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  1. White Castle's Logo Branded Burger Gear

    White Castle is an American burger chain that's mainly popular in the midwest of the country. Here in Australia we probably remember the brand best as the fast-food restaurant the titular heroes craved in the 2004 movie, "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle." Today we're checking out their range of custom branded promotional Christmas gifts just in time for the holidays.

    Promotional Goodies for Fast Food Fans

    Like a lot of casual dining restaurants we've blogged about lately, White Castle is beginning to recognise that swag goes hand-in-hand with cheap, cheerful foods. The company's online store, The House of Crave, has been decked

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  2. Stress Ears for Day of Listening

    Tomorrow is known in some parts of the world as the "National Day for listening" I am not talking about music (and I love music), but listening to friends and family. Listen to stories and memories, this all matters.


    1. Listen to stories, preserve culture.
    2. Stress ears: creative and memorable.
    3. Promote exceptional customer service.


    What is the National Day for Listening?

    The National Day for Listening is devoted to listening to stories from family members and friends. These stories are essential to share. With these stories, both culture and heritage are passed down. With technology, these same stories can be quickly recorded. Save these

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  3. Red Lobster Promotional Christmas Gifts

    Red Lobster is a well-known restaurant chain in the US, specialising in casual seafood dining. Like a lot of other old school restaurants, the brand has decided to tap into the zeitgeist with a range of quirky promotional products for this year's holiday season.

    Logo Branded Presents for the Holidays

    Although we Aussies don't have the chain locally, Red Lobster is the kind of brand that gets name-dropped in TV shows and movies enough that even we have a fair idea what the brand is about. In the US, however, the restaurant chain does well over the Christmas season with their traditional Floridian-style comfort food. In 2019 they've produced a range of fun promotional accessories to help their avid consumers have a logo branded holiday

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  4. End of Year Custom Corporate Gifts

    2019 is beginning to wind down and we only have just over a month until the year ends. Why not take this opportunity to reward your staff or clients for their loyalty throughout the year by providing them with end-of-year staff personalised gifts from Cubic Promote.

    The Best Personalised Products for Gifting

    What makes a product ideal for gifting to someone? Well, it all depends on what message you'd like to send, how much you'd like to spend, and what suits your industry or event. There are, however, undoubtedly products that are more popular as gifts than others so we've put together some of our best-selling personalised gifts for 2019 in one handy list.


    All these products are in stock now and can be delivered before Christmas, making them ideal for ending the year on a high note!

    Cheap Custom Gifts or Rewards

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  5. 2020 Must-Have Orientation Day Promo Products

    The next Australian semester for colleges and universities is around the corner. It is time for many to start thinking about how to attract and reward new enrolments. Appealing and useful promotional items, such as notebooks and diaries, have always been hot. Find out what other must-have products you need for your promotional gifting needs.

    Classic Products You Need

    Orientation days are always fun, and it is tempting to hand out gifts that are the craziest most out-there type of products. What I say is, still hand out those crazy products, but don't forget the traditional products. Useful products that genuinely make life easier for students will always be accessible.


    Products like

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  6. Ranch Dressing Branded Merchandise

    Here in Australia, you don't see ranch dressing as a regular addition to salads and dips, but in America, they're all about the ranch! Although popular at the dinner table, you don't normally think about ranch dressing brands when it comes to corporate Christmas merchandise, but one company is putting its competitors to shame with an assortment of fun, colourful, promotional gear for ranch lovers across the USA.

    Promotional Gifts for the Holiday Season

    Hidden Valley is synonymous with ranch dressing in the US, and the brand is also becoming fairly well known for its holiday merchandise drops towards the end of the

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  7. Glass for Promotional Glassware

    Glass! It is everywhere, and we cannot live without it. We use glass everywhere, glass cups, windows, cars, and more. Where did glass originally come from though? How did it end up as a product like promotional glassware that we commonly sell?


    What is Glass?

    So let's start by defining, what exactly is glass. Well, glass is that clear material that you and I are familiar with. What is in it? There are a lot of really complex terms that describe the chemical makeup of glass. In short, though, glass is liquid sand.


    Glass is made by heating sand. The sand is melted to 1700 degrees celsius and believe it or not, it melts! When melted it turns into glass (many things need

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  8. 3 Most Practical Promotional Items

    Conferences and exhibitions Australia wide, all live and die by these 3 essential products. If you are considering holding an expo, then these are the 3 products you need to consider right now. These products make your guests to your show more pleasant and enable your exhibitors, presenters or entertainers to focus on their product or performance.

    The Marketing Magic of Promotional Items at Conferences and Conventions

    Promotional items have emerged as an increasingly popular marketing strategy for conferences and conventions, providing numerous benefits for businesses seeking to engage and retain customers. One alluring feature of promotional items is their ability to captivate attendees and stimulate interest in your brand. By offering a tangible item stamped with your branding and

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  9. Logo Branded Dunkin' Christmas Swag

    If you're a fan of Dunkin', then you'll be happy to know that they have a range of logo-branded gear for the holidays. The online store is loaded with interesting merch for people who want to show off their love for this chain. However, things are different this year because Dunkin' has decided to go big by creating an online pop-up shop!


    Dunkin' is one of the most popular chains for doughnuts, coffee, and other sweet treats in the US. Earlier this year they released a range of promotional lip balms featuring their branding, but for the holidays they've decided to go one better and create a huge new lineup of logo-branded gear for consumers across the USA.

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  10. Branded Band Merchandise is Important

    These days most of us rely on streaming services to enjoy our music on demand. While retro physical media such as records and cassette tapes have found new fans in recent years, there's no doubt that streaming reigns supreme. So how are artists faring in this new landscape? It turns out not well, and that's why promotional band merchandise is more important than ever.

    Logo Printed Promotional Items for Artists

    Take, for example, English metalcore band While She Sleeps. The group have always had a large variety of unique band merchandise for sale at their concerts (and online), but in recent years they've increased the range considerably. Now their online store doesn't just boast the standard promotional tour tees, but hoodies, caps,

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