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  1. Custom Cheese Boards as Corporate Gifts

    One of the old rules of thumb for getting someone a gift is pick something they'll use, but won't think to buy for themselves. Promotional cheese boards are the type of custom product that spring to mind when I hear this rule of thumb. Most Aussies enjoy sitting back with a drink in hand, picking flavourful cheese, seasonal fruits, and hors d'oeuvres off a tailored cheese board. This holiday season why not make Cubic Promote's cheeseboards part of your corporate gift campaign for staff and clients alike?


    1. Choose cheese boards for corporate gifts.
    2. Distribute at corporate events.
    3. Enhance brand visibility with strategic placement.


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  2. Customised Bulk Sunscreen for Summer

    Customised Bulk Sunscreen for Summer

    If you're struggling to think of an affordable gift for your next promotion then the Cubic Promote team humbly suggests custom branded sunscreen. All Aussies need to protect their skin and having an easily accessible sunscreen tube can make a real difference! Get your organisation or event noticed with a promotional items recipients will use, try sunscreen from Cubic Promote featuring your logo design.

    Why Promotional Sunscreens?

    Promotional sunscreens

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  3. Welcome Back, Victoria!

    Welcome Back, Victoria!

    Melbourne and the broader areas of Victoria have endured some seriously heavy restrictions during COVID, so it's incredible to see our clients and local Melbourne factory staff starting to enjoy the outdoors again. Here at Cubic Promote, we want to encourage Victorian businesses and organisations in need of boosting their marketing to consider promotional items from our local Melbourne branding facilities!


    1. Buy local for speedy delivery.
    2. Choose eco-friendly and practical products.
    3. Promote your brand with trendy items.


    Why Choose Promotional Gifts in Melbourne?

    Cubic Promote has branding and factory facilities in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne so that we

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  4. Megan Thee Stallion x Popeyes Swag Collaboration

    Megan Thee Stallion x Popeyes Swag Collaboration

    The woman who brought us 'Hot Girl Summer' is now bringing us hot sauce in a new brand collaboration with famous fast food chain, Popeyes. As you know if you follow the Cubic Promote blog, there has been a slew of popular music artists joining forces with restaurants lately but, let's be real, the Megan Thee Stallion x Popeyes collab is one of the most memorable of them all!

    A Music & Fast Food Promotion That Works

    Megan Thee Stallion's new range of promotional merchandise released with Popeyes is only part of a much larger campaign between the performer and her favourite restaurant. The merchandise is promoting Megan's "Hottie Sauce", a new sauce that chicken fans can enjoy at the restaurant. The sauce combines sweet and spicy ingredients

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  5. Remember to Order Your Xmas Promotional Gifts

    We've previously mentioned that due to logistics and supply issues internationally, the Cubic Promote team recommends placing your order for Christmas promotional gifts sooner rather than later. If you've been ordering products online via local post services over the last few weeks you'll know what we're talking about! That's why we're reminding you today to try to get your orders for the holidays placed with our team ASAP!


    1. Place early orders for on-time delivery.
    2. Consider alternate options for delays.
    3. Get personalised help from Cubic Promote.


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  6. A&W's High End Marketing Swag

    We've been discussing the rise of promotional merchandise for restaurants and food companies over the last couple of years, but one thing we haven't seen a lot of with this trend is high-end, premium swag collections from food producers akin to those from fashion labels. Fear not, because A&W have decided to drop some pricey promotional gear made in conjunction with some quality labels. Learn more below.

    Premium Promotional Products

    It seems obvious in retrospect for a brand to collaborate with textile artists to create a merchandise release that is on par with well-known clothing chains, but A&W's latest merch line is really setting the bar high for any restaurants

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  7. We Love Hearing From You

    Here at Cubic Promote we appreciate feedback from our clients and Google Reviews are a great way to let us know your thoughts. If you've had a fantastic experience purchasing promotional items with our customer care team, or if you've had any issues arise during your order, we want to know!

    Customer Feedback Helps Us Improve

    At Cubic Promote, we want to make sure that our customers are always happy with the products and services we offer. That's why we ask for customer reviews and feedback! If there's anything you love or don't like about what we're doing, let us know – your opinion is important to us. Your feedback helps us improve our service and ensure that every experience you

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  8. Promotional Products for NSW Lockdown

    Monday the 11th of October marked the start of NSW's transition out of lockdown. However, a lot of businesses will face challenging times ahead getting noticed in a busy market overflowing with 'welcome back' messages. Help your organisation stand out from the crowd with promotional gifts featuring designs you want your customers and staff to see!


    1. Branded merchandise boosts post-lockdown visibility.
    2. Utilise expert guidance, like Cubic Promote.
    3. Match promotional items to audience needs.


    Why Use Branded Merchandise?

    People enjoy receiving gifts, it's just a fact of life. When businesses provide branded merchandise, surveys suggest that you're more likely

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  9. Weekend Special - 10% Off Best Selling Branded Shakers

    NSW will begin lifting lockdown restrictions on Monday the 11th of October, so between the 8th-11th of October 2021 here at Cubic Promote we thought we'd offer our popular 400ml Zeus Promotional Protein Shakers at 10% off our everyday price!

    What are Branded Sports Shakers?

    Logo branded sports shakers are cool and handy bottles that can help you mix your shakes or drinks on-the-go. They come with a small mixer ball, which helps to blend your ingredients perfectly leaving no lumps at all. You can use them for making different types of drinks such as protein shake, smoothies, milkshakes or even cocktails. It's easy

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  10. Smoky Logo Branded Clothing

    A lot of restaurant chains these days are selling promotional clothing, particularly to offset losses incurred during COVID closures. In the US, famous dining chain Arby's has a new range of limited edition promotional hoodies & sweaters on the horizon, but these aren't regular pieces of marketing merchandise. In fact, the new Arby's loungwear has a lot more in common with their latest burger than you might guess...

    Why Choose Custom Logo Hoodies & Pants?

    Custom logo hoodies and sweat pants make great promotional gifts because they’re comfortable, stylish, and really get your

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