Monthly Archives: November 2020

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  1. Why Choose Embroidery for Your Logo

    Embroidery is a decoration technique used primarily on wearable items such as promotional clothing and headwear. But what is embroidery and why is it a popular branding method for these particular items? Today on the Cubic blog we'll learn more!

    What is Embroidery?

    Embroidery is a branding technique that involves using thread to add your design to the surface of fabrics. Traditional embroidery is an ancient craft and the modern, bulk-branding version is only really different in terms of scale. When a design is embroidered onto a promotional polo shirts, for example, the fabric must be pulled taut and positioned

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  2. Introducing Our Office Dog

    Having an Office Dog is awesome! It's becoming increasingly popular to have a furry addition in the office and there

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  3. More Promotional Fitness Essentials

    We recently discussed promotional products for active Australians, which included an assortment of our brandable athletic gear ideal for gyms or sports clubs looking to boost their marketing presence. However, we have a lot more in our range of fitness products than just these handful of examples and today we're checking out a few more useful pieces of swag for those wanting to promote an active lifestyle using quality customised items.

    Get Fit With Logo Branded Products

    Australia is a country with great weather so exercising outdoors is a popular pastime. If you're looking for a way to engage staff and clients this holiday season using logo branded merchandise, then consider some of our promotional

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  4. New in Stock, CamelBak Promotional Items

    CamelBak® are the experts when it comes to modern outdoor hydration. Originally founded in 1988 to meet the needs of cyclists who needed to drink while racing, the brand is known the world over for producing extremely durable products designed to last in the great outdoors. Now, Cubic Promote is proud to announce it has authentic CamelBak® drinkware available for order as bulk promotional products.

    Introducing CamelBak® Drinkware from Cubic Promote

    Cubic Promote is proud to introduce its newest range of drinkware from CamelBak®. This collection brings together the brand's renowned durability and modern design for people looking for an on-the-go hydration solution that's both practical and stylish. The range includes double wall travel mugs, vacuum camp mugs, a variety of personalised bottles, and more - all with the promise of a "Got Your Bak™" lifetime guarantee.

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  5. Logo Branded Hi-Chew Merchandise

    Hi-Chew is a popular Japanese candy, known for its soft, chewable texture and various fruity flavours. Like a lot of other snack brands, Hi-Chew has come to recognise that merchandise is an essential part of marketing to the masses. For the first time ever the brand has released an international capsule collection drop featuring promotional products decorated with the Hi-Chew logo.


    1. Hi-Chew brand releases trendy swag.
    2. Promo swag boosts brand visibility.
    3. Hi-Chew merchandise creates brand buzz.


    Fashionable Promo Swag for Snack Fans

    Hi-Chew candies are locally available in Australia through a variety of Asian grocery stores, which means even if you've

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  6. Summer Promotional Gifts

    Temperatures have been steadily increasing across Australia as the southern hemisphere edges towards summer. While COVID-19 restrictions will make the warmer months feel a bit different this year, there's still a great assortment of promotional products that will suit safe promotions over the next few months. Learn more about the cool range of custom items available from Cubic Promote below.


    1. Plan engaging summer campaigns with promos.
    2. Use customised tech gadgets for wider reach.
    3. Connect and excite customers.


    Summer Giveaway Ideas

    Logo Emblazoned Drink Bottles

    One of the most important things we need to do during

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  7. Logo Branded Dunkin' Swag for Xmas

    It's that time of the year again when we all start getting excited about the upcoming holiday season! And with it comes a range of seasonal merchandise from some of our favourite brands. Dunkin', for example, is already out in full force this year with their impressive branded holiday swag.

    Dunkin' - A Brand That Loves Branded Swag

    If you've ever been to Dunkin' Donuts (now simply known as Dunkin'), then you know they're one of the more prominent names in fast-food chains these days. But did you also know that they sell exclusive and unique branded gear beyond just custom coffee cups? Yes, it's true. In fact, limited edition collections are quite common for them

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  8. Branding on Promotional Pens

    Here's a classic topic we figured we'd cover for those new to promotional merchandise. Pens are some of the most popular items in our catalogue and it's easy to see why. Cheap, useful, and easily tailored to meet your needs, the promotional pens from Cubic Promote are second-to-none when it comes to functional custom gifts. Learn more about how we brand these nifty items below.

    Classic Pad Printing on Pens

    Pad printing is one of the most common methods for branding promotional pens owing to its cost-effectiveness. Pad printing involves cutting a plate into the shape of your unique logo design, then adding ink to the plate before pressing it directly onto the surface of the pens. Your logo is then left on the pen, clearly printed in a bold single colour.


    The downside to using pad printing is that

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  9. Promotional Ugly Christmas Sweaters

    With December just over two weeks away, US businesses are starting to release some of their annual Christmas merchandise. We've looked into the interesting promotional products from Whataburger before, but we were so impressed by the restaurant chain's 2020 holiday swag that we wanted to examine their Xmas releases as well.

    Why Weird Logo Branded Xmas Gifts?

    People enjoy wearing ugly sweaters because they're a humorous conversation starter that can help break the ice over the busy US holiday season. Seasonal branded sweaters started out being worn sincerely, then people started wearing them ironically because they were "ugly" and a bit of a laugh. However, these days the ironic ugly sweater has become popular enough with people of all ages

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  10. Budget Corporate Christmas Gifts

    If you're a small business or a business working to recover from lockdown this year, holiday gifts for staff and clients may not have the same budget as usual. However, that doesn't mean you can't give meaningful rewards to your loyal team. Here at Cubic Promote, we've put together an assortment of tips and tricks to getting the most out of promotional gifts on a limited budget these holidays.


    • Choose useful, personalised promotional products.
    • Gift packs provide more value.
    • Plan shipping and delivery in advance.


    Promotional Products Should be Useful

    While it might be fun to get novelty gifts that will wow your recipients

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