Monthly Archives: February 2020

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  1. Eco-Friendly Branded Gift Ideas for March

    March is upon us and we're already being bombarded with requests for new and innovative eco-friendly promotional products. March is a great time of year to grab sustainable goods as it is after the New Year product rush and before the EOFY demand begins, which means you're sure to get affordable, innovative items on demand. In this article, we'll explore some creative and eco-friendly branded gift ideas that are perfect for March and beyond. Check out our recs for the next month below!

    New Sustainable Promotional Items

    We know that our fellow Aussie businesses are trying to do the right thing for the environment and looking for eco products that also fit their budgets, which is why we've added the following new items

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  2. State Wide Promotional Gift Ideas

    We don't often come across promotional product inspiration from a US state, but Oklahoma's new modern take on its brand has drawn our attention. Relying on basic products, tried-and-true decoration techniques, and logos that a subtly effective, the state's official shop should provide some serious #inspo to states and territories looking to get noticed in Australia.

    Bulk Branding Inspiration for Regions

    When Australians think of American states they'll usually say places like California or Texas, but there are a lot of fascinating states across the country including Oklahoma. This southern state, known for its extreme weather, major industries, and rich cultural history, is trying a modern rebrand that mixes the old with the new in

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  3. Unique Logo Branded Oreo Cookies

    Everyone loves the classic cookie taste of Oreos whether in a pack from the shops or individually at a party or event, but have you ever thought about collaborative Oreos? You know, branded with the details of another company as a type of cross-promotion. Well, it turns out that a rumoured new campaign from Supreme streetwear will see just that happen with the famous cookies. Promotional biscuits making waves? You'd better believe it!


    1. Create memorable experiences with promotional biscuits.
    2. Cost-effective and versatile marketing tool.
    3. Potential to reach a wide audience.


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  4. 3 Australian Made Promotional Items

    We always encourage buying locally here at Cubic Promote. Still, with some industries being impacted by international supply delays right now, there's no better time to pick up some Aussie-made merchandise. Below are our top picks for locally produced promotional products we're sure your recipients will love!


    Logo Branded Stubby Coolers

    A classic Aussie promotional gift, custom stubby coolers make cost-effective marketing merchandise while still being made locally. Our Australian-made range always proves to be best-sellers because they offer unmatched quality, can be produced quickly, and provide locals in our Sydney, Gold Coast,

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  5. Successfully Using 1 Colour Branding

    These days, with full-colour decoration becoming more affordable, you don't see as many promotional items branded in single colours. However, we're here to tell you that not only is spot (or single) colour printing still the most cost-effective decoration method about, you can actually create some extremely compelling promotional gifts with it. Take, for example, the latest range of goodies from In-N-Out Burger in the USA.

    Promotional Gifts With Single Colour Decoration

    In-N-Out Burger is one of the most popular burger joints in the US and its online store is overflowing with quirky, multi-coloured gifts. The In-N-Out Burger logo itself is even a two colour (yellow & red) design

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  6. Logo Branded Dating App Products

    When most of us think of using dating apps to meet new people, we don't often think about branded merchandise boasting the app's logo. Hinge, a dating app that proudly declares it wants to be deleted after you've found 'the one', has decided to change all that. Hinge has launched an online store for products boasting the company logo that happy lovebirds can buy, and in some cases, destroy.

    Promotional Gifts For True Love

    The Hinge app not only has a new online store, but they're using it to promote the company's mascot, Hingie. Hingie is a furry version of the app logo and features prominently on the merchandise being offered in the Hinge store. Why is this important? Well, there are some standard products in the range (like

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  7. Quirky Custom Branded Maccas Merch

    McDonald's is one of the biggest restaurant chains in the world and since launching their online promotional merchandise shop last year, their range of gear has been getting plenty of attention across the internet. Now in February of 2020, they're finally launching the first range of limited custom products that are sure to have Maccas fans drooling.

    Promotional Products for Burger Fans

    Dubbed the 'Quarter Pounder Fan Club' this range of custom products focuses exclusively on the chain's Quarter Pounder burger line and the merch included is both funky and functional. Unlike the existing range of branded goodies available on the McDonald's official website, the 'Quarter Pounder Fan Club' branded products are available for a limited time

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  8. In Vogue Promotional Phone Wallets

    In 2018 The New Yorker magazine experienced a surge in their subscription numbers because they started offering a free promotional calico bag with subscription packages. The bags boasted a simple, but recognisable design that proved the owner read the prestigious publication. In 2020 it seems like the newest desirable subscription add-on is a designer custom phone wallet!

    Promotional phone wallets have quickly become a popular promotional item. They

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  9. KFC x Crocs Collaborative Merchandise

    We've discussed the extraordinary assortment of unique promotional merchandise being released by KFC around the world, but their latest collaboration may just be their best yet. If you ever wondered whether your Croc sandals would look better with fried chicken accents, this promotion is definitely for you!

    Quirky and Unique Promotional Gifts

    KFC is no stranger to promoting themselves through strange merchandise. Take, for example, last year's KFC branded bucket hats which looked like their famous buckets of chicken. In 2020 the famous fast-food brand is kicking things off with a wearable perhaps even more bizarre than custom headwear... promotional Crocs!

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  10. Supreme Custom Merchandise

    I love Supreme, I can never afford Supreme though, but hey, its amusing nonetheless going through all the crazy high priced random assortment of merchandise that they tend to offer every few months.


    1. Supreme: The go-to brand for trendsetters.
    2. Limited releases create hype and exclusivity.
    3. Collaborations and unexpected drops drive demand.


    What is Supreme?

    Supreme is a powerhouse in the streetwear world, renowned for their top-notch skate apparel and accessories. From t-shirts to hoodies to hats, Supreme has become the go-to brand for trendsetters trying to make a statement. Their clothing often features fresh graphics or luxe fabrics like velvet and

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