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  1. A Promotional Product Campaign That Ties In

    It is nearing Christmas, and you can bet that most companies are accelerating their efforts in distibuting promotional merchandise. This particular one by Hallmark (famous for their cards), is worthy of specific praise. The theme? Christmas Movies. Read more to find out more.

    A Promotional Theme for Christmas

    So the theme this year by Hallmark is movies. The marketing campaign is quite spectacular. They have partnered with television networks to create an entire channel. The Channel is dedicated to Christmas movies. 


    Hallmark wants your entire Christmas to revolve around their brand, and consequently their product. It's a very ambitious effort, and quite incredible actually.

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  2. Kanye's Latest Promotional Merchandise

    When it comes to buying merchandise, many people think of celebrity items and the significance they hold in popular culture. From limited edition items sold only at certain stores to fashion collections with a sign of famous names, celebrity products can be highly sought after and collectible.


    Given this increase in demand for superstar-stamped pieces, many brands have released special collections featuring discounts on specific items made available exclusively from select retailers inside a given region.


    Kayne West is no stranger to merchandising his famous name (and controversy, he definitely courts a bit of that too) so it shouldn't come as a surprise that with his much-anticipated new album, Jesus Is King, he's also launched a range of custom branded goodies to market to his faithful fans.

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  3. Promotional Big Boy Brand Clothing

    Big Boy restaurants aren't well known here in Australia, but they're a popular chain of casual dining restaurants known for their burgers and shakes in the US. The original Big Boy diner was established 83 years ago, so it doesn't come as a shock that the company's most recent wave of branding is a blend of modern concepts and some retro throwbacks.

    Branding With a Mascot

    Perhaps the thing you notice first about the Big Boy brand is that its mascot, Big Boy, a chubby young boy wearing red and white overalls is featured considerably. While restaurant mascots aren't common these days, back when the chain was established having a gimmick in the form a mascot or statue outside the establishment was a great way for locals to identify their favourite eatery.

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  4. Collaborative DHL Smartphone Promotion

    While DHL has been in the shipping business for decades, in recent years, the brand has become connected with the world of high fashion through branded clothing collaborations. For their 50th anniversary in 2019, they've opted to collaborate not on clothing, but a variety of smart device promotional technology products.

    DHL Premium Branded Technology Gear

    DHL Premium Branded Technology Gear is

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  5. Custom Decorated Anniversary Merchandise

    When you have your 25th wedding anniversary the traditional gift item is silver, but what kind of items do you organise for the 25th anniversary of a video game system? It turns out the Sony PlayStation anniversary merchandise campaign has the answers for us as their line of retro-inspired gaming gear for release in November of 2019.

    Promotional PlayStation Swag for Gamers

    Promotional PlayStation swag for gamers is

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  6. How to Clean Logo Branded Calico Bags

    So you want to do the right thing by the environment and have ditched plastic bags for your event in favour of promotional cotton calico bags. But what happens if your beautiful new bags made of natural materials end up getting dirty or stained? It turns out there are a few tried-and-true techniques to help keep your bags looking as good as new. Check out our best tips below.

    Testing Your Bags Before Washing

    First and foremost if your promotional bags have custom printing, you'll want to test them by dipping a small part of the bag featuring the design into a shallow bowl of cold water. Leave the calico bag to soak for

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  7. Promotional Item Trends With Taylor Swift

    Sometimes the best way to know what's popular right now is to look at the latest gear to drop. Today we're checking in with Tay-Tay, whose new release "Lover" has been storming up the charts. Nobody could accuse the artist of being lacklustre at the branded merchandise game, so we're looking at her newest custom products to get a feel for what's in this season.

    Branded Merchandise You Need Right Now

    Like many popular artists operating today, Taylor Swift's "Lover" has an overall aesthetic theme and colour palette that's reflected across the entire related merchandise range in her store. By examining these products and their patterns, we can get a fair idea of what Taylor Swift fans (and indeed many other people) will be interested in buying

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  8. Merchandise for a Supermarket?

    Yes, supermarkets are also businesses. Which means, they need promotional merchandise as much as anyone else. They also need uniforms, too, as we all know.

    Uniforms as Promo Merch

    It never ceases to amuse me, but using official uniforms as promotional merchandise, or nowadays as streetwear is most amusing. It was hot a year ago when food delivery jackets were considered stylish apparel for streetwear.

    This effort by a business called "Publix" is offering, what seems like supermarket apparel for staff, as official merchandise available for fans. Do you want to look like you work in a Supermarket? If so, then this is the merchandise

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  9. New Kylie Jenner Promotional Swag

    No matter what you think of the Jenner/Kardashian crew, the entire family is extremely savvy when it comes to marketing opportunities. Recently Kylie released a video featuring her touring the offices of her Kylie Cosmetics business that ended up going viral. It wasn't the office tour that caught people's attention. However, it was her sing-song greeting to her daughter Stormi that made headlines.

    Capitalising on Viral Success With Branded Products

    Within days of the video being shared millions of times internationally, Jenner and her team had leapt into action and started working on a range of promotional clothing featuring the slogan "Riiise and Shiiinnee" which to date includes two fashionable custom branded hoodies just in time for the northern

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  10. Fresh Merchandise by Will Smith

    Hands up if you are young enough, to remember the Fresh Prince from Bel Air? For those who do not recall seeing this TV show, it features a young Will Smith, in a comedy. Well Will Smith, has decided to release a range of merchandise inspired by the '80s (and late 90's if I recall correctly) for this show.

    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    The 80s is known for its bold colours and sharp fonts. This is precisely what this range of merchandise looks like. This range features big loud prints, lots of bright, vibrant colours, and fonts that immediately remind you of the 80s.

    This set of merchandise, comes unique with a Halloween twist, as you all know, Halloween, is just around the corner.

    Check out the Merchandise

    So what is on offer?

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