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  1. Logo Branded Merchandise Celebrating Xbox

    If you can believe it the first Xbox game console shipped in November of 2001 which means that 2021 is... yeah, the 20th anniversary of the Xbox. While you're grappling with the irrepressible nature of time, you should know that Microsoft is celebrating the console's anniversary all the way up until its release month of November. What does that mean for gamers? Some exciting limited-edition promotional swag is going to be available until the end of the year!

    Displaying Your Favourite Logo

    Anniversaries and birthdays provide a fantastic opportunity for businesses to market their popular products or services with limited edition merchandise. Xbox's anniversary capsule collection is a perfect example of this in action. Gamers love wearing tees, particularly when

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  2. Australian Stocked Masks and Hand Sanitiser

    I'm not sure what it's like where you're working at the moment, but on our CBD block there have been several buildings hit by gastro bugs and the flu in recent weeks. So here in the Cubic Promote office we've been mindful to keep up our stock of promotional hand sanitisers and face masks.


    Hand sanitisers are essential for maintaining good hygiene. By keeping our hands clean, we can avoid the spread of bacteria, viruses and other germs which can cause illnesses like coughs, colds and even serious health conditions like flu. Hand sanitisers help keep us safe by killing bacteria on contact so that we can stay protected at all times.

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  3. More Branded Swag from Matthew Perry

    We talked about Friends actor Matthew Perry releasing his own limited edition range of Chandler branded merchandise late last year and it seems the capsule collection was a success, as Perry is back at it with a exclusive new range of goodies for Friends-lovers in the US and beyond.

    The new swag features classic lines and iconic scenes from the show including merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and phone cases. Fans of the show can also purchase a limited edition Chandler Bing bobblehead doll with sound. How cool is that?

    Promotional Apparel for Fans

    The hotly-anticipated Friends reunion special is happening soon which seems to have motivated Matthew Perry to release a new set of perfectly-timed wearable merchandise

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  4. Custom Gifts for National Wine Day

    May 25th is National Wine Day in the USA and while it might not be the same celebration of alcohol here in Australia tomorrow, it did get us thinking about promotional merchandise that might suit local wine drinkers and those seeking to market to them.

    Promotional Wine Product Ideas

    Promotional wine products can be a great way to

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  5. Unique Water Logo Merchandise

    When you're working in an established industry with a lot of major players already in the game, it can be tough to make your brand stand out. However, with the right use of creative branding and promotional products it is possible to make your business memorable. Take, for example, the case of Liquid Death canned water!

    Powerful Marketing Innovations

    There are a lot of bottled and canned water brands on the market, you've probably seen several types already today in supermarket or corner-store fridges. So when Liquid Death launched in 2019 it was just one of dozens of brands doing battle for a share of an already tough market. However, what Liquid Death had behind

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  6. Cold Weather Custom Product Essentials

    In need of ideas for your autumn or winter marketing campaign? Look no further than Cubic Promote for quality promotional merchandise that suit the season AND look incredible!

    Promotional Hi-Vis Beanies

    Custom headwear makes any ideal addition to marketing campaigns as wearables draw considerable attention and can be enjoyed by recipients inside and outside of work environments. The only thing better is our Promotional Hi-Vis Beanies that boast vibrant high visibility colours with reflective strips, making them perfect for Aussie tradies but also unique enough to stand out for marketing campaigns wanting to make a real splash.


    The Cubic Promote team will add your logo or slogan design to the beanies

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  7. Promotional Hand Sanitisers for Flu Season

    Following on from yesterday's throat lozenge blog, today we're looking at how useful promotional hand sanitisers can be during Australia's flu season. Nobody likes to get sick and no employer or event organiser wants to see their important staff or attendees falling ill with a nasty seasonal flu or head cold. That's why Cubic Promote's range of logo imprinted sanitisers make such popular gifts between April and September each year!


    1. Boost brand visibility with custom hand sanitisers.
    2. Show concern for health and hygiene.
    3. Customise sanitisers for maximum impact.


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  8. Marketing With Branded Throat Lozenges


    Whether we like it or not, autumn and winter are the peak seasons for nasty colds and flu that can leave Aussies with runny noses and sore throats. That's why the range of promotional throat lozenges at Cubic Promote makes such great items of marketing merchandise for events or campaigns that fit into the cooler seasons.


    Branded Throat Lozenges

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  9. Why Shop Bulk Merchandise for EOFY

    June 30th is the end of the financial year here in Australia which means a lot of businesses and government departments have allocated budgets that need to be used before this annual deadline. EOFY promotional products are a fantastic way to utilise money during tax time as, once purchased, your items can be stored and used at any time. But that isn't the only reason to take advantage of custom swag during end of financial year!


    1. Boost your brand visibility.
    2. Maximise your budget.
    3. Long-lasting advertising.


    Promotional Products Are Extremely Useful

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  10. Promotional Merchandise for MrBeast Burgers

    MrBeast is probably best known as a YouTuber who does all sorts of fun and challenging things on video, such as gaming and trying unique products or experiences. However, you might not know that in the US he has also launched a a fast-food restaurant chain that is delivery only. Rather than you visiting a dine-in establishment, you order your burgers via an app and they come to you. Like MrBeast's normal website, the MrBeast Burger site is also teeming with branded swag for keen burger connoisseurs who love some limited edition streetwear on the side.


    1. Youthful style meets nostalgic vibes.
    2. Limited editions create desire.
    3. Brand alignment enhances appeal.


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