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  1. New Promotional Whataburger Swag

    New Promotional Whataburger Swag

    US fast food chain Whataburger only announced an outdoors-focused brand collaboration last month, but they've already launched some new swag an additional collaboration to welcome in October! Restaurant chains tend to be on the cutting edge of marketing merchandise so we thought this would be another fascinating product drop to check out for some mid-week inspo!

    A Unique Branded Merchandise Collection

    Whataburger's latest additions include collaborative warm weather merchandise from famous chiller bag producers Igloo (including wearable promotional cooler bags) as well as eye-catching custom drink tumblers produced made in association with drinkware giant, YETI.

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  2. New Locking Mobile Phone Pouches

    New Locking Mobile Phone Pouches

    There's nothing worse than people using their mobile phones when they're meant to be focusing on class, a conference, or simply on everyday activities. Cubic Promote has a new promotional product available that will help organisations to secure phones quickly and easily with minimal fuss. We're proud to now be offering logo printed Lockable Mobile Phone Pouches!

    Introducing Lockable Mobile Phone Pouches

    With Lockable Mobile Phone Pouches, Cubic Promote is revolutionising the way organisations keep people off their phones. These innovative pouches provide a secure and simple way to easily lock a mobile phone away, with minimal effort required. The magnetic base feature unlocks each pouch quickly and easily, while still keeping the phone secure until it’s needed. These pouches also come with full colour logo printing, making them a great promotional item as well!

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  3. Logo Decorated Beach Products

    When the weather starts warming up Australians flock to the beach, it's just what we do as a nation! While some Aussies are still in lockdown, with these restrictions lifting soon now is the perfect time to look into boosting your brand visibility with promotional products suited to use on the beach! Check out some of our most popular beach-related items for your next marketing campaign below.


    1. Increase brand exposure with beach promotions.
    2. Make a lasting impression with logo items.
    3. Associate your brand with enjoyable experiences.


    Beach Promotional Item Ideas

    Promotional Hooded Beach Towels

    A trip to the beach (or the pool) isn't complete without a towel,

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  4. New Sonic Drive In Promotional Swag

    Sonic Drive-In isn't a familiar takeaway restaurant to most Australians, but in North America the Sonic restaurant chain is well known for its convenient food and sizable drinks. In recent years, like a lot of restaurant chains, Sonic has started releasing limited edition branded merchandise drops. Their latest capsule collection is simple, but effective -- especially because it ties in nicely with America's Got Talent.


    1. Use branded merchandise for profit/visibility.
    2. Strategically distribute for maximum engagement.
    3. Maintain coherence, understand the audience, track success.


    Why Release Logo Merchandise?

    For many restaurants

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  5. Boxlunch x McDonald's Branded Merchandise

    We've said it before and we'll say it again, McDonald's is on the cutting edge of using branded merchandise to expand its reach beyond its restaurant doors. We've seen some stellar artist collaborations from Maccas in 2021 but they've decided to go one further by working with retailer Boxlunch to create some fashionable new swag for everyday purchase in the US. Learn more about this new partnership and its related merchandise below.


    1. McDonald's + Boxlunch collaborate on merchandise.
    2. Target youth with trendy designs.
    3. Tap nostalgia for emotional connections.


    Boxlunch x McDonald's Collab

    Boxlunch aren't new to the world

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  6. Top New Branded Merchandise

    Here at Cubic Promote we work hard to keep our catalogue up-to-date with all the latest promotional products that we can source for our Australian customers. Today we're going to be looking at 3 of the top products we've just added to our collection. Check them out if you're keen on fresh product ideas for your next marketing campaign or event!


    1. New promo products for your campaign.
    2. Stay trendy with sustainable & personalised items.
    3. Contact Cubic Promote for info about our new items.


    New Promo Items: September 2021

    Promotional Cooling Reusable Face Masks

    Cubic Promote is proud to offer an extensive range for

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  7. Client Spotlight: Vaxed Hats

    We recently worked with Vaxed Hats, a local Aussie initiative that sells hats showing a prominent "Vaxed" logo on the front so you can declare your pro-vax status without needing to say a word! When you order promotional caps from Vaxed Hats, not only do you get a cap that's ready to take on the Aussie sun (once we're all out of lockdown) but $5 from your purchase goes to Beyond Blue. We thought it would be a great idea to highlight the work that Tim Rose and Will Atkinson are doing with Vaxed Hats on today's Cubic blog!


    1. Wear your pro-vax status.
    2. Protect yourself from the sun.
    3. Support Beyond Blue mental health.


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  8. Ordering Promotional Products for Christmas

    2021 has seen pressure on delivery services increase to more than four times what it was last year. In fact, those ordering items within their own city may have noticed postal services slowing down more than ever before over the last six weeks. Cubic Promote utilises experienced local courier services to deliver custom merchandise like the promotional keyrings below, which has ensured customers enjoy extensive tracking options & faster delivery speeds when compared with the regular post. However, in the lead up to Christmas we are suggesting our customers get in as early as they can to get the products delivered in time for distribution before the holidays.


    1. Start planning and ordering early.
    2. Maximise impact with personalization.
    3. Strategise holiday promotions effectively.
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  9. Return to Work With Office Essentials

    While lockdown won't be ending in the next few weeks for Sydney and Melbourne, Australia as a whole is working towards being able to open up once vaccination levels reach an acceptable point. For those of us who have been working from home, the transition back to the office will undoubtedly be a bit tough, no matter when it happens. You can minimise the difficulty of this transition by ensuring your staff and clients have every promotional item they need ready and waiting for them when they return by getting in touch with Cubic Promote.

    Why Be Prepared?

    When everyone needs to be mindful of social distancing and mask etiquette on top of all their everyday tasks, it doesn't take much for staff to start getting stressed out. After all, many of us

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  10. Why Promotional Bucket Hats are Popular

    Whether it's older people relaxing by a camp site or young people enjoying street food and fashion, promotional bucket hats can be found almost everywhere these days. Why are bucket hats such a hit when there are so many other hat styles available? Today we decided to look into this and see what the explanation might be.


    1. Bucket hats are fashionable and versatile.
    2. They can be used for promotions.
    3. Bucket hats provide sun protection.


    Benefits of Promotional Bucket Hats

    Bucket Hats are Fashionable

    While headwear of any sort is popular during sunny

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