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  1. Promotional Merchandise for Struggling Industries

    COVID-19 has unfortunately impacted almost every industry on the planet in an overwhelmingly negative way. Even industries we consider wealthy, like sports and entertainment, have found themselves struggling to survive over the past couple of months. The answer for many, when it comes to survival, is embracing the power of their brand and providing unique branded merchandise to eager fans online. A great example of this we'd like to highlight is the recent range of promo goods from Cinema in Flux.

    Branded Products to Market Your Cause

    Cinema in Flux is a US-based webinar series for the film industry that right now, is struggling considerably. With movies and TV series unable to shoot due to COVID-19, and cinemas closed across the world,

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  2. Branded Reusable Masks from Musicians

    We were only discussing the rise in celebrities using promotional face masks the other day, but it seems like some of them have opted to lend their brand to a reusable mask range designed to raise money for the Musicares charity in support of those in the industry doing it tough during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Is It Cool To Wear Face Masks In Concerts?

    The pandemic has seriously affected the music industry, with concerts and festivals being canceled or postponed. With shows slowly opening up, there is an ongoing debate about whether it's cool to wear face masks at concerts. Some people believe that wearing a mask is necessary to reduce the spread of the virus, while

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  3. Promotional Caps for People Who Need Haircuts

    I think we can all agree that once social distancing is relaxed one of the first things a lot of people will do is head straight into their favourite salon and get a hair cut. Being able to duck in for a quick trim is one of those simple things a lot of us took for granted before we were forced to stay at home. In the US the well-known Supercuts hairdressing franchise has capitalised on this with some free promotional headwear for its avid clientele.

    Custom Branded Headwear for Messy Hair

    In America, one of the desperate pleas of those wanting an early end to lockdown is that they need to get their hair cut. Supercuts, being mindful of the safety of their client

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  4. Celebrities Using Personal Face Masks

    Here in Australia, we are fortunate that the COVID-19 outbreak has been relatively contained thanks to our swift lockdown implementation and capable medical system, but overseas things are a bit more dire and in the US citizens are being asked to wear face masks for personal protection. This extends to Hollywood and we've noticed a serious uptick in the number of celebs rocking face masks like the rest of us. Here are some of our favourite examples.

    The Use of Face Masks in the Midst Of The Pandemic

    Face masks are

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  5. How to Wear a Face Mask Correctly

    Personal face masks aren't a surefire way to eliminate your chances of contracting Coronavirus or flu transmission, but if they're worn correctly and used in conjunction with basic hygiene practices, they may help offer you an extra level of protection from airborne nasties. However, a mask won't do a lot of good if you don't wear it correctly so today we're going to be teaching you the proper way to wear your mask.

    Wearing a Face Mask in Australia

    One of the consistent messages we've heard from health authorities is for us to avoid touching our faces and this still applies when talking about masks. Our suggestion is that before you put your mask on and potentially touch your ear/face/neck area, you wash your hands thoroughly with soap

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  6. Fast Food Merchandise That Gives Back

    Right now there are communities all over the world doing it tough in no small part due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The state of Louisiana in the US alone has (as of this writing) almost 1300 deaths, with the city of New Orleans particularly hard hit. A cultural hub for the state, the city is where the Popeyes chicken brand originated and now, in light of the current crisis, the fast-food chain is giving back to the community through branded merchandise.


    1. Popeyes combats COVID-19 with promotion.
    2. Promotional merchandise boosts community aid.
    3. Brands can replicate for success.


    Promotional Products For Community Support


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  7. Valuable Promotional Soccer Shirts

    Soccer shirts or football jerseys are some of the most sought after products being sold in the sport today. People want to wear the jersey of their favourite team when they play matches, they want to represent their favourite player, and they want to show off their team colours even though most of the matches being televised in 2020 are old games on repeat. But did you know that some of the older logo branded sports tees have value well beyond nostalgia? Today we're looking into some of the most expensive soccer tees in the world!

    What Makes Logo Branded Jerseys Worth Money?

    Sure most of us would be keen to spend between $50-$100 on

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  8. Send Marketing Merch Via Mail

    With most of us stuck at home these days, the humble postie has become a lifeline between Aussies and their favourite shops, both online and off. Delivery services like UberEats and Deliveroo similarly have become our connection to the restaurants we used to dine in. But if you're not used to this sort of environment it can be tough knowing how to adapt your own business to function during this time. Thankfully here at Cubic Promote, we've got ideas for promotional gifts that will look amazing with your branding AND will ship with minimal fuss around Australia.


    1. Harness mail-outs for personalised connection.
    2. Tangible products amplify brand retention.
    3. Select quality, relevant promotional items.


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  9. Branded Gifts We Could All Use at Home

    As many of us are starting to appreciate, working from home or simply staying at home each day is far more mundane than we probably ever imagined. While larger organisations are keen on our promotional items, for smaller businesses and community groups a lot of the simple, affordable accessories we all need around the home are helping to get them noticed.

    Buy Useful Accessories With Your Logo

    What kind of simple household items can get your brand noticed during this difficult time? Do you need bag clips? Maybe some fleece blankets for a chilly weather? You may also want to have some BBQ kits to enjoy barbecue parties at home. Oddly enough there are a lot of custom promo products that we observe and use every day that perhaps we don't even register are ideal for marketing.

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  10. Returning to Normal with Promotional Products

    Although we likely have many more weeks of lockdown in various forms across Australia, because the curve is flattening many of our clients are considering the projects and campaigns they want to get off the ground 6 months from now or events planned for next year. If you want to get promotional products quickly and affordably, then Cubic Promote has solutions for you.

    Branded Merchandise Essentials Are Available

    Right now the emphasis for most businesses is on immediate survival and if they're considering promotional items they're more than likely investing in custom logo hand sanitisers or personalised

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