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  1. 10% Off Ruby Promotional Stylus Pens

    As January comes to an end, we're saying goodbye to our previous product special and hello to promotional metal pens that are perfect for Aussie bargain-hunters heading back to universities, schools, and offices in the next month or two.

    Cheap Logo Branded Metal Pens

    If you're looking for something a bit fancier than your average plastic pen then take a look at our Ruby Aluminium Stylus Pens. These pens feature an eye-catching white gloss aluminum barrel with a stylus tip and vibrant colour highlights (choose from gold, red, green or orange). Here's why these promotional stylus pens are so popular among our clients:

    • The unique white barrel
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  2. Logo Branded KFC UK Merchandise

    We've looked at a lot of North American fast food merchandise, but this week we're checking out what's on offer in the UK. KFC's current assortment of online promo items in the UK offer nostalgic old-school designs on current fashion, making them a great example of how to make simple designs still extremely effective on branded clothing.

    Simple Designs, Powerful Products

    Let's be real, there's is a lot of competition at the moment between restaurant brands, all striving to become the swag-provider-of-choice to everyday consumers. While KFC UK doesn't offer much different from the local or even US iterations of the fried chicken restaurant, its advantage may well be

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  3. Personalised Valentine's Day Gifts

    January is almost over which means February is just around the corner. One of the best opportunities for promotion during the month of February is Valentine's Day. While on a personal level it's usually about spending time with your significant other, for businesses such as restaurants and shops it is also a great day for having special deals on items or giveaways at your location. That's where the promotional products from Cubic Promote can come in handy.

    What Custom Products Should You Pick?

    Valentine's Day is a day all about love, so when it comes to selecting the branded products the items that work well are generally premium gifts that a consumer can take home and utilise. Some of the most popular choices among our Australian client base include;

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  4. Antigen Rapid Tests Available for Preorder

    Antigen Rapid Tests Available for Preorder

    Note: As at 6th of April 2023, our Antigen Rapid Tests are stocked products and pre-order is not neccessary.


    Since the inception of Cubic Promote, our team has consistently worked to provide in-demand items during difficult times and the pandemic has been no exception. Due to our long-standing connections in manufacturing, we have been able to supply bulk face masks and hand sanitisers around the country, and now we can supply your organisation with affordable Antigen Rapid Tests in February 2022.

    Why Rapid Tests?

    Antigen Rapid Tests are some of the most sought after products in Australia at the moment, with high COVID-19 numbers across much of the nation, we all want to know whether we're unwell or not. PCR testing (where you

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  5. Eye-Catching Promotional Skincare


    Oscar Mayer is best known for its meat and cold-cut production in the United States, but in recent years it has been expanding its presence in the world of novelty marketing merchandise. Last year we saw Meat Scented Shoelaces and in 2022 it is... a collaborative Korean face mask (meat-scented too, of course).

    Meat-Branded Face Masks Turn Heads

    Now on the surface of things, it seems a bit wild that a company known for sliced meat has teamed up to produce a custom face mask with Korean skincare giants Seoul Mamas, but this campaign isn't too different from the brand's meat-themed shoelaces.


    Each face mask is designed to look like sliced bologna (devon or fritz would be the Aussie equivalent) so you can see why a lot of news agencies are discussing

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  6. Unlikely Custom Candle Collaboration

    Unlikely Custom Candle Collaboration

    When you think of beautiful aromatic candles you probably don't think of tinned soup, but that's exactly the cross-over at play in the Campbell's Soup x Camp promotion that launched recently in the US. Camp provide family-oriented toy shopping experiences and given how chilly it is in the northern hemisphere right now, teaming up with a popular family soup brand is actually quite an appropriate partnership.


    1. Create a unique mood with candles.
    2. Customise scent, shape, packaging, colour.
    3. Increase brand recognition, differentiation.


    Campbell's Branded Candles

    Although we don't have the Camp toy shop & experience brand

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  7. Why Choose USB 3.0 Flashdrives?

    USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices look very similar on the outside, but once you look at the specs you'll appreciate why businesses Australia-wide are choosing to purchase promotional USB drives with 3.0 capacity for their marketing and reporting needs.

    What Makes USB 3.0 Different?

    Speed. USB 3.0 devices are 10 times faster than USB 2.0 devices which means you can transfer files between the flashdrive and other devices far more efficiently than before. If you use USB devices a lot in your business then you don't need me to tell you that the faster a device can transfer the better, we're all looking to save time after all! Another key difference includes a higher

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  8. Top New Promotional Gifts for January

    Once a month we like to highlight some of the coolest new additions to our range of promotional products. While January isn't the biggest month for new products, we have got some fun new goodies we think will suit a lot of Australian marketing campaigns. Learn more below!

    Promotional BLUNT Exec Umbrellas

    We've finally added the biggest standard street umbrella from the BLUNT catalogue to our range, the Custom Branded Exec Umbrellas. Boasting a 77cm fibreglass frame, wind resistant canopy, and the stylish look that defines BLUNT products, these brollies are the perfect addition to premium, small-run marketing campaigns for businesses. Available in corporate colours (charcoal, navy, black) and with you unique logo branding, these big new BLUNT umbrellas are sure to

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  9. Mountain Dew Does Branded Clothing


    Here in Australia, Mountain Dew is a beverage choice primarily associated with fast-food restaurants. However, in the US, Mountain Dew is one of the top-selling citrus flavoured beverages on the market. Not only do American consumers get a large variety of Mountain Dew flavour variants, they also have access to a pretty darn impressive range of promotional clothing in the brand's online store. Today we're checking out just what helps these items stand alone in an already crowded market.

    Eye-Catching Promotional Apparel

    Part of what makes Mountain Dew's official clothing so dazzling upon first glance is the brand's distinctive use of its unique colours; shades

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  10. Cubic Promote; Working for You in 2022

    The new year in Australia has been a tough time for a lot of people, with COVID impacting thousands of families across the country. Here at Cubic Promote this means we've returned to work in a remote capacity to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. We will still be working the same operating hours as usual and will continue offering you great promotional merchandise and customer service. Here's hoping we can all return to our normal working & living situations again soon.

    Promotional products have

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