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  1. Foodbank Australia Fighting Hunger

    We have an exciting announcement to make. Cubic Promote is collaborating with Foodbank Australia, a charity that many members of our team respect and support, to help raise funds over the summer.

    What is FoodBank Australia?

    Foodbank is a charity that operates in Australia. At Foodbank, the aim is to give meals to Aussies around the country who could do with a helping hand each year.

    Who Does Foodbank help?

    The Foodbank helps charities, schools, and individuals with meals and nutrition. They do not provide food directly to the community, but they work behind the scenes in partnership with other charities and schools to distribute food where it is needed most.


    It is strange to use the word performance for a charity, but in the case of Food Bank,

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  2. Face Masks Stocked in Australia

    Unfortunately, it looks like COVID-19's Omicron variant might be all around us this holiday season. Aussies are being cautious and stocking up on essential everyday Customised PPE items, but we've noticed in Sydney and Melbourne that a lot of chemists, supermarkets, and department stores are running out of stock for things like Customised Face Masks. That's why today we're going to use this blog to remind our customers about what we have available in regards to promotional and bulk items specifically for staff and customers to utilise for everyday use against nasties like viruses and bacteria.


    1. Cubic Promote offers stocked face masks.
    2. Branded masks yield multifaceted benefits.
    3. Bulk purchasing ensures safety, savings.


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  3. Bumble Branded Capsule Collection

    Bumble Branded Capsule Collection

    When it comes to promotional items being released in capsule collections, most people wouldn't immediately think of dating apps. However, Bumble's latest merch drop might make the idea of limited edition merchandise for dating apps (and non-gaming apps in general) a more mainstream thing.

    Logo Decorated Swag for Apps

    The Bumble capsule collection is a fairly straightforward limited edition merchandise range, offering minimalist clothing and accessories with the Bumble logo design. Part of what makes sparsely decorated sets of apparel and other gift items so popular is that they draw the idea to the key elements of a brand's overall design. For Bumble that includes their hive logo alongside

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  4. Champion x Board Game Brand Collaboration

    Champion x Board Game Brand Collaboration

    Although restaurant chains are releasing brand collaborations at a ridiculous rate, not every collab involves fast food dining. Take, for example, the new capsule collection from streetwear giant Champion and Hasbro Gaming which units classic board games with wearable every day fashion. Intrigued? Read on to find out more!


    Brand collaborations are amongst a businesses most effective tools for success. By

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  5. 2022 Pantone Colour: Very Peri

    2022 Pantone Colour: Very Peri

    One of the more exciting events on the design calendar each year is the Pantone Colour of the Year announcement. For 2022, they've opted for a bold and courageous blue dubbed Very Peri (PMS 17-3938) which offers a deep undertone of violet red perfect for use on corporate branded gifts!


    1. Set design trends with Pantone Colors.
    2. Incorporate colors for consistent branding.
    3. Enhance visibility and brand memorability.


    Why Pantone Colours of the Year Matter

    Why should any of us care about these colour announcements? Because they help set the trend for design for the year ahead and undoubtedly we'll see some big companies adopting Very Peri as part of their go-to palette

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  6. Dalgona Cookie Candies Available Now

    Have you heard of the Dalgona cookie? If you grew up in a Korean family or may have recently watched the horror drama called Squid Game, then you may be familiar with this cookie.

    What is a Dalgona Cookie?

    A dalgona candy or cookie is a flat circular toffee biscuit that measures around 8cm in diameter. It is a beautiful golden brown, made almost entirely from sugar. The cookie itself is somewhat crunchy (very crunchy in fact) and has a caramel, toffee taste. In some recipes, the cookie has a slight bitterness to it. This is due to the caramelised sugar.

    The Squid Game (Dalgona Challenge)

    The television show Squid Game on Netflix has a few episodes that feature this cookie. (warning: this show is not a children's show). Contestants in the

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  7. Chipotle Turns Meme Into Merchandise!

    If you've been even slightly online in the past decade you've undoubtedly come across Facebook groups, Instagram pages, and TikTok accounts proclaiming hatred for coriander (aka: cilantro). While some people truly love the popular garnish, it has a very active group of online haters who often disparagingly compare its flavour to soap. US fast food chain Chipotle, which uses a lot of cilantro/coriander in its Mexican dishes, decided to put a fun marketing spin on the concept with a new sold-out promo product: cilantro soap!


    1. Know your audience, be original.
    2. Keep it simple, stay on-brand.
    3. Use high-quality materials, customise.


    Fun Promotional

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  8. A&W Canada Releases Upcycled Swag

    A lot of big businesses talk the talk when it comes to promotional merchandise that is considerate of the environment. However, many of them fail to walk the walk. A&W Canada's latest limited edition capsule collection, created in association with Frankie Collective, features material "thrifted" from old branded apparel. The resulting merchandise is entirely unique and shows clearly that upcycling promotional items can make for innovative new merchandise at a low environmental cost.

    A Unique Way to Use Old Merchandise

    A&W is a popular North American fast food company, so they're very familiar with using branded merchandise to promote what they do. However, the business didn't want to create more waste with their latest line of apparel and

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  9. Couriers Are Experiencing Increased Activity


    Happy hump day and happy December! Here at Cubic Promote getting your promotional items to you in a timely and secure manner is important to us, which is why we use local courier services to deliver your bulk goods direct to your door. However, due to the Christmas period and international logistics network strain, many Aussie courier companies are experiencing slower-than-usual delivery time frames.

    What Does This Mean for Your Orders?

    The Cubic team remains dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service during this busy time. So if there are any issues with courier services that we are aware of, we will try our best to use alternative services.


    If your order is

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