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  1. Happy Holidays from Cubic Promote

    As 2020 comes to a long-awaited end, we would like to take this moment at Cubic Promote to wish everyone a very happy holiday season! We've made it through the year of hand sanitizer and face masks, but the team is ready for a well-deserved break.


    Beginning on December 22nd 2020, we will be taking some time off before returning all guns blazing at January 11th 2021. Don’t worry though; our phone and email lines will still be available with skeleton staff present to help you out ASAP.

    Reflecting on 2020

    It’s safe to say that ‘tough times never last’, as we reflect on a challenging year faced by not just us Aussies, but people all over the globe. This year's got more ups' and downs than our great surf coastlines blended together! However, one positive takeaway for us here at Cubic Promote is seeing how our members continue

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  2. Product Digital Printing: Explained


    Digital printing is a decoration method suitable for use on an assortment of promotional items in the Cubic Promote range. While pad printing is a technique we've used for years, it is limited to spot colours, simple designs, and particular products. Digital printing unlocks new branding opportunities by letting you print in full-colour with minimal limitations. Learn more about digital printing below.


    1. Unlock new branding opportunities with digital printing.
    2. Enjoy vibrant, full-colour designs on various items.
    3. Quick production times for express orders.


    Digital Printing: Pros and Cons

    Digital printing is a great option for people who have photographic images or colourful designs

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  3. Matthew Perry's Promotional Products for Charity

    Even though it has been more than 25 years since the first season of Friends aired, stars like Matthew Perry are still heavily linked to their characters on the popular TV series. Perry has decided to put that fame to good use by selling limited edition promotional merchandise featuring Chandler's catchphrases and infamous dancing this month. Best part of all? A portion of all proceeds go to WHO's COVID-19 response fund!

    Branded Merchandise for a Good Cause

    While there's been plenty of nostalgic Friends merchandise over the years (like promotional magnets featuring Smelly Cat lyrics or Central Perk logo ceramic mugs), very rarely does

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  4. Pantone Colour(s) of the Year 2021

    Each year Pantone, the company behind the Pantone Colour Matching System used the world over, releases its colour predicted to make a splash in the next year during December. 2020 has been a doozy of a year so for 2021 the team at Pantone are spicing things up with not one but two colours of the year! Learn more about these funky shades and their application for promotional gifts in the months ahead.


    1. Use Ultimate Grey for elegance.
    2. Add vibrancy with Illuminating.
    3. Enhance branding with Pantone.


    Different Shades for a New Year of Branding

    This time last year we were gushing about the natural style of the 2020 Pantone colour of the year, Classic

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  5. Why Choose Branded Cooler Bags

    During the warmer months one of the promotional products that we find flies off our shelves are promotional cooler bags. Why are cooler bags in such high demand when the temperatures soar? Well, who wouldn't want their lunch or drinks to remain cool during a 40-degree day in the Aussie sun! Let's learn a little bit more about the humble cooler bag and why it makes such a great branded gift.


    1. Cooler bags keep food and drinks cool.
    2. Logo branded cooler bags increase brand visibility.
    3. Customisable and durable for long-lasting exposure.


    What Makes Chiller Bags Different?

    Custom cooler bags or chiller bags are a bit different

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  6. Deluxe Logo Decorated Chipotle Swag

    Chipotle is a popular fast food restaurant in the US and beyond that specialises in Mexican meals with a spicy twist. Although Chipotle isn't a household name here in Australia, the brand's influence is significant elsewhere in the world, which is why their range of premium promotional products caught our eye. Today we're going to check out what makes these stylish swag items so different from the norm.

    Fashionable Restaurant Merchandise

    Chipotle, like McDonald's or Wendy's, is a restaurant chain that specialises in fast food for people on the move. As we saw with McDonald's promotional items yesterday, most of these cheap & cheerful food chains opt for brightly coloured merchandise and simple, unstructured

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  7. More McDonald's Promotional Merchandise

    McDonald's remains one of the most popular fast food chains in the world, with restaurants across the globe. However, the brand has only recently got onboard with the trend of food retailers selling swag online. A year has passed since Maccas released their original line of winter gear, but in 2020 they've upped their game with further additions to their range. Check out the latest promotional items from McDonald's below.

    Logo Branded Swag for the Holidays

    Right now in the US, with the pandemic still hitting hard and a lot of people unable to visit their families for the holidays, online gifts have become vital to staying connected over Hanukkah and Christmas. McDonald's

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  8. Promotional Holiday Swag from Hostess

    Hostess is a popular cake brand in the USA known for selling an assortment of tasty treats including Ho Hos, Twinkies, CupCakes, Snoballs and Ding Dongs. Available across America these sweet snacks are less well known here, but the company is going viral at the moment thanks to an assortment of fun holiday swag items now available on their website.

    Logo Decorated Merchandise for Brand Fans

    Hostess being such a big brand in the US it is unsurprising that they've joined other popular organisations in embracing logo branded merchandise options. 2020 has been a year of countless promo merch launches for brands that normally rely on consumers buying their food, whether in restaurants or in supermarkets. Having merchandise online has allowed these

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  9. Last Minute Corporate Christmas Gifts

    We're only two days into December but the rush to prepare for the holidays is already on. It can be tough when youre in charge of organising corporate holiday gifts. Whether you're struggling to put together an idea for your corporate gifts now, or two weeks from now, hopefully, this blog can guide you in the right direction as the Cubic team examines the ideal promotional products

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