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  1. Unique Logo Business Card Ideas

    Business cards are all the same, right? Wrong! While we're all used to fairly standard cardboard slips with people's details on them, there's no rule that says business cards have to look or behave in a certain way. When it comes to drawing attention to who you are and what you do, sometimes a creative business card is the hook that will get clients to remember you. Today we're checking out some amazing business cards with creative designs and who knows, they might provide you with a little bit of additional inspo too.

    Creative Promotional Business Cards

    Even in this day and age with digital technology everywhere, business cards are still handed out daily as part

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  2. This Season's Logo Branded Product Ideas

    We're almost at the end of September and spring has definitely sprung, which means it's time to start looking at ideas for how to promote brands and events between now and the end of the year. Fortunately, we've put together some snappy seasonal ideas that your recipients will be overjoyed to receive. Check them out below.

    Why Choose Spring Promotional Items?

    Promotional products are a great way to promote your brand in spring. With the start of new seasons come exciting opportunities, which is why it's important for businesses to make use of them effectively. Not only will promotional products give you an edge over competitors and help boost awareness, but they also offer plenty of advantages during this period too. From giving something meaningful

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  3. Fashionable Starbucks Branded Merchandise

    We've talked a lot about the branding choices of coffee powerhouse Starbucks in the past. Never a company to rest on their laurels, the chain has announced a collaboration with fashion heavyweight, Rachel Zoe. If you thought that the Starbucks branded mugs and cups available before were fashionable, just wait until you see this range!

    Fancy Promotional Coffee Cups

    First and foremost, this range of limited edition merchandise is only available through select Singapore-based Starbucks stores. Starbucks is well known for its focus on limited availability promo items, with collectors searching across the globe to grab special release gear featuring unique designs.


    The Rachel Zoe x Starbucks collection is no different,

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  4. Fun Promotional Tape Measure Facts

    Tape measures are the type of promotional product we don't think about too often, but when we don't have one we really wish we did. That's because tape measures are extremely useful items to have around the house and they make excellent marketing tools if you're in the construction or design industries.


    But how much do you really know about these natty promo goods? Today we're looking into some unique facts about the history and development of custom tape measures!

    Who Invented the Modern Custom Tape Measure?

    The originally spring return pocket tape measure patent was issued in 1864 to William H. Bangs and it featured all the basic details you'd expect from a mechanical tape measure. You could stop the tape at any point and hold it using a press mechanism and then return it to its case by pressing a

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  5. Study on Harley Davidson Merchandise

    The range of merchandise by the legendary motorcycle brand truly reflects the origins in both design, motifs, feel, and even production too. We take an in-depth study here on the types of merchandise offered by the influential Harley Davidson brand.

    The History of Harley Davidson

    Harley Davidson has been a legend in American motorbike circles since 1903, when William S. Harley and his mates Arthur and Walter Davidson first started churning 'em out from their small Milwaukee production shop. There's no denying classic old Harleys' have got something special - an engine design that was way ahead of its time allowed for superior performance compared to the other brands around then!


    That's why the brand has become synonymous with quality

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  6. Most Expensive Branded Backpack?

    When you think of casual backpacks you probably don't think of fashion powerhouse Saint Laurent, or Google for that matter -- let alone the two of them together. It turns out that the two companies have collaborated on an interesting (and pricey!) custom backpack that's available to wealthy fans of portable technology and co-branding the world over.

    Smart Bags With Luxury Branding

    These days backpacks aren't often just backpacks anymore, they're smart bags that allow you to charge devices and touch-access your devices while on the move. A lot of the promotional laptop backpacks that Cubic Promote sells now include similar features. However,

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  7. McDonalds Logo Branded Lounge Wear

    While many of us still think of Mcdonalds' as fast food that we "go out" and get, these days with delivery apps all the rage it's fast becoming a treat we like to order in. Around the world, today, September 19th, is actually McDelivery Night In -- a date that celebrates the joy of ordering Maccas to have at home. Part of this promotion involves -you guessed it- logo-branded Mcdonalds' clothing and lounge gear for a limited number of customers.

    Promotional Fast Food Casual Clothing

    If you're in one of the participating countries (like here or the US) to score yourself some extremely limited edition bulk branded Mcdonalds' gear all you need to do is order from the Uber Eats app after 5 pm today only. The company will arrange for one

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  8. Quirky Cinnabon Logo Branded Gear

    Although we don't have the Cinnabon chain of baked goods kiosks here in Australia, we certainly are aware of how delicious things like buns and scrolls can be. Which is why we were keen to check out the kind of custom promotional products Cinnabon sold in their online store. The good news is that not only is Cinnabon's swag rather cool to look at, but it's also got some seriously fun designs and slogans we can all appreciate.

    Fun Slogans on Promotional Products

    While a lot of the products that Cinnabon sells to promote its brand are similar to those being sold by other chains like KFC or Burger King (read: a lot of clothing), what sets the Cinnabon range apart from its competition is just how many silly, punny, slightly naughty

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  9. Promotional Rugby Swag from Aldi Ireland

    Here's an idea from overseas that we'd love to see considered here in Australia. Aldi in Ireland has teamed up with Irish National Rugby Team to sell a variety of official team swag through their supermarkets (and online store.) Promotional team gear is popular during any sporting event and particularly so during World Cups, but what makes this merch different is that it is as readily accessible to customers as a bottle of milk or a loaf of bread.

    Getting Your Marketing Message Out

    A consistent problem that exists for teams and events is ensuring your promotional gear gets spotted by as wide an audience as possible. You want visibility; you want interest, and you want accessibility. That's why the decision to team up with

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  10. Amazing Logo Branded SPAM Merchandise

    SPAM is a processed meat product that has been around for close to seventy years, and during that time, it has become one of the most popular canned meat items in the market. Despite the jokes at its expense, its long-standing existence clearly demonstrates its cultural significance. This article delves into the intriguing history of this beloved canned meat product.


    In 1937, the Hormel Foods Corporation manufactured SPAM as a way to use the pig parts that were usually discarded in traditional meat cuts. The name SPAM was chosen via a competition that offered a $100 prize for the best name. SPAM is an acronym for "spiced ham." SPAM offered a cheap and reliable protein source in an unpredictable time.

    Global Impact

    After the war, the Hormel Corporation began exporting SPAM, and it rapidly became a hit worldwide. In numerous countries, SPAM became a representation of American culture through its popularity. In Hawaii, for instance, SPAM was incorporated

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