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  1. Corporate Farewell Gifts

    I've got souvenirs from previous workplaces. Do you? Other than memories (hopefully good memories, not bad memories), leaving an office or a workplace is a big deal. There are a lot of emotions involved. As we all know, work extends into all aspects of our lives. So if someone is leaving a company or a business, it makes sense to give them a farewell gift to remember the company by. Here are some excellent farewell gift ideas.


    Corporate farewell gifts are an excellent way to show appreciation

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  2. Personalised Corporate Easter Eggs 2021

    Easter this year falls at the start of April, so with just over a month to go before the holiday period now is the perfect time to order promotional chocolates and other seasonal treats for your event or organisation. Learn more about our delicious stocked choccies below.

    Chocolate Snacks for Seasonal Events

    Easter is a solemn time for those of a Christian faith, but it is also a time of celebration and over the years chocolate eggs have become one of the best ways to celebrate during the Easter holiday period. Eggs represent new life and the unique chocolate and baby animal shapes available ensure that there's a fun chocolate treat available over Easter to suit

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  3. Promotional Swag Drop from McDonald's

    McDonald's continues to lead the way in terms of fast-food merchandising and its latest limited edition capsule drop is bound to set a new bar for others to reach. Maccas in the US have decided to venture into the chicken sandwich wars with a new Crispy Chicken Sandwich that is backed by a serious marketing campaign, launching in the US next week.


    1. McDonald's innovates fast-food merchandising.
    2. Limited editions drive customer engagement.
    3. Promotional merchandising aids brand visibility.


    Maccas Capsule Collection 

    Capsule collections are fashion releases that collect together harmonious elements such as

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  4. Simple Branded Merchandise for Couples

    We've discussed the success of Dunkin's recent promotional product releases, but the fast-food chain has upped its game for Valentine's Day using a series of smart, straightforward, and affordable branded items meant for couples. On today's blog we're examining what items are on offer and why they work so well for the chain.

    Promotional Gifts for Weddings

    February is definitely the month for love and Dunkin' has decided to embrace this in its release of branded merchandise designed specifically for marrying couples. What, you don't think of a donut dining chain when you think of weddings? Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who feel otherwise and many couples have fond memories of fast food chains they've dined at together and we've

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  5. Why Choose Promotional Hoodies

    Hoodies make fantastic promotional gifts for a variety of industries because, well, what's more comfortable than a hoodie when the cold weather starts to bite? Today on the Cubic Promote blog we're going to be looking at why promotional hoodies make sense as branded merchandise in 2021.


    1. Hoodies: Comfortable, versatile, and cost-effective.
    2. Zip-ups vs. pullovers: Design options matter.
    3. Hoodies: Visible branding with long-lasting impact.


    Branded Hoodies as Marketing Merchandise

    Hoodies are a popular piece of promotional clothing for organisations as diverse

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  6. Mini Cooper Promotional Items

    The most obvious places for promotional merchandise which we see daily is from fast-food chains. McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominoes and others, often have one-off promotional events or gifts with tip-on purchases. Did you know, though, that promotional products and tip-on gifts are just as famous for expensive purchases? 

    The Mini Cooper Experience

    One example of how car manufacturers increase brand awareness for their automobiles is through the use of promotional products like Mini Cooper. Brand awareness is established the moment a potential buyer steps into a car dealership and continues even after driving away in their new car. By utilizing promotional items, companies can create excitement around

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  7. Quirky Custom Valentine's Day Gifts

    We only mentioned A&W Restaurants' range of promotional merchandise the other day and normally we'd wait a while to feature the brand again. But today the fast-food chain launched a limited-edition Valentine's Day marketing campaign that we absolutely had to mention here on the Cubic blog. Ready to get your chicken on? Good, let's get to it!

    Promotional Chicken-Based Merchandise

    Here in Australia we haven't had the "chicken sandwich war" that has been going on in the US, where countless takeaway restaurants launched low-price and high-flavour chicken sangers in direct competition with one another (thankfully.) But in the US A&W is hoping to start afresh this Valentine's Day and end the war with a "tender loving" range of

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  8. New Promotional Product Top Picks

    Every year we introduce all sorts of new promotional items to the Australian market and even though we're only in February, the Cubic Promote team has already started adding exciting new products to our range. Ready to see some of our latest additions? Check out our top picks below!


    1. Introducing new promotional product selections.
    2. Personalised gluten-free cookies and stylish mugs.
    3. Embrace sustainability in promotional products.


    Latest Promotional Product Selections

    Personalised Gluten-Free Cookies 

    We've had a lot of requests about gluten-free snack options and we're very happy to now stock individually packaged

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  9. A&W Logo Branded Merchandise

    Here in Australia we mainly recognise A&W for their canned root beers available in limited supply across the country. However, in the US the company is known as a fast-food chain as well and their restaurants serve a lot of different burgers, hot dogs, sweets, and drinks. Like a lot of big restaurant chains, A&W has started embracing nostalgia in the form of promotional merchandise with all sorts of retro-inspired A&W-branded products now available in their online store.

    Promotional Swag for Diners

    A&W might not be that well known over here, but in the US stopping for a meal at an A&W restaurant has been a common occurrence for almost 100 years. Not only does

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  10. Logo Decorated Cup Noodles Swag

    Here in Australia we have a variety of instant noodle options, both local and imported, but in the US the premier noodle brand is Nissin who sell the famous "Cup Noodles" that offer hungry consumers a quick meal that hits the spot. But did you know that Nissin has also started producing logo branded merchandise for Cup Noodles fans? Today we're checking out some of the fun, noodle-y swag that is available and just how inspiring it actually can be for organisations looking to market their brand using promotional products.


    1. Boost brand exposure with logo merchandise.
    2. Forge connections with customised products.
    3. Build lasting brand recognition.


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