talking about none other than Drake. If there was ever a perfect Man, then Drake is it. So what does the ideal man do when he launches his own range of promotional merchandise? See the results below in this blog.

    Drake Rising To Stardom

    Drake rose to popularity in 2006 when

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  10. Case Study Promotional Toy Ooshies

    If you live in Australia, then you would know about Ooshies. Specifically, you would understand that Woolworths has been giving out Ooshies as part of a promotional marketing campaign. Are these promotional items a good one? Was it a success? Read on more to find out.

    What is an Ooshie?

    Now, how would I describe an Ooshie? An Ooshie is a small rubber toy that's hollow inside. This means it is squeezable and a little soft. The Ooshie also features a hole in the bottom. This hole is wide enough to slot onto the end of a pen or pencil.


    An Ooshie is a collectable

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