Monthly Archives: March 2022

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  1. Mid-Month Custom Merchandise Discounts

    salad gift set branded

    Keen to save money this March? You'll love our latest discounted promotional gifts here at Cubic Promote. Nab a bargain for your business or event when you order any of the following three items between now and March 31st 2022. Hurry though, stock won't last at prices like these!

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  2. Promotional Swag From Chili's

    chilis logo teen new range

    Chili's is one of the best-known casual dining restaurant chains in the USA and once upon a time there were restaurants here in Australia (though they closed over a decade ago). Despite their popularity in the US, it has taken a while for the brand to jump on board the branded merchandise train but with the opening of their new merch-only website, it looks like Chili's promotional swag is here to stay.

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  3. Back in the Office With Personalised Mugs

    branded ceramic mug office

    One of the best things about returning to the office for me has to be enjoying fresh coffee rather than the sad instant stuff I have at home. Help welcome back your team in style with a set of custom branded mugs for use in the office today!

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  4. Custom Easter Chocolates Available Now!

    easter eggs in bowl

    Easter Sunday falls on April 17th this year, but now is the perfect time to prepare for your community event or corporate function by ordering delicious custom branded Easter chocolates from the team at Cubic Promote today!

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  5. Thank You for Your Support!

    food bank logo for blog

    Thanks to the support of our customers over summer in the form of product inquiries, our accounts team has been able to donate $1,800 directly to Foodbank Australia! The team over at Foodbank were kind enough to let us know that this enables them to produce 3,600 meals for those who need them.

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  6. Popular Custom Corporate Umbrellas

    Popular Custom Corporate Umbrellas

    Rain has been absolutely bombarding the east coast of Australia these past couple of weeks and we've seen some truly heartbreaking flooding events across several states. While umbrellas can't do much for the flood-affected areas. with showers predicted well into next week, we've seen a lot of inquiries from organisations keen to get custom umbrellas for their employees and clients in less drastically impacted regions. So today on the Cubic Promote blog we're looking at what makes a good corporate umbrella.

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  7. More Custom Corporate Employee Gifts

    Featured image

    Still in need of inspiring custom gifts for your employees now that everyone is returning to the office? Don't worry, Cubic Promote has your back. Here are some more suggestions to go along with last week's Employee Rewards for 2022!

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  8. Cheap Lanyards on Sale!

    Cheap Lanyards on Sale!

    Australians are starting to return to something along the lines of "normal". Whether that means juggling heading to the office with some WFH days, or starting up conferences and expos again, businesses are becoming outwardly active again for the first time in a while. Here at Cubic Promote we thought a good idea would be to offer a special discount on one of the absolute essentials for a successful trade show or busy corporate office alike, the promotional lanyard!

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  9. Learn More About Custom Bulk Balloons

    Learn More About Custom Bulk Balloons

    If you've ever been to a party, conference, or open day then chances are that you've encountered custom branded balloons before. Balloons are eye-catching promotional items ideal for drawing attention at busy, large-scale events. Whether you have a 40th birthday coming up or a product launch in the CBD, customised balloons may help make your celebration truly extraordinary!

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  10. Direct Digital Printing on Bulk Merchandise

    Direct Digital Printing on Bulk Merchandise

    Direct digital printing is a popular decoration method for use on every day products such as those made from paper and plastic, which makes it a great branding option for promotions. A relatively new decoration process when compared with traditional methods like screen printing, that have been around for hundreds of years, direct digital printing uses large-scale print machines which connect directly to digital networks.

    What is Digital Direct Printing?

    What these high-tech printers allow us to do when branding is:

    1. Print in vivid full colour directly onto your product (say, a custom magnet or notepad) with only one setup process and cost.
    2. Print individual names/numbers as required on each item (such as names on promotional
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