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  1. Logo Branded Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitisers

    If you live anywhere in metropolitan Australia you're likely to have seen many of your friends and neighbours wearing face masks in wake of the Novel coronavirus outbreak in China's Wuhan region. Masks are often helpful to stop your sneeze or cough travelling and hitting others if you are unwell, the best way to prevent transmission of this or any other similarly transmissible infection is through observing proper hygiene procedures.

    Keeping Your Hands Clean is Important

    We don't really think about what we do with our hands throughout the day, which means we often end up rubbing our eyes or touching our lips without realising we're transferring bacteria and other nasties from our fingertips to our more sensitive facial regions. This is of particular concern when it is flu season or during something

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  2. Popeyes Promotional Apparel Range

    Popeyes isn't a franchise that's well known here in Australia outside of some pop-up shops. Still, in the USA they're famous for their fried chicken, particularly a sandwich so desired that it started a "sandwich war" with competing restaurants. One thing that Popeyes isn't necessarily known for, however, is its fashion. Well, until now that is -- say hello to the Popeyes logo branded apparel range!

    Logo Branded Fast Food Clothing

    In a move that may just solidify the brand as the winner of the chicken sandwich war, Popeyes has announced a range of promotional clothing featuring their custom branding. News outlets have suggested the Popeyes products

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  3. Back to School Promotional Stationery

    It's that time of year again, the summer holidays are ending and kids are heading back to school in droves. One of the best ways to promote your school, university, or college in the new year is through promotional stationery that students will utilise at home and in the classroom. Cubic Promote has a huge range of custom products ideal for schools and their attendees alike.


    1. Promote your school with custom stationery.
    2. Personalise pencils, notebooks, pens, and highlighters.
    3. Contact Cubic Promote for pricing and samples.


    Custom School

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  4. 3 Essential Promo Gifts for Valentine's Day

    We've just come back from the Australia Day long weekend and Lunar New Year is currently being celebrated, so what's next for important days on the calendar? Valentine's Day, of course! This celebration of love takes place on February 14th each year and businesses across Australia like to organise promotions to fit in with the romantic holiday mood. If you're considering being one of the events or companies that promotes itself over Valentine's Day, you'll want to check out our three best-selling gift ideas for the season.

    3) Love Heart-Shaped Logo Products

    Obviously, for a holiday that's all about heart, your go-to products will feature love hearts or be heart-shaped. Cubic Promote boasts a decent range of customisable heart products ideal for Valentine's Day, including heart shape

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  5. Happy Lunar New Year 2020!

    Gong xi fa cai! As we approach the festivities of Lunar New Year, it’s time to get into the spirit of things and celebrate in style. For those who aren’t familiar with this significant holiday, let me give you a brief rundown.

    What is Lunar New Year?

    Lunar New Year is also known as Chinese New Year – that should give you an idea of its origins - and marks the start of the lunar calendar. The date typically falls between late January to February every year, with 2020 landing on Saturday 25th January. Cubic Promote will remain open during this period, though we will be away on January 27th for the Australia Day public holiday. Take care and we look forward to assisting you with all your promotional product needs during the Year of the Rat!

    The Significance

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  6. Inspirational: Starbucks x BTS Branded Products

    If there's a band and a brand that does not require any introduction right now, it would be BTS and Starbucks, respectively. BTS is the epitome of K-pop talent & success with international hits and legions of fans across the planet. Starbucks is known for its coffee but increasingly its range of limited-edition merchandise. The two have teamed up in South Korea for a limited edition promotion that is inspirational to anyone interested in marketing.

    Limited Edition Promotional Merchandise

    Starbucks South Korea features a lot of limited promo campaigns and is well-known for having a one product per customer purchase limit as a result, but their latest drive, which partners the coffee juggernaut with BTS in a promotion known as "Be The

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  7. Eye-Catching Promotional Iced Tea Gifts

    AriZona iced tea is a popular US beverage range often used as drink mixers by responsible adults, or as individual refreshing drinks. The bottles are available here in Australia through places like Coles and Dan Murphy's and can be easily spotted by their vibrant, iconic packaging.


    But have you ever wondered what kind of unique marketing swag an iced tea company would sell? It turns out that AriZona iced tea has merch as eye-catching as its range of sweet teas!

    Delightful Full-Colour Branded Merchandise

    Part of what helps AriZona iced tea start apart from its competition is just how genuinely eye-catching its label designs are. From the cherry blossom decoration found on cans of traditional Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey

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  8. Esports Team Branded Apparel

    Esports have evolved beyond a basic digital competition between gamers into full-blown events complete with the roaring fans, high-level sportspeople, and prize money you'd expect from any massive sports contest. The Call of Duty League, in particular, has decided to launch its current season with a range of logo-branded team apparel for eager fans to purchase and wear while supporting their local players.

    Support Your Team in Promotional Clothing

    While Esports leagues might seem a little out there to some, the diverse range of games that can be played and the skills of the competitive players mean that Esports leagues are often just as rewarding to

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  9. Logo Branded BMW Lifestyle Products

    BMW is a brand synonymous with top-range luxury cars, not a brand you'd typically associate with high-end lifestyle items like clothing, accessories, and homewares. However, a new push by the brand has seen the announcement of BMW Lifestyle, a range of logo-branded merchandise aimed at tapping into the brand's existing audience of dedicated fans -- and perhaps, winning over a few new ones too.

    Logo-branded BMW lifestyle products are the ultimate way

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  10. Turning Failure Into Marketing Success

    Very few companies are as well known across the globe as Tesla, Elon Musk's pride and joy. Recognised for their pioneering work on bringing electric cars to the eager public, the company was keen to emulate this success with their "Cybertruck" launch late last year. Unfortunately, the event left Musk and his team red-faced when things didn't go to plan. How he reacted though, is what turned this blunder into a branded merchandise opportunity!

    Embarrassing Mistake Becomes Promo Gold

    During the Cybertruck's launch in November of 2019, one of the major selling points of the vehicle was just how durable and stable it was. To illustrate this point, the head designer on

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