Monthly Archives: October 2020

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  1. Atari Branded Swag Drop in 2020

    Atari was the brand name on everyone's lips back in the 70s and 80s. Known for the development of pioneering at-home video game consoles, Atari became Atari Games Inc. after the 1983 video game crash and began focusing on arcade games instead. These days, Atari has embraced nostalgia and you'll find Atari-branded gear all over the internet. However, this latest swag drop is something a bit different because these promotional products aren't for Atari as a gaming company, they're for Atari Hotels (yes, hotels).


    1. Atari leverages nostalgia in marketing.
    2. Promotional items build Atari Hotels' hype.
    3. Future merch can expand growth potential.


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  2. Logo Branded Gift Ideas for November

    October is coming to a close which means we're almost in November, time to start considering promotional products for campaigns in the lead up to Christmas and marketing ideas to close the year out. The Cubic Promote team has some great product ideas you're sure to love, check out our recommendations for next month below!

    Promotional Bucket Hats

    As Aussies, we know that the hot sun can really get us down if we don't protect ourselves from it properly. Luckily our promotional bucket hats offer UPF50+ making them the

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  3. More Branded Merchandise from Taco Bell

    We've covered Taco Bell promotional items here on the Cubic Promote blog several times before, including this great set of lounge swag. Because the restaurant chain really is at the top of its merch game they've already brought out some more eye-catching gear for fans since then and we've decided to check out some highlights today from their expanded range of branded items.

    Simple Promotional Products that Turn Heads

    Taco Bell's range is quite extensive, but in actuality, they have an assortment of tried-and-true items with truly gorgeous designs that make you want to rush out and buy them. Although there's nothing inherently special about a restaurant selling

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  4. Promotional Gifts for the Great Outdoors

    Australia has some of the best Spring and Summer weather in the world, which is why local businesses know that to get noticed this time of year you need to invest in promotional products that can be useful outdoors. Today the Cubic Promote team puts together a list of best-selling outdoor goodies just in time for the holiday season.

    Corporate Gifts for the Holidays in Australia

    Whether they're from Cairns, Sydney, Hobart, Alice Springs, Perth, or somewhere in between Aussies love being in the outdoors. That's why, when it comes to local companies providing custom branded gifts for the holiday season to staff and clients, you simply can't beat items designed for use on the beach, in the backyard, in the bush, and everywhere else. Cubic Promote

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  5. NEW Low Price for King Mist Disinfectants

    We are proud to announce that the price on King Mist 500ml Disinfectant Sprays has been reduced, effective immediately. We've been extremely fortunate to work out a more cost-effective option for storage so the savings have been passed on directly to you, our customers.


    1. King Mist Disinfectant price reduced.
    2. Boost brand exposure with promos.
    3. Enhance workplace safety affordably.


    Why Choose King Mist Disinfectant Spray?

    King Mist is an Australian formulated, manufactured and owned disinfectant spray. Made from a water base, King Mist is effective at killing 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses (including COVID-19). The water-based formulation

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  6. Prepare for Christmas with Cubic Promote

    Just a reminder that there are 14 weeks remaining until Christmas 2020 isn't likely to go down as the best year in recent memory, there's still no reason to skip the fun of the holiday festivities! Cubic Promote has a dedicated category featuring unique promotional Christmas products suitable for the yuletide season. What kind of items can you order now for delivery before Christmas? It turns out there's a lot of Chrissy goodies that we can decorate and deliver to you before the holidays!

    Promotional Products for the Holidays

    Cubic Promote's friendly sales team are the experts when it comes to organising corporate gifts and promotional items for the Christmas

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  7. Marketing Merchandise for Small Businesses

    Australian small business owners know that it can be tough to boost the visibility of your exciting shop or new product because a lot of marketing options can be financially prohibitive. That's why the Cubic Promote team has put together an assortment of affordable promotional products for today's blog, giving you an easy starting point for marketing your business using custom merchandise. Learn more below!

    Promotional Phone Wallets

    If there's one product that Aussies have on-hand all the time it is their smartphone. Take advantage of this to boost your small business's brand visibility by purchasing promotional phone

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  8. Unique Promotional Face Masks

    We've seen a lot of different types of face mask spring up over the past 6 months. From disposable to reusable options, designs from car manufacturers and fast food brands, with COVID-19 dominating our lives we've seen promotional face masks capture public attention across the board. However, we might have just spotted one of the most unique promotional mask options available -- one that boasts a unique aroma.

    Smart Marketing Merchandise for 2020

    America's Hormel foods, best known for their deli meats and small goods, has launched its own face mask that it doesn't describe as a face mask, it's a "smellicious innovation." This very unique promotional product

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  9. Branded Swag from Travis Scott & McDonald's

    You don't tend to think of a rapper's branded merchandise and immediately think "fast food collaboration", but the latest gear from Travis Scott is a game-changing combo of streetwear sensibilities and modern restaurant marketing. Today we're checking out the unique promotional merchandise that make up this quirky collab from Maccas and Scott.

    Why People Love McDonalds?

    McDonalds is a global

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  10. Promotional Snacks You're Bound to Love

    One type of promotional product that has been sadly neglected without large-scale events this year has been the humble promotional snack. Whether we're talking nuts, chocolates, biscuits, lollipops, or assorted lollies, there is a yummy snack option to meet almost all marketing needs. While we don't have a lot of trade shows or conferences happening in person this year, that doesn't mean you need to neglect tasty treats!

    Bulk Confectionery for Brand Marketing

    Although promotional confectionery and treats make for great event marketing and conference giveaways, edible treats can also be used for in-house gifts to staff or as part of a mail-out campaign. Cubic Promote has a large variety of snacks that can be bulk branded with your

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