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  1. Custom Merchandise Ideas for May

    April is wrapping up and tomorrow we'll be starting May, so what kinds of promotional items are making waves as we head into the last stretch before end of financial year? Turns out, quite a unique variety of goodies! Check out our latest ideas and recommendations based on recent best-sellers from the Cubic Promote range.

    Norway Fleece Promotional Blankets

    The weather is definitely starting to cool off and across the country Aussies are looking for ways to keep warm at home and at events. Why not get your brand noticed by these chilly recipients using Promotional Norway Fleece Blankets with your custom logo branding on them. Cubic Promote has stock of these warm and snugly blankets

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  2. Promotional Capsule Swag from Aldi

    ALDI is known both here and abroad for its weekly specials (dubbed "special buys"), items available in limited quantity at each store that are often similar to famous products or in-demand items from other outlets. In the UK, ALDI had decided to take their special buys to a whole new level by creating a branded merchandise collection packaged like a fashion label capsule drop and unsurprisingly, it is being snapped up fast!

    Logo Branded Merchandise Innovations

    ALDI is the latest business utilising promotional wearables to boost brand awareness despite not usually being known for employing merchandise as part of their normal marketing efforts. Dubbed the "Aldimania" capsule collection, not only did the clothing items sell out online before hitting a lot of

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  3. The Cubic Promote Advantage

    There are many suppliers in Australia that provide promotional products, so why should you trust Cubic Promote with your important marketing merchandise requirements? Today we'll be breaking down the advantages you can enjoy when you order through the Cubic Promote team.


    1. Trust Cubic Promote for quality.
    2. Extensive product range for every need.
    3. Personalised support from experienced professionals.


    We Are Australian Owned, Operated, and Focused

    Cubic Promote's head office is located in the heart of the Sydney CBD and headed by a team of experienced local team members dedicated to guiding you through the promotional product ordering process.

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  4. Branded Krispy Kreme Clothing

    Krispy Kreme is recognised internationally for its cheap and cheerful donuts, but what you may not know is that they're also at the top of their game when it comes to promotional merchandise. The US Krispy Kreme online store is packed to the rafters with promotional clothing in particular, because let's face it who doesn't love a fun logo t-shirt?!

    Simple & Effective Promotional Attire

    Perhaps the most striking thing about Krispy Kreme's range of promotional apparel is that it is very simple. Rather than focusing on providing a lot of different designs, the company has opted for a small

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  5. Promotional Cups for Cold Weather

    The mornings and evenings have begun cooling down and across Australia, we're starting to feel the full grip of Autumn. One of the promotional products that never fails to find fans during the cooler months is logo branded coffee cups & mugs. No matter what your choice of hot beverage, you can enjoy it in style with our range of customised drinkware.


    1. Use mugs to promote your brand.
    2. Consider colours, materials, and style.
    3. Work with experts for optimal results.


    Why Choose Mugs for Your Marketing?

    Mugs are products that Australians use and enjoy every day. Whether you're having a cup of coffee first thing in the

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  6. Logo Branded Gifts for Pet Dogs

    Australians love their pets and during the lockdown last year, more Aussies than ever before adopted dogs to keep them company during tough times. If you own an organisation that's hoping to appeal to pet owners, or perhaps you have an animal-focused event that's coming up in 2021, then you can't beat Cubic Promote's new range of logo-branded gifts for dogs.

    Top Promotional Pet Items

    If you work with animals or want to appeal to animal lovers, then it is important that you provide quality items to recipients during marketing events or campaigns. Cubic Promote has an entire section dedicated to just promotional pet gifts that we decorate in bulk with your custom logo design or slogan. The pet products

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  7. Promotional Merchandise for Chocolate Lovers

    The only thing sweeter than chocolate is a range of promotional swag featuring America's best-selling confectionery brands from Hershey's. The business, which sells treats like Reese's Pieces, Twizzlers, and Kit Kats in the US has a delightful range of branded merchandise that capitalises on feelings of nostalgia and a desire to rep recognisable logos among Millennials and Zoomers alike.

    Wearable Logo Swag and More

    Like a lot of restaurants and food retailers, the bulk of the Hershey's merchandise range is wearable. Best-selling items include logo branded hoodies, customised socks, and even promotional caps. The consistent detail across all wearables is the use of classic

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  8. New! Promotional Bubble Pop Fidget Toys

    Move over promotional fidget spinners, the new star of tactile toys is here and people of all ages are sure to enjoy de-stressing with it at work and home alike. Do you know what we're talking about? That's right, Promotional Fidget Popper Toys!


    1. Boost creativity with bubble popping.
    2. Personalise your promotional fidget toys.
    3. Relieve stress with reusable games.


    What is a Bubble Pop Fidget Toy

    Bubble pop fidget toy is a silicon-based, reusable game that features several rows of "bubbles." Fidget popping toys are currently taking the

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  9. Classic Promotional Gifts from Coca-Cola

    Here on the Cubic Promote blog we frequently discuss the branded swag made available by big restaurant chains, but we haven't focused on one of the most popular drink brands featured in these restaurants; Coca-Cola! Not only is Coca-Cola an old-school brand that continues to be relevant even in an ever-changing market, but they're actually a brand that boasts a diverse range of promotional merchandise in their online store.

    Coca Cola is

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  10. Yes, We Have Promo Product Catalogues!

    Are you interested in checking out the range of promotional gifts here at Cubic Promote, but would prefer having an old-school browse offline? Never fear, we always keep a stock of product catalogues that we can send you on request to ensure you can see our latest and greatest items without the need for browsing through our extensive online catalogue.

    Why Choose Printed Product Catalogues?

    Sometimes it can be easier to pass a physical catalogue around a marketing team or perhaps you're the kind of person who likes to curl up and enjoy a good brochure on your own time. For those times, Cubic Promote can supply a full-colour glossy catalogue featuring popular, recent, and eco-friendly

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